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New Documentary On Converge’s Jacob Bannon Released Online

The long-teased new documentary centered on Converge vocalist Jacob Bannon has been released online below. The feature was directed by Ian McFarland (Meshuggah, Fear Factory) and is titled “Rungs In A Ladder: Jacob Bannon“.


  • cma3585

    Sick comb-over, bro.

  • DirtyWarriorMan

    Barely made it through this. I’m a huge Converge fan, and I’ve always wanted to know more about this guy, but I don’t feel like I learned much from this. Doing it all in voiceover was a questionable choice. It looked pretty enough, I guess.

    • TheMediaProphet

      I’m listening to it while doing other things.

    • MarsupialRebellion

      Yeah I agree, I was expecting alot more. I liked the direction of it and liked it in general, but it was way too short and didn’t present much information, for a story that I’m sure is very long and spans decades. Converge has so many albums tours and stories I’m sure and this didn’t shed much light on any of it. But good job to the makers nevertheless. A for Effort.

  • southpawchew

    so his major turning point was braking his knee and hes still angry about it? weird

    • schuler

      If his major turning point was somebody stealing his My Little Pony, I wouldn’t give a fuck because that’s what led to me having Jane Doe.

      • ethos

        He’s said multiple times that his inspiration for the song ‘All We Love We Leave Behind’ was his dog dying. While this is pretty sad, it really isn’t the massive occurrence you’d have expected listening to this song

    • jampola

      I thought he’s turning point was the 45lbs he gained after he broke his knee! In hindsight, I think when he say’s he’s angry, he is saying that figuratively speaking. I could be wrong though.

      All in all, I thought it was quite enjoyable.

  • AMeN

    Awesome video, but I can’t help but feel it is a simplistic approach to understanding a complex mind, wish it was longer!

  • schuler

    This isn’t a two hour, in-depth biography. But it’s a 12 minute glimpse into the life of a passionate dude who does what he does from a genuine emotional place. He seems like a he’s dissatisfied with the world but satisfied with his place in it, and he genuinely seems to know who he is. That’s some cool shit. I’ve been a Converge fan since 2002, so I’m obviously a fan of this guy, but any time he actually gets to open up about stuff other than Converge, I just end up liking him more. Fucking respect.

    • WURST

      Lock it up. Get them digits, son.


    I dug this, and he made me feel better about me. Good stuff.


    First comment on this page is fucking golden. Fuck all you pussies who gave it a thumbs down.


    I like Converge and all but this shit was lame. We get it, you love art and music and have a passion for it. What was I supposed to take from this short that was either inspirational, motivational or entertaining? Like I said, like the dude and his band but I want those 12 minutes of my life back.

    • NeurISIS


      • WURST


  • dagger666

    Love the band, like his art, l did enjoy the mini doco. Some people expect too much these days.

    • WURST

      I didnt expect to waste 12 minutes of my life.