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For Today Replace Guitarist Mike Reynolds In The Wake Of Controversial Tweets

For Today and their guitarist Mike Reynolds have parted ways. The band announced his departure last night, January 11th, via the following post on their Facebook:

Mike Reynolds is no longer a part of For Today. He has decided that now is the time for he and his wife to put their plans in motion to enroll in bible college, and to begin working toward full-time missions work in the Middle East.

Mike will be replaced by long-time friend of the band, and former In The Midst of Lions guitar player, Sam Penner, who will be appearing with the band as they headline their upcoming Fight The Silence tour.”

Reynolds‘s departure of course comes in the wake of a series of controversial tweets he recently made in regards to his religious beliefs on homosexuality. For Today vocalist Mattie Montgomery has also released the following video statement regarding the comments:


  • adamonfire

    Bible college to go work in the Middle East? Yeah, that’s going to work out well for you guys.

  • whatisyourforte

    it’s good to see they stay true to their convictions.

  • allichs

    I told ya… Mattie IS cool

    • adamonfire

      He very well could be a nice guy, but he’s also a big time preacher – he managed to annoy the hell out of me in the amount of time it took for me to walk past their stage at Warped Tour.

  • MarsupialRebellion

    Wow how unexpected..

  • Ganglor

    As someone who spent close to three years in a Christian band touring the Midwest (and actually meeting For Today early in their music career) I made it about halfway through the video apology before turning it off. What it comes down to is they still believe that if you’re gay, you’re sinful/evil and going to hell. What they’re sorry for is that their beliefs offended a large enough group of people to put their careers in jeopardy. Whether that frightened them because music is all they know, or because it would take away a specific venue to preach to a young impressionable group of children & teens, or because of the hit they would take financially is a whole other discussion that will never receive an honest to “God” answer. What I and I think most other people offended by the tweets want is an apology for said belief/opinion and them being part of a culture that actively tries to oppress a group of people trying to live a happy (or at least content) life that everyone deserves to live. While I do believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion, when said opinion propagates hatred and confusion and limits a group of peoples rights, then you and your opinion/beliefs can go get fucked. The gay community is in no way a threat to the Christian religion yet those of faith treat it as such because they don’t understand or care to or are scared to. I hope these guys realize someday how ridiculous these bigoted beliefs are and that the bible should be taken with a grain of salt. Because if everything in the bible is literally the word and law of God they are going to be in so much trouble when the big man sees those haircuts, tattoos, and poly blend t-shirts.

    • THERileyBrewer

      What I don’t personally believe that people realize is that there are bad apples in any group of people. Whether it be Christians or whatever else. The only thing that makes news for the Christian community is everything in a negative light. Also with that being said, it’s mostly the idiots in that community that bring that negative light in on Christianity. And that goes for just about any other community too. I’ve seen just as much ridicule towards people with Christian beliefs as the gay community.
      I’ve also met Mattie early in his career, playing shows, mini tours, and whatnot and he is an awesome human being. It would be absolutely sickening for Mattie to apologize for his beliefs and also highly hypocritical. I applaud a guy that can live out what he believes in, regardless it being something you and I may or may not believe in.
      I don’t agree with using Christianity to spout out hate or instill fear towards a certain group of people. It should be used as a tool for understanding and love which I believe Mattie puts very carefully in this video.

    • AMeN

      Awesome reply, thanks for that man.

    • schuler

      I’m not as sharp as I used to be, so when I try to respond to something like these tweets or the half-assed apology video (very heartfelt, while simultaneously completely skirting the issue about which an apology should be issued), what usually comes out is, “Go fuck yourselves, you sorry motherfuckers.” So thank you for this response. Very well said.

    • Jenkem Dealer

      Personally I think the reason Christians freak out over the “sin of homosexuality” over other sins is that it actually has less to do with Christianity than they would want you to think. I think the truth is they feel being gay is a choice and that if the United States accepts gay culture more, their children might CHOOSE to be gay. Of course, the notion of this is stupid because you can’t CHOOSE to be gay. And gay people can’t choose to be straight; they could choose to marry someone of the opposite sex, who they are not attracted to, and fake it every time they fuck, but who wants to live like that?

  • b_kh405

    I respect Mattie. I’ve seen his band a couple times, and though the path of Christianity might not be for me, I’d have to go on a limb and say that guy doesn’t have a bad bone in his body.

    It might be a bit naive to give out your phone number on the internet though. Ballsy, but naive.

    • adamonfire

      That’s burner phone, no doubt.

    • Jenkem Dealer

      That won’t be his phone number for long.

  • Waldorf

    Didn’t this dude used to have a preach break during their set to talk about how he raped a girl?

    • MyDarkPassenger

      By raped he meant had sex with before getting hitched.

  • MyDarkPassenger

    Only a christian jesus superfan would go by Mattie. I say this as a man named Matt, if you call me Mattie a sharpened crucifix is going through your eye.

    • MyDarkPassenger

      Unless you do it on an internet forum, in which case I’m totally powerless to stop you.

      • LunyAlex

        So how was your day, Mattie?

  • massdeath

    He’s going to do “mission work in the Middle East”? Yeah, I’m sure he’ll find many people receptive to Christianity there….what a tool!!

    • THERileyBrewer

      That’s kinda the point.

  • G Scotty

    Ok so i have not read any of these posts yet, i have not been on thePRP since maybe last wednesday. But looking at the top news stories, id say apparently this is a hot item! The top 3 headlines suggest an action was taken, followed by the ceremonial “back-pedal”, followed by consequence…excellent, now let me go to the beginning and find out what happened….

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    What a fucking lame-ass Christo-rocko loser piece of shit.

  • Jenkem Dealer

    Whenever my wife is expecting an apology for something I am NOT sorry for, I say stuff like “I am sorry you are upset about me doing ________.” I say that INSTEAD of “I am sorry for doing ________.” Of course, she sees right through that shit, and it does not work, because she can tell I’m not really sorry for what I did. That’s the same thing this Mattie guy is doing. He isn’t saying “For Today are sorry for saying homosexuals can’t be Christians.” He’s saying “I am sorry anyone is upset by what was said.” That doesn’t mean he thinks what was said is wrong…

  • Cyanidenailbomb

    The label probably saw a PR disaster in the making, and said the hell with it.

  • DerekPC

    I wonder what Rob Halford thinks of this?

    • Opie

      “Who is For Today? And why do I care if they are bigots?” — Rob Halford.