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Alice In Chains, Bullet For My Valentine & Halestorm Tour Rumored

Rumors abound that Alice In Chains will be out on the road in the coming months on a North American tour with support from the likes of Bullet For My Valentine and Halestorm. To date nothing official has been announced.


  • massdeath

    They couldn’t find better opening bands than that? Really? Oh well, I suppose not every tour can be AIC, Deftones, and Mastodon like in BlackDiamondSkye. Still worth checking out AIC though.

  • Bitter Old Man

    They go from Mastodon and Deftones to Bullet for my Valentine and Halestorm…that’s like trading in your Jaguar for a Prius. Even though you can clearly still afford your Jaguar.

  • adamonfire

    Halestorm is surprisingly good live, but better as an opener where they just play the hits and move along. However, this tour had me after “Alice in Chains”

    • kturl69

      EVERY band is surprisingly good live in your opinion.

      • adamonfire

        Nope. DEP was surprisingly not good, TDWP was horrible, Three Days Grace was bad, etc. They’re a band I didn’t have any interest in until I saw them live, and they were quite good.

      • kturl69

        Stop going to so many shitty shows and save some of your concert money to buy an 8 mile hooker. They’re surprisingly good live.

      • adamonfire

        I go to a lot of festivals and am willing to give a lot of bands a listen and then judge after – try it some time.

      • kturl69

        Well dude, u better start saving those pennies. Orion festival is gonna put a huge dent in your piggy bank.

      • RxInfection

        So Halestorm is surprisingly good live and Dillinger is not? Adam… man… all I can do I shake my head at you….

      • Fred Fred Burger (Darkdevout)

        I thought TDWP was great at Mayhem, and all my friends agreed.

  • trd743

    aic? yes. bfmv? yes. halestorm? nah. i’ll pass. no interest honestly.


    I’d go to this tour. Nothing wrong with showing up ’round about 9:00 and enjoying some epic AIC. Butt-Rock with Tits and Emo-Metal are easily avoided.

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