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Enter Shikari Singer Vents On Charging For Meet And Greets, Says Bands Like Asking Alexandria “Had No Integrity In The First Place”

Enter Shikari frontman Rou Reynolds recently vented on the practice of bands charging their fans for meet and greets via his Twitter. Speaking over a series of tweets earlier today, January 21st, he said:

“If you want to meet us, we’re easy to find after our gigs by our bus. We often still hang out by our merch at smaller shows too. : )”

“The minute an artist is motivated by money instead of interest in simply meeting his fans, he’s lost all integrity and become a prostitute.”

Reynolds followed that up with a reply to a user that complained about Asking Alexandria charging £30 ($47 USD) for meet and greets. In regards to that he stated that “bands like that had no integrity in the first place so doesn’t bother me so much.”

Meanwhile, Enter Shikari will be in the studio next month according to Reynolds. He made the following tweet this past Friday in regards to the sessions:

“In my hotel room writing stuff for Shikari’s recording session in February. Got a bit excited there and headbutted a lamp.”


  • adamonfire

    And he’s speaking the truth, I spoke with their drum tech/touring drummer for quite some time when they were here the day of that Falling In Reverse tour incident when Ronnie kicked a bunch of people out. Jason from letlive. was hanging out in the main lobby on Saturday hugging/taking photos with all of their fans after the Underoath show – it’s pretty easy to see who is legit with their interaction. Silverstein is charging a whopping extra $7 for their meet & greet, but it also comes with the digital version of their new album.

    • WURST

      Is Silverjew even still around? I never knew why they even existed in the first place. I would gladly pay the $7 and tell them they suck to their faces.

  • GordonLightfootLoverXEX

    I paid $100 for Metal Alliance vip so I meet the bands, get a goodie bag, early admission and a ticket to the show which i think is fair as the ticket would cost $45 after fees and I would send more than $55 on merch. I personally think its crap when bands charge like $200-$500 for a meet and greet and don’t include a ticket to the show.

  • TheMediaProphet

    Seriously. Screws these guys trying to pay bills and make a living, buy health insurance and save for retirement. All bands should write, record and tour for free. They’ll have to walk and carry their own instrument on their backs, but that would be the honest thing to do.

    • AMeN

      What the fuck is health insurance?

    • Fred Fred Burger (Darkdevout)

      Woah woah? TOUR for free!? I hate how people think that artists should do what they do for no money, just because you expect money out of something doesn’t mean you didn’t put love and care into your product.

    • jrr

      You seem to have this band confused with one that didn’t recently explain how their new album is “not so much about partying and fucking random girls and doing drugs and stuff.”

    • adamonfire

      This is an incredibly poor argument. If anything, doing a free meet & greet sells MORE merchandise which means more money. IE, people will buy shirts and CDs to get them signed by the band that they would have otherwise not purchased. I’ve paid for m&gs, but only if they also come with additional items (posters, shirts, etc.)

      • TheMediaProphet

        But once you get to a certain popularity mark, you cannot just hang out after the show for free. It would be a madhouse. I just checked Wiki and their last full length sold 31,000 copies in the first week. That’s a pretty successful metal band. Eventually you have to start charging for shit.

      • WURST

        How dare you call them metal!

    • kturl69

      I’m pretty sure Media was speaking out of sarcasm.

      • TheMediaProphet

        If they couldn’t figure that out by my post, don’t waste your time. Bands are trying everything they can to make a buck and I don’t blame them. This is a career that could easily end tomorrow. Look at Suicide Silence. They may get another singer and continue on, but there is a good chance that the remaining members are done with music forever and have to go home and work at Best Buy while figuring out their next move.

    • MyDarkPassenger

      You’re clearly just arguing for the sake of arguing. No one can reasonably endorse the idea of paying more than the price of admission to meet some drunken musicians. Don’t be so oppositional.

  • rojasdivision

    TheMediaProphet, great point.

    Recently, a well-known metal band came through the area and one of the first things I saw at their merch table was a price list for a meet & greet with the singer ($10) and/or the band ($25) for after the show.

    My first question was why is this band charging folks to meet them? We had seen them before at a similar venue and they were by their bus signing and taking pics for free.

    I starting looking at it logistically. Take into consideration of the costs and expenses. They were on tour with only local support. Mind you, they brought at least 350-400 people so I assume they got a decent guarantee but what about gas, travel expenses, etc. Then having to make the split among the band themselves to pay for their bills, insurance, etc.

    So if a band wants to make extra income by charging for a meet & greet, I totally support that but the band may want to be a bit humble in what they charge. If you’re a smaller unknown band on your first national tour and

  • rojasdivision

    you’re charging for a meet & greet, you need to stop. Pay your dues touring and establish your fan base first. Personally, I prefer the accessibility after a show but I can see where bigger bands are coming from.

  • Impulzer

    How about Hatebreed? Charging $25,- for a meet & greet: But you do get a bottleopener and a poster.


    I believe in some cases it is still stupid too charge for a meet and greet. Besides, I believe the basic argument this all boils down to is that charging for a meet and greet is not enough to quantify the level of douche a band has become. Lucky for us, AA has done plenty for the world to hate them for.

  • asull24

    Ha!!! what happened to the days.I remember going to a show, then after favorite bands set you would look for said rock star then ask for an autograph and then see if they wanna smoke out.
    pay to meet AA. lol isn’t prostitution illegal outside of Nevada

    • TheMediaProphet

      As in the old days, you mean the days when the majority of music wasn’t stolen and bands actually got paid for selling their music? 1999 happened. If the kids are willing to pay for it, it’s not that big of a deal. I’ve paid for meet and greets before Napster. Once a band gets so big, (I’m not to keen on AA, so I don’t really know how big they are) then if they hang out after a show for free, they’ll get mauled and no one will really get to meet the band. It’s just like when bands start out playing. They do shitty club shows at coffee shops for free. When they get big enough, they start charging. People never say, what happened to the good ‘ol days when Deftones would just jam out in that storage space and let whoever come and watch them.

  • TheMediaProphet

    I’m sorry to be so high and mighty, but I’ve got two kids that I’ll have to put through college one day and a mortgage. I’d like to save for retirement and take my wife to Europe. Thanks to my new higher healthcare costs and higher social security taxes, I’m now making less money for doing the same amount of work. Same for these guys in AA. They may be partying now, but some old ass, burnt out roadie at some point has told them to think about their future. If there were 200 people hanging outside my place of business every night willing to pay me $10 a pop to hang out and smoke cigarettes with them, you’re god damned right I’d do it. If that makes me an evil capitalist, then hopefully you’ll catch me at the next Bilderberg meeting.

    • jk51084

      I agree with Media. Not to mention the fact that no one makes any of us buy a damn thing. When I went in to buy the new Deftones cd and I dont remember there being a gun to the back of my head. Is this guy upset about the fact that AA is charging or the fact that they can do it? Not saying I would pay because I dont even like AA.

      Another question, did he head butt the lamp because he is jacked to be recording another album or the massive line of blow he probably snorted seconds before?

    • adamonfire

      It’s that damn Obama, ain’t it?

      AA is a British band, so much of what you just said doesn’t apply to them aside from their gains within the country. DEY TOOK YER JERBS!

      • BlueBalls

        Yeah that shit’s probably not much of an issue for guys who live in a country with single-payer healthcare and tuition-free universities.

      • TheMediaProphet

        Didn’t know AA was British. So they don’t have a higher SS tax. Cool. That doesn’t mean they don’t have to worry about their future and save for retirement. It wasn’t a political post, it was an economics post.

      • WURST

        They dont charge tuition in Canada? I’m in the wrong country.

      • BlueBalls

        England, but I was wrong about that. They used to have state funded colleges but I recently read that the British Conservative party did away with that long tradition and now they can charge fees comparable to what we pay in America.

        So yeah, maybe one day the guys in Asking Alexandria will have to worry about putting their illegitimate children through college.

  • monkeywithagun

    I ain’t paying a damn thing to meet anyone, Even though they are in a band They are just people like me. I don’t mind buying merch for a band I like, but to meet them fuck all that.

    • MARIACHI EL willX

      winner!!!! i agree with you good sir

  • BloodyBoneKummer

    I always thought the fun part of meeting a band was the randomness and luck factor to it.
    If any douchebag with 40-50 bucks can meet almost anyone now…who really gives a fuck who you’ve met then.
    I’m not paying to look like some 30 year old dude that wants to dutch rudder with the band..that shit defines lame.

    • TheMediaProphet

      I can agree with this. Running in to a famous person whose material you like would be much cooler than paying for a meet and greet. I met Juvenile once. He was really short and had an extremely weak handshake.

  • very_random_man

    I’m pretty sure the only free (well, no cash required) meet and greets are for cute female fans. Back in the early-mid 2000s I remember a couple I know waiting to meet Fear Factory except they only let the girl in backstage. She’d only gone because her bf was a massive fan. ;-)

    The easiest way to meet bands for free is to go to nearby fast food shops in the afternoon before a show or become mates with a promoter.

    • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

      I always see band dudes by merch counters or at the bar.
      If I can squeeze in for a second without interrupting, I like to shake hands and share my gratitude for their contributions.
      Recently met Travis & co. from Cattle Decapitation. He has really nice teeth, must waterpik it up everyday.

  • southpawchew

    best meet and great: gwar sounds of the under ground. went through the long line got up to them said let me buy a shirt and they said u got to step aside so i did got my shirt hopped back to their table they tell me your one rude mother fucker we like that lol cool dudes…

    • Vautour

      Is that supposed to be a fucking sentence or what?


    I dunno guys, there are a few bands that i would pay top dollar to get into a meet & greet for…. if the band (or atleast the singer) were perched atop a dunk tank full of shit. and then i’d pay even more $, like 5 bucks a ball to try to sink them in the shit. and then shell out even more for a picture of myself standing next to them. and, oh my god, if i could personally add my own shit to the dunk tank? TAKE MY MONEY, FRANKIE PALMERI and RONNIE RADKE and homophobic ex-member of FOR TODAY.

  • BlueBalls

    I paid for a meet and greet with Sevendust. If I remember correctly, it was only like an extra $10 or $15 added to the ticket price and it came with a preorder of Alpha and they gave out setlists for everyone to have signed. Buy the new album, meet the band as a bonus. That’s reasonable but fuck anything more than that.

    I think it’s ridiculous to charge $47 for a meet and greet but I know I would require a similar amount from Asking Alexandria for the pleasure of my company, so in the interest of avoiding hypocrisy, I will refrain from further criticism.

    • Fred Fred Burger (Darkdevout)

      bands such as Anthrax charged 99 dollars for a meet and greet package which is even more ridiculous.

  • iLikePie

    I payed to meet Hatebreed in October and I actually thought it was a good deal. I got a poster signed by the band, then signed stuff from each of the members. They also took pictures with everyone and I got to talk with Jamey about bands we both listen to and stuff.

    I mean, I love when bands are willing to hangout after shows with fans for free, but I don’t mind paying if it isn’t too expensive. I doubt I would pay over $45 for a meet and greet (and $30 is really pushing it for me lol)

  • jampola

    Err, people are actually condoning this? I am clearly too old.

  • Temujin

    Huh? Pay to meet a celebrity? What the fuck would anyone do that for? I’m sure if you throw a little extra in, they will let you jostle their crotchular area as well…

    Pretty sad to pay just to worship some wanker in a band…

  • Temujin

    Pretty twisted… kids in England paying 50 $ to shake Asking Alexandria’s hands, while kids in Sierra Leone are eating half-eaten sticks for breakfast and using plastic wrap for blankets…

    What a waste of money…

  • AMeN

    I’ll chime in, depending on the band I would pay for a meet and greet, mainly if I got a copy of their album. Assuming that here is my routine; I download the album, see if local record store has a copy, see band on tour, buy merch at show. And I live just outside of Toronto. I’ve met a ton of bands through this, Every Time I die, Poison the Well, even most members of Killswitch hung around their merch table last time I saw them.

  • musicisgay

    I love Enter Shikari and Rou is the man!

  • Nix42

    Some excellent comments here folks:

    -From BlueBalls: “Buy the new album, meet the band as a bonus. That’s reasonable but fuck anything more than that.”
    ….”but fuck” in the context of that sentence was funny

    -monkeywithagun: “I ain’t paying a damn thing to meet anyone, Even though they are in a band They are just people like me. I don’t mind buying merch for a band I like, but to meet them fuck all that.”
    ….well-put, very wise you are

    -Temujin: “Pretty twisted… kids in England paying 50 $ to shake Asking Alexandria’s hands, while kids in Sierra Leone are eating half-eaten sticks for breakfast and using plastic wrap for blankets…What a waste of money”
    ……Ultimate winning for speaking so much fucking truth and sense it’s ridiculous. How is the world so fucking backwards? Also working the vernacular, “crotchula” into a sentence is pure gold.

    • frog

      Ok, then. You tell me how artists are supposed to make money if there isn’t any in touring or album sales anymore. You think they’re supposed to live on merch exclusively? The industry has changed in a way that artists have to start being creative about how they make money, and this is one way to do it. I don’t like or care about AA but seriously… unless you just think no one should be able to make money making music. Unless it’s good (this excludes AA)?

    • WURST

      Thanks for the blow-by-blow, playa.

  • changefly

    Any idiot child that pays currency to attend an Asking Alexandria concert, and who then subsequently pays an additional surcharge to meet these assholes, is obviously deserving. Couldn’t care less about this band, but kudos to them for raping their miniscule fanbase for every last penny.

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