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Sevendust & Coal Chamber’s North American Tour To Take Place In April (Updated)

Sevendust and Coal Chamber‘s previously rumored U.S. tour is quickly becoming a reality. Thus far an April 04th show at the Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City, OK has slipped out for the trek. Expect more dates in the coming weeks.

Update – Janury 11th 12:28pm:

Coal Chamber/DevilDriver, etc. frontman Dez Fafara has since confirmed the news of the tour. The trek will see Coal Chamber and Sevendust co-headline with support from Lacuna Coil and Candlelight Red. He also offered the following tweet regarding the tour:

“Yes this April 7Dust & Coal Chamber go out on a CO-HEADLINE RUN of the UNITED STATES My advice get tickets now every show will Sell Out !”


  • dogspigssheep

    Feels like 2000 again; reading about a Sevendust/Coal Chamber tour on theprp.

    • bloodmoney80

      Sure does, even a bit earlier. If you added the Human Waste Project to this package we could relive 1998 all over again.

      • WURST

        Wish Snot was still around for this tour. The real Snot not that fake shit they tried to fool us with.

  • MyDarkPassenger

    With lacuna coil supporting thats a solid hard rock lineup. I’ll go to this one if it comes to my town.

    Ive asked this before I think, but isnt the song “Enemy” about Dez and not so complimentary? People need to learn to stick to their lyrical grudge matches.


      Yes, “Enemy” is indeed about Dez. It was written by Morgan while he was married to Rayna (former Coal Chamber bassist). Apparently Dez treated her poorly and the song was Morgan’s way of avenging his wife.

      They have since squashed the beef and Morgan divorced Rayna years ago after she went cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

  • adamonfire

    If they come around I’m in 100% – Candlelight Red is actually pretty damn good live, also. The guy from Lacuna Coil is turrible, they should just go with the girl singing 100%.

  • kturl69

    Yes Dez I will take your advice, every show will sell out but it wont be because of your band.

    • WURST


    • MyDarkPassenger

      Actually probably none of the shows will sell out unless they play a lot of bars. Sevendust isnt the biggest draw on Earth either.

  • TheMediaProphet

    They are coming to Nashville, hell yes! One of the baddest shows I ever saw was Machinehead, Coal Chamber, Slipknot and Amen at The New Daisy Theater in Memphis. We drove there without buying tickets and it was sold out. We went around back and bought backstage passes off a roadie. Watched the show in the pit and hung out with all those dudes till 3am after the show. Incredible night. One thing I took away is that all metal frontmen are very short. And Joey Jordison is even shorter. Dudes from Slipknot were hella cool. Yea, I said hella.

  • Chinxcore

    Let the return of nu-metal begin! :vomits:

  • GordonLightfootLoverXEX

    Mojoes in Joliet, Illinois is ecstatic about hosting this show

  • Chinxcore

    I’ve got my puma’s, adidas, ufo pants, ball chain necklaces and tickets in hand!

    • asull24

      why whats up, you going to see Run-Dmc?