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For Today Guitarist Mike Reynolds: “Don’t Be Deceived, Homosexuality Is A Sin”

For Today are well-known for expressing their religious beliefs and the bands guitarist Mike Reynolds is no exception. Referencing this article, Reynolds recently shared the following series of tweets through his Twitter:

“There IS a state church being formed, there is going to be an exclusive acceptance of preachers who advocate the LGBT. Don’t be deceived, homosexuality is a sin. This sin with all other sins is what Jesus died for. He conquered so that we would be free.

No such thing as a gay Christian, the same as there is no such thing as a Christian who loves his sin. Don’t be fooled by the formation of a state church as though the government is being converted, they only use the name of Jesus for their Progressive liberal agenda.

If you are a Christian then separate yourself from this civil religion that advocates sin. Be true to God.”

He also tackled the Newtown, CT school shooting with the following tweets made eariler this week:

“We blame Newtown on neglect and metal illness, but then put Django and Chainsaw Massacre 3D at number 1 & 2 in the box office?”

“School shootings and all other evil proceed from evil people. People are evil and need saving. Jesus alone deals with the depths of sin.”


  • IAmSancho

    I’m just going to go ahead and open up the floodgates on this one…

  • JohnnyRuthless

    But that JC fellow hung around with 12 dudes all the time, can’t tell me nothing happened between them when they were bored on a Friday night……

  • Of_One

    Well then. There goes any chance of me ever spending money on this band.

    • trd743

      agreed. I actually didn;t mind them at all first. thought they might be a decent band. this just shit on that lol.

  • adamonfire

    What I’ve been preaching since the beginning is that this band is full of self-righteous cunts. Fuck these guys (with a large black dildo).


      a large black GAY dildo

  • teddykrueger

    I wanna say something clever and funny so that my post can be seen on the front page.

  • wearesorta138

    If your god is so powerful, infinite and beyond the scope of man do you really believe it gives one iota of a shit whether or not you are a chic that eats muff or a dude that sucks cock on a planet that’s a “mote of dust trapped in a sunbeam?”
    Religion can be a beautiful thing regardless of the flavor but fucking A use some common sense.
    Now, I’m going to go support homosexuality by watching Taylor Vixxen go down on some random chic. ‘Murica…

    • TheMediaProphet

      There’s nothing gay about two chicks getting it on. Two dudes? That’s a little homo of you ask me. But I’m not one to judge.

      • halfdarkshadow

        I hope your being sarcastic about that. That’s a complete double standard. There is NO difference between that.

        I would be just as pissed if my girlfriend was “getting it on” with another woman as if it was a guy as well.

        And it’s not “a little homo” if two girls were doing something like that? Get over yourself kid.

  • nymets71087

    Not completely related but worth watching.

  • seguraMode

    Saw these dudes at Metalfest. The preaching (brain washing) was unbearable. We should all file this band under ridiculous right next to black metal outfits that preach about Beelzebubs hot sister and eating babies with their oatmeal. What a bunch of stupid and self-righteous drivel. Cattle.

  • captain nemo

    I could not click on the comments section fast enough. I will be book marking this one.


    Awww, that’s cute. He’s trying to keep his band relevant – as if they ever were.

    Go fuck yourself, you self-righteous assholes. This is why I can’t stand religion, it’s full of hypocrites and judgmental fucks that think they are above everyone else. For Today, go live your brain dead lives according to your 4,000 year-old “manual on how to live” and I’ll continue to live my life by my OWN choices and decisions, not what some stupid book tells me.

  • ClemsonC17

    Good for these guys!! Thank God someone is standing up for what is right in this world. I love these guys more for this! He is absolutely right!

    • Cyanidenailbomb

      Yes, preaching hate will DEFINITELY make for a better world.

      • ClemsonC17

        How is he preaching hate?? He is preaching what the Bible says, what he believes, and what the band stands for..which is his right! I am sure most of you listen to Christian metal bands, but when they speak out against something that is a fundamental belief in Christianity you all hate on the band? You should all know this and if you claim to be Christian and don’t agree with him…you really aren’t one.

      • adamonfire

        Homosexuality is fundamental? Boy oh boy do I hope you’re not mixing fabrics.

      • Of_One


        You’re either a really poor troll or have zero understanding of Christianity.

      • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

        Hey clemson.. let me shoot my thang in your bellybutton

      • wearesorta138

        “How is he preaching hate?? He is preaching what the Bible says…”
        Careful there Scooter. That book says a lot of things. One bit can talk about love and being mellow, while other bits talk about a dude needing to kill their son as a show of faith.
        Duder, you’ve got your right to worship and speak whatever the hell you want to. By all means use it regardless of my or others opinion. However, man, make sure you think about your references.

      • BlueBalls

        I know logic and reason are two things that elude you fundamentalist pricks, but try this on for size. Christians claim homosexuality is a sin, you claim that someone cannot be a Christian because of this sin and according to the Bible, every human that has ever lived is a sinner and there is no rank or order to sin. Therefore, by this logic, there is no such thing as a Christian and you all can go fuck off.

        Either way, Jesus never condemned homosexuality and the only criteria for being a Christian is to accept Jesus as your lord and savior. That’s it. Your sins are erased. Christianity is based upon the principle that you cannot earn your salvation.

        Fuck, I know more about your religion than you do and I don’t necessarily believe in a historical Jesus.

      • ClemsonC17

        Blueballs, you obviously did not read his comments. He said you cannot be a Christian and celebrate your sins. We all make mistakes and sin as humans, but we should recognize them for what they are…sins. We should not try to justify them and expect others to just accept them because it is convenient for us. As a Christian, I believe it is a choice like any other sin…and choosing to sin repetitvely is going against Christianity. Everything he said about these preachers that are advocates of the LGBT is spot on!

      • BlueBalls

        I knew it wouldn’t take but hey, I gave it a shot. I obviously read his comments and he clearly stated that you cannot be gay and a Christian but since you base your opinion on the retarded assumption that being an LGBT individual is a choice, there’s nothing that I or anyone else could say to change your mind. You can’t begin an argument based on a fallacy.

        I also find it funny that you use the acronym LGBT, when T simply signifies transsexual, or someone who identifies with the opposite sex. Do you know what androgen insensitivity is? It’s when someone possesses a Y chromosome (a man) yet because of a chromosomal disorder, their body is insensitive to the hormone that facilitates the change from female to male genitals during the development of the fetus. They grow up with female genitals and the genetic makeup of a man. Should they identify themselves based on their chromosomes or their genitals? What does the Bible say? Oh that’s right, nothing because we didn’t know a goddamn thing about anything thousands of years ago. If god has a problem with gender confusion, he certainly has an irrational way of showing it.

        I don’t even know why I bother. The world is progressing whether you like it or not and tolerance will prevail over bigotry and science will prevail over superstition. Deal with it.

      • adamonfire

        I’m guessing Clemson is either 17 years old or the class of ’17 or some shit where s(he) is that age in which every belief is simply regurgitated from mom and dad. One day you’ll be out on your own and hopefully realize what a fucking retard you were (are). Being a Christian is one thing, but proclaiming this hateful bullshit is “what is right in this world” means you’re seriously fucked in the head.

      • WURST

        ^Nailed it, Adamonfire.

      • adamonfire

        Note: ClemsonC17 can never like this man or any work he is associated with because that would be sinful.

      • InsertWittyName

        ^ Very well said BlueBalls.

      • MyDarkPassenger

        Nobody responded to the most glaring comment Clemson made.

        NOBODY here listens to pussy Christian bands here and if there are exceptions to that I do believe it has everything to do with the music and zero to do with the “message”.

        I just veer on the safe side and listen to devil worship metal. Ya know, the classic way.

    • The Shark™

      So let me get this straight (no pun intended) – You’re loving a slew of other men that openly hate homosexuals? Um. Ok. Huh. WTF?


      So by a ratio of 16:1, the PRP readership opposes this anti-gay nonsense. Boy, that Otep really had us pegged, huh fellas?


        It’s kind of a shame that that 16:1 became 55:41 overnight (read: after the site’s regulars had already commented, and the 40 For Today fans took over).

    • ClemsonC17

      Who Christians ever HATED anyone?? This is the common misconception that people have. We do not hate anyone, it is actually the contrary. We want everyone to show up to church and have an opportunity at salvation. Everyone has the right to be forgiven for their sins. Another misconception and a very sad realization that all you have is that Homosexuality is a sign of progress??? The world is changing, yes, but the distinction between right and wrong will not change. I know some of you will over analyze that statement and go somewhere completely different with it, but what I mean is the Bible’s teachings have been relevant in society for over a thousand years and it has not just all of the sudden become irrelevant. The problem is that the world has become more tolerant towards the flesh. It has become evil and lost. The saddest part of this page is not the story, but the comments left by many of you. The one’s who are actually spreading HATE on an individuals right to believe and practice his religion. Christians are not the problem.

      • adamonfire

        So apparently you’ve never met a Christian before. It’s relevant in society and hasn’t changed? So lemme break this down for you;

        - Do you stay away from women on their periods?
        - If a girl is raped and does not yell for help, should she be killed?
        - Are we not allowed to mix fabrics?
        - Shall we not shave our beards / cut our hair?
        - How about not working on the Sabbath?
        - Do we stone disrespectful children to death? This also works with the previous item.
        - Do we kill prostitutes?
        - How about killing people who speak ill of their mother or father?

        You really have no idea what you’re defending, and that is obvious. There’s no picking and choosing.

      • ClemsonC17

        What is apparent is that you have only read through the first half of the Bible. It is very easy to take things out of context and present it more uninformed individuals to try and make yourself look educated on the subject.

      • The Shark™

        You do realize that God is an imaginary friend for people that are batshit fucking crazy, don’t you? Belief in God is one thing, but playing God and attempting to influence others into what they interpret as, “the Bible’s teachings” is flat out ridiculous. Who the fuck are you or Mike Reynolds to define the differences between right and wrong?

      • ClemsonC17

        For one, we never defined anything. Secondly, who are you to say I cannot have a choice in what I believe. Pretty hypocritical I should say. I love how most of you say the church does nothing but criticize people and spread hate when most of you on here are doing nothing but critizing the church and showing hatred towards it. Unfortunately, there are Christians that the wrong attitude and act in an ignorant manor, but they stand alone and don’t speak for the majority. The thing is, if any of you walked to the front door of a local church they would welcome you in with open arms. If they stepped on your front porch, how would you welcome them? My whole point in all of this is really who knew this was a Christian band so why is this even newsworthy? This goes back to the Chic-fil-a thing as well. You knew they were a christian restaurant and yet were so surprised that they did not support the gay community?? At the end of the day this band will continue to spread there message and make music. Chic-fil-a will continue to sale sandwiches. It is your choice whether you wanna be butt hurt over what they believe or you can chose to accept that is the way they believe. Isn’t acceptance what this whole issues is about in the first place?


        I joined this site simply to tell you how ignorant you really are. First off, I’d like to point out that the bible has so many different versions it would make your head spin. Anything that book says is pure assumption and personal belief.

        Secondly, it would appear that humans are only one of the many species on this earth that practice homosexuality. Homosexuality is not uncommon in animals. What does your mighty “God” say about that?

        It’s 2013. Open your mind. Stop letting some magic entity in the sky control what you believe is right and wrong. You are not a machine.

      • adamonfire

        There is one major point that seems to be lost on you. You speak of hypocritical or criticizing [without merit], but this is because you are placing all of us under the same umbrella that obviously governs your beliefs. Last I checked, there is no atheist/agnostic/non-Christian book that we all follow. Is it hypocritical for us to call these guys out on their faggotry? No, because we do not follow the principle of loving everybody and accepting all – even though it is certainly a good idea. If I were to hate black/white/Asian/Hispanic/etc. people for whatever reason it does not go against any kind of set scripture or belief system that I hold – it would just make me a complete asshole. Thus, as a non-believer, I have every right to point these guys out on their bullshit and stupidity just as much as they can say I’m going to hell.

        What exactly did I take out of context on my list? And if I may ask you just a few questions: how old do you think the Earth is? Was there a flood and an arc with 2 of every animal (this includes kangaroos)? What’s the deal with dinosaurs?

      • Neotenic

        The only place in the Bible that says Homosexuality is a sin is the old testament. You don’t get to pick and choose, you don’t get to frown on the gays AND keep eating shellfish (Lev 11:12).

        I will also just leave this here;

        “Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.”

        1 John 4:7. New Testament.

        And you see? EVERYONE who loves gets to play if they want to. Not ‘everyone, just so long as it is a man loving a woman, and not a man loving a man’.

        Contextualise that, motherfucker.

      • ClemsonC17

        “For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, 27 and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error,” Romans 1:26-27. This is from the New Testament. You are using the word love very loosely there. Your post has absolutely no credibility if you cannot use the verses in the correct context.

      • The Shark™

        You never defined anything? Maybe not you, but Christianity has “defined” several things last time I checked. So much that fanatical Christians define scientific facts as creationism. This is where the majority of religious arguments fall apart at the seams. Anyone that tries to defy creationism vs. evolution is merely referring to a fucking book. A book that has been re-written – and therefore re-defined several times over. Have you ever seen God, Jesus, etc? What about the Virgin Mary? The Immaculate Conception led to Jesus’ birth? Really? Cool, so storks really do deliver fucking babies, then? I’ve had had many an intellectual conversation with religious folk alike, and never once were they condescending like that fuck Mike Reynolds. No judgment(s) passed, no blame placed. They were open minded to discussion and debate because they are merely stating their opinions. I never said that you didn’t have a choice, either. You have an opinion – one that I and many others here greatly differ on. See, that’s where you’ve dropped the ball here and you’re in way over your head in this. You’re coming off like there’s only fact and nothing is open to discussion. I am not criticizing any church and/or religion in specific, but I am thoroughly enjoying your point of view (or lack thereof.) Also, let’s not forget that the ones who say definitively that, “in the beginning, God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” tend to also be the same ones that tend to hate anyone that doesn’t share their beliefs. To them, there’s no such thing as an opinion. And moreover, those are the same ones that boycott Planned Parenthood clinics and other stupid shit like that. Lastly, if you know anything about what Christians oppose most in music, it’s Metal, but more specifically, Black Metal. Are you too young to remember hearing about all of the church burnings (among other things) in Scandinavia in the ’90′s? If not, go read the bokk ‘The Lords of Chaos’, it’s a great read. All of those responsible for committing the acts were saying, “Hail Satan!” Well, here’s something funny for you to ponder. Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan, hated them burning churches because he said that all they were doing was, “exemplifying exactly who the Christians think Satanists are.” You need to educate yourself on these subjects better before coming here and saying even one more thing. You’re treading water at this point, dude.

      • ClemsonC17

        It is your right not believe whatever it is that you want to. I am not criticizing homosexuals, atheist, or anyone. It is not my place to judge you. To me it is the only option, but that is me. The christian lifestyle is what I was raised on as a child and it makes my life work. I do care about the salvation of everyone on this board, but I do not think it is my place to tell you what to believe or that what you believe is ridiculous. I think the outcry over this is ridiculous. Calling a man names and hating on him for what he chooses to believe is beyond ignorant. He never said he hated anyone. He is just trying to express his feelings on the corruption in the church. Leave the man alone…everyone should


        There’s a joke somewhere in a person simultaneously touting their formal education and stating “Who Christians ever HATED anyone??,” but man, sometimes it’s hard to come up with a funny little quip.

      • Cutch

        Clemson, you said “It is very easy to take things out of context and… try and make yourself look educated on the subject”.

        That is exactly what you are doing in regards to homosexuality. The Bible was written centuries ago by ancient men with varying ANCIENT morals. We know a little more now. It is a collection of books by a different authors in different situations. Maybe they were fleeing Egypt and needed to keep their population up? Maybe some bad STD was going around and they only wanted to have sex for procreation? Maybe not every author of the books in the Bible had the same values? Not to mention the number of times it has been (mis)translated, and the number of books that were written about Jesus during that time period but NOT included in the Bible. They say all kinds of varying things, and are arguably more accurate if written earlier. I mean, even the Bible itself has discrepancies between it’s books all throughout! No one would choose to be hated on the way homosexuals are. God made them that way, I trust God’s plan.

    • revstevo

      religious insight from the guy with Chimaira’s “The Age of Hell” as his icon. some would consider listening to that as sinning. therefore if you’ve listened to it repeatedly, you’ve sinned repeatedly, which you say is against Christianity. therefore you are not qualified to speak about your dead crutch of a belief system. and besides, “Nothing outside a man can defile them by going into them. Rather, it is what comes out of a man that defiles them.” -Mark 7:15. So take your dick like communion and shut up, you’re defiling yourself.

      • ClemsonC17

        that makes very little sense. Actually, you just contradicted yourself by saying that music cannot defile me by entering my ears. I obviously would not be on this forum if I did not enjoy metal. Also, I am endorsing Christianity. That is what is coming out of me. So please tell me how I am defiling myself ?

      • adamonfire

        Actually, you are contradicting yourself by displaying the avatar of a band that is not exactly pro-Christian. Go ahead, print out their lyrics from The Age of Hell (the whole album), bring them to your pastor and ask what they think. You are advertising / advocating for this band, thus defiling yourself according to your good book.

      • ClemsonC17

        You so anxiously try to depreciate everything I type. The fact that you are trying so hard to go “toe-to-toe” with me must mean that what I am saying must have some merit to you. Subconsciously you know what I am saying has value. Also, this is a grey area. What to wear, listen to, and watch on TV has been a debate between Christians for years. Many Christians believe that For Today can’t be a Christian band because the aggression that metal music brings out, even when the Bible specifically says that worship is done with the tongue. I think that my pasture and most importantly my God would be happy that I claim my God to others, I consider the christian perspective and apply it to my life, and that I am raising my child to do the same. There is no way for me to ever be a perfect Christian, but all my God asks of me is to strive to be more like him and grow in my faith. Which the older I get, the more I grow in Him. I really don’t think that something as minute in my taste in music or any other media devalues me as a Christian man.

      • adamonfire

        Once again, over your head. By using this logic, people watch Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo because they find merit in the show. Why do they watch it? To amuse themselves at a group of white trash hicks making fools out of themselves. This is precisely what you are doing now. You are proving to be illogical, uneducated, and hypocritical while failing to provide even an ounce of substance to any kind of (attempt at an) argument you make. You sidestep reason and questions while defiling your lord. If you’re going to talk about it, be about it.

      • ClemsonC17

        Nice try. You have proven your lack of knowledge on the Bible and I am sure to a board of my peers you would seem illogical. Most of you guys just tell your opinion on why I’m crazy for having faith in something. I’m sure that I have more formal education than you do, btw. Stating my opinion to a board of mostly non-believers is much more bold than trying to mock me to a group of people that believe the same as yourself. I have no shame in what I believe and am proud of it. You are grasping at straws with the defilement argument. Also, where is the substance in your arguments? using Bible verses from the old testament out of context is not substance. It just shows your lack of knowledge on Christianity.

      • The Shark™

        Bold? Coming onto a website about music and stating your belief in Christianity is bold because you’re among more non-believers than you would be if you were posting on Jesus ‘n Being willing to get into a debate and/or discussion with those that oppose you is bold, being defensive and uneducated and willing to get into a debate and/or discussion with those that oppose you is ignorant.
        And here we are.

      • adamonfire

        Once again, you answer nothing. This does not surprise me. As many of the veterans here know, I quite enjoy comparing my formal education to that of another (which does make me a dick, sure) – so give ‘er a go!

      • ClemsonC17

        TheShark….Ignorant would be calling someone names and then expecting them to respect your opinion. I am defending my religion and my Lord. I have not been induced to one cordial debate on this board…..Also I changed my Avatar?? Does this really make a difference on what you think?? I did not think so

      • The Shark™

        Nice change of the avatar there, Clem. That clearly speaks volumes about not only your character, but more than anything else, your motives. For shame.

      • The Shark™

        I haven’t called you any names besides Clem, an abbreviated version of your screen name. And the fact that you changed your avatar (which I stated above already) and you had to make a point about it in your last post just proves my point about your motives. You want everyone to notice that you changed your avatar to ‘For Today’. I’ve never changed my avatar, I like it. As a matter of fact, I’ve gotten a few compliments on Webstifer without having to announce it. Ha.

      • ClemsonC17

        I was proving a point that my avatar has nothing to do with this. I could change it to a bird with teeth and it would not matter. Also Adam, what questions do you have for me to answer? and I also assuming you go by DR then? I am trying really hard what you are trying to argue with me about, because my whole stance has been everyone has the right to believe as they wish and if you are judging this guy….you are a hypocrite

      • adamonfire

        Look at every post I’ve made directed towards you and you will see a number of unanswered questions you not-surprisingly skipped over.

        Let’s take a look at this gem:

        “because >>my<>you<>you<< are a hypocrite"

        You do realize this makes absolutely zero sense, correct?

      • adamonfire

        Whoops, looks like the board tried to pull some HTML formatting on me. Let’s try with different characters:

        “because __my__ whole stance has been everyone has the right to believe as they wish and if __you__ are judging this guy….__you__ are a hypocrite”

      • revstevo

        um, the book of Mark is the new testament you biblical scholar you. and did Mark not say that it is what comes out that defiles you? henceforth it’s your speech i’m referring to. also boasting over one’s education is a little something called avarice; i’m in med school if you want to go toe-to-toe on anything.

        your pasture (sic) would probably agree that denying an individual right to share similar beliefs as you and to make statements speaking ill of their lifestyle would probably qualify as a sin, regardless of its severity. so how does calling shark™ a hypocrite for judging you make sense when you’re defending someone who’s judging millions of people because of their sexuality? he cast the first stone here; we’re just trying to remind him that he’s not free from sin either. there’s a jesus-ism for ya buddy (John 8:7, and psssst! that’s in the new testament too, after Mark), practice what you preach.

        and using the term “grasping at straws” in a conversation about homosexuality is hilarious. pervert.

    • Gonzo

      So by declaring someone’s sexual orientation a “sin” is “what’s right in the world?”

      What about gender? What about race? Is it a sin to be black, white, middle eastern, native american?

      This entire argument is illogical and only exists because Christians have taken it upon themselves to be the delusional authority on “morality.” Why don’t you go talk to an altar boy about how he feels about all this?

    • Lifeseclipse

      I’m looking for a 7 letter word for “colostomy bag”

  • Of_One

    LOL. Did Mike Reynolds pull an Otep and thumb sdown every comment here?

    • My Farts Linger

      Did you pull a ‘teenager’ and begin a sentence with “LOL”?

      • Of_One

        Old habits die hard?

  • Cyanidenailbomb

    I have no problem with bands expressing their religious views, but this is the kind of dribble that makes me want to vomit.

    Nobody cared about this band before this, and they’ll care even less now.

  • oldnewtype

    Thats how you get a bottle of piss thrown at you on stage.

    • AMeN

      Haha came for this comment, thanks I’m done now.


    People still care about “sinning?”

    For Today is kind of a funny name for a band with such antiquated views. That said, they have made me realize how scary the word progressive is when capitalized. AHHH!!! Progress!!!! RUN!!!!

  • My Farts Linger

    No gods. No masters. When will these dumb motherfuckers realize that THERE IS NO GOD?!?

  • adamonfire

    Let’s not forget that this was the guy that was a non-believer for most of his time in the band []. Check out his Twitter, it seriously is the ramblings of a mad man and it breaks my heart and makes my dick go limp that people like this even exist.

    • ClemsonC17

      Being around an inspiration like Mattie Montgomery is enough to bring anyone to god. That man is a profit and a true disciple of God. What are you hating on this man for being honest, again? You act as if Christians are not supposed to be human.

      • adamonfire

        How much money does he make?

      • tentonwolf

        @Clem, real Christians that believe in their fake God probably ought not feel the need to relentlessly post rhetoric that clearly nobody agrees with/gives a fuck about cuz you’re saved and we’re fucked so piss off. Do something constructive with your sorry ass instead of wasting your Jesus juice on a demographic that will call for the heads of your kind when the time comes lol

      • G Scotty

        A “profit” he certainly is…or at least what he sees, and what his main motivation for spreading his “word”…but aye, a “prophet” he is not, and never shall be

      • Gonzo

        keep talking, I need to make more popcorn

  • coolguy2424

    Jesus sucked my dick last night behind a 7-Eleven and it was good.

    • WURST

      Jesus, what a rascal!

    • BlueBalls

      That’s how the slurpee got its name.

    • G Scotty

      Well…he did part a sea, and walk on water…imagine what he could do with his mouth to a big ‘ol cock?

    • imavampireimavampireimavampire

      Sure is edgy in here.

  • SilentTherapy

    Religious people have so much they could blame people for. If woman cheating on their husbands were a bigger deal and they were following gods word woman would be stoned in the streets.

  • THERileyBrewer

    Anyone else see Mark Reynolds and Phil Labonte starting a band together?

    • Jenkem Dealer

      I don’t, because I think Mark Reynolds will be too busy playing 1st Base for the Cleveland Indians this year. Maybe this Mike Reynolds guy though… ;)

      • adamonfire

        So what you’re saying is that people shouldn’t give a shit about either guy?

      • THERileyBrewer

        Ahh, touche…

      • WURST

        Mark Reynolds sucks.

  • tenwestchaser

    Oh jesus christ…

  • dmoe

    Makes gay music, hates butt sex.

  • goop

    Clemson, you wrote of the Bible: “It is very easy to take things out of context and present it (to) more uninformed individuals to try and make yourself look educated on the subject.”
    This is where you went wrong. Read the Bible? Fine. Passing judgement on others? Fail.

  • My Farts Linger

    “Water is two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. What if someone says, ‘Well, that’s not how I choose to think about water.”? All we can do is appeal to scientific values. And if he doesn’t share those values, the conversation is over. If someone doesn’t value evidence, what evidence are you going to provide to prove that they should value it? If someone doesn’t value logic, what logical argument could you provide to show the importance or logic?”

    - Sam Harris

    • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

      “Humans = Silly Billy Gumdrops.”

      - Thomas Jefferson

    • GordonLightfootLoverXEX

      “Pretentious dickhead statement(drink).”-Christopher Hitchens

      • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

        I’m anxiously awaiting to read his “Arguably” essays my Mom let me borrow. Only problem with Xmas presents is figuring out which ones to read first.

      • My Farts Linger

        Macaroons, it’s a good read (not my favorite from Hitchens, but good). Also, your mom lends you x-mas presents?

      • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

        Haha, she handed it to me from her collection and said I could have it if I liked it, a week before the 25th. I received other great looking reads from Santa and my fam.
        If you haven’t yet, consider sometime “This Is It” by Alan Watts for a great goose flesh worthy read. I’m still on a natural high from that book.

  • The Shark™

    It’s threads like these that warrant a PRP forum. Wook, make it happen. And while I’d enjoy posting further musings here on this fine evening, I must depart. For I am off to the bar to meet my girlfriend, followed by premarital, unprotected sex. She’s on the pill. Zing!

  • Bath Salt Barbie

    It’s amazing how you foolz all support any band that pushes the limit by verbally trashing something that all you teens hate, yet if someone says something like this, you’re all against him. Maybe you’re all gay too!!!! This guy is a hero, and all you idiots can talk shit…he still has an opinion that reaches much farther than yours :) hahahaha

    • kturl69

      It’s amazing how you spelled fools with a Z.

    • dmoe

      So the most popular voice counts more than an intelligent one that less people may hear? Your logic is astounding. Please read more books.

    • My Farts Linger


      Now, please go consume some bath-salts and proceed to eat your own face.

  • Gadupahn Madiq

    QUIET, ALL OF YOU. They’re approaching the Tyrannosaur paddock.


      Hold onto your butts…

  • MyDarkPassenger

    This discussion is so fucking gay.

  • My Farts Linger


    You threw the classic “The Old Testament means nothing and the New Testament is all that matters” bullshit at us, and here are a few rebuttals for you. The following are crazy/commonly IGNORED verses found in your precious New Testament:

    James 5:14 NASB

    Is anyone among you sick? Then he must call for the elders of the church and they are to pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord; and the prayer offered in faith will restore the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up.

    1st Corinthians 14:34 NASB

    The women are to keep silent in the churches; for they are not permitted to speak.

    James 5:1-5 NASB

    Come now, you rich, weep and howl for your miseries which are coming upon you. Your riches have rotted… Your gold and your silver have rusted; and their rust will… consume your flesh like fire. You have lived luxuriously on the earth and led a life of wanton pleasure; you have fattened your hearts in a day of slaughter.

    Matthew 5:29 New Living Translation

    So if your eye—even your good eye—causes you to lust, gouge it out and throw it away. <—- As a man, I know you've lusted. So, go ahead, gouge that eye out, buddy.

    Matthew 5:30 New Living Translation

    And if your hand—even your stronger hand—causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. <—- I'm even more sure that, as a man, your hand (with assistance from the eye that you will soon have to gouge out) has aided you in committing some pretty "non-christian" activities.

    This is but a fraction of a plethora of ridiculous, and clearly out-dated, verses found in the new testament. My advice? Read the bible in it's entirety, open up your mind, and quite being a sheep. Only sheep need a shepherd.

    • My Farts Linger

      quite = quit.

  • louguzzo

    IMO Clemson (and obviously Mike Reynolds) has some serious personal issues with being gay… suppressing some feelings, y’all? Don’t worry – if you come out of the closet, the non-Christians will willingly accept you, because we don’t give a shit who you fuck as long as you’re not a douche-canoe who thinks you’re better than everyone.

  • allichs
  • muGz

    It should be noted that Mike Reynolds is in the process of exiting the band. He was going to be on board for the remainder of the tour that they are about to go on, but considering the recent events (as well as the fact that the rest of the band do NOT share his opinion on this particular subject matter) he may be forced out sooner than that. Pretty shady of him to drop a bomb like this and it’s unfortunate for the rest of them. They’re obviously going to lose fans over this, as well as support from some of their colleagues in music. More than likely, they’ll be losing some endorsements as well. Some people just need to keep their mouths shut…and Mr. Reynolds is one of them.

    • adamonfire

      Ever see these guys or walk past this band at a festival (I’ve had the pleasure of this one)? They’re all one in the same. It’s like TDWP but ramped-up to 11 on the preachy scale.

      • allichs

        I’ve met Mattie outside once, he’s a nice guy

      • muGz

        Sure I have. I live in their hometown, and I’ve seen them play MANY shows dating back to when David was singing from his drum kit when they were all still in high school. Preachy yes, but don’t lump them all into the “one in the same” category, as you don’t know that.

  • BigMike1208

    Fuck these guys and fuck the bible

  • nymets71087

    Reading through these comments, I’m not sure who is worse; this Clemson cunt or the people spending time researching, copying, and pasting Bible quotes to respond to an unrelenting troll with a Jesus fetish.

    • My Farts Linger

      As one of the people that spent “time researching, copying, and pasting Bible quotes,” I can tell you that A) it took me approximately 2 minutes to create that entire post, and B ) As a former christian, and a current atheist, nothing brings me more joy than debating “faith” and forcing stupid deists running in circles with their arguments.

  • nymets71087

    To add to that, Otep’s head must be exploding watching thePRP express their discontent for homophobia.

  • autodramatic

    I’m a Christian, but my God some of you need to let it go for fucks sake. People have just as much of a right to disagree and call bullshit on anything they want, any time they want. We live in a world of people with different races, cultures, beliefs, etc. with the natural born right of free will. If God didn’t want anyone to disagree or live certain lifestyles, we wouldn’t have free will. Do you know how fucking crazy it sounds to say that we all need to adhere to one belief system created by the very entity that would allow multiple ones?

    You can’t spread beliefs by preaching them down people’s throats. It makes the weak-willed weaker, and the faithless lose faith in humanity.

    Live your life how you choose, you only get one.

    • Aggroculture

      If the effect of your words is to deprive others of their human rights, then no, you have no right to that kind of speech.

      • autodramatic

        So you point out that you can’t say something if it affects your right to say whatever you want? If you were going for amusing irony, job well done

  • rojasdivision

    First off, I am not a fan of homophobia and support equality and love for all but here’s a thought: Would this backlash have been different if he wasn’t a Christian? Say if it was just a musician who doesn’t like gay people but is anti-establishment, anti-religion, racist, etc…would it be the same?

    While I know that the genre of metal has progressed to a degree to accept the gay community with Rob Halford, Doug Pinnick and Gaahl from Gorgoroth paving the way but if this genre is so accepting of all the “outcasts” and “misfits” of the world, why aren’t there more musicians coming out if the comfort level is so high? Just a thought. Either way, dude said what he said and sadly, a bunch of folks online discussing how pissed off they are at him is probably not going to change his mind.

    And if you happen to be a Christian & are trolling or commenting, do you think a music website is really the place to discuss theology or faith? Perhaps going out, loving people and helping your community will do ALOT make more of a difference than discussing things that you may not be well-versed in.

    • My Farts Linger

      Find me an Atheist ( or even an agnostic) that has a problem with gay people. Maybe then, your question will be answered.

  • 9 Ounce Prime

    ClemsonC17 wrote: …..”who are you to say I cannot have a choice in what I believe. Pretty hypocritical I should say.”

    Read that back in a homosexual’s voice. You fucking LOSE, dipshit. Your words, just like your “book” are a bunch of over translated, regurgitated, mindless bullshit.

    Furthermore; throughout the history of christianity (left uncaps on purp.. and the little red line told me that I was WRONG) the men of the cloth, robe, what have you, have been cleansing the sins of little boys by… FUCKING THEM!

    I’m certain that your mental faculties and your cognitive reasoning would have you die for any god that your family had indoctrinated you to worship. If you had grown up in a household with a mans asshole framed on the wall, you would undoubtedly think nothing of cleansing yourself in the anus of the savior.

    In short; you do not seem to be able to think. You just recite.

  • adamonfire

    I can’t believe this got so big so Mike’s mom had to release a statement –

    • rojasdivision

      That lady is beyond nuts. I will say that if you replace her voice with some death metal vocals, it will make her less crazy.

      • Cyanidenailbomb

        At least we see where it came from now.

  • Livedefflo

    I sat here and read every last comment on this post and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks guys! I needed this =) You guys pretty much took the words right out of my mouth. That Clemson guys should have known better than to come preaching here. I am agnostic. I don’t believe there is a christian god but I can’t say a god or gods or goddess or goddesses don’t or do exist. I guess we are all entitled to believe what we want but to force it on others is where humans fail. It should be a solitary practice, similar to my pagan practice. Also… Any media icons or people of interest such as any president should not state what religious preference they have. We “unfortunately” live in a christian nation. I wish christians would consider this: “what if you were raised in another country such as India or China? YOu would feel that Hinduism or Buddhism is the one true religion would you not?” Somethign to think about.

    • Livedefflo

      sorry for mistypes. seeing lines and lines after reading all of the posts.

  • adamonfire

    29593 views – Wook is jumping into his money pit, Scrooge McDuck style.

    • kturl69

      Remember, next Friday…is Hawaiian shirt day. So, you know, if you want to, go ahead and wear a Hawaiian shirt and jeans.

  • Fred Fred Burger (Darkdevout)

    ClemsonC17 is cooking… but I still do not agree, I agree that it is his right to say whatever he feels about the subject, but a person who does not acknowledge the right of another doesn’t deserve the right at all.

  • FarBeyondDriven

    Why is there a fairy that pays money for teeth?

    My theory is that fairy dust is made from the ground up teeth of children.

    Please post your theories below.

  • massdeath

    It’s so scary to me that people in the year 2013 turn to mysticism and fairy tales for inspiration/guidance. Seriously? Does any of that nonsense seem realistic to you? Do you need an imaginary man in the sky judging you to feel better about yourself? If so, I’d say your life is extremely shallow and meaningless. You’d be much better off going to a therapist to find out about yourself than going to a church and hearing myths from 2,000+ years ago.

    I’ve actually read people post things in response the Newtown shootings like: “The problem here is not guns but people not following god”. I can’t even fathom that any human being, who isn’t significantly mentally disabled, could possibly believe that’s true. It’s scary.

  • HoodooOperator

    Who the fuck is For Today?


      My thoughts exactly. A pack of fags, it seems.

  • Chinxcore

    anyone who doesn’t give this a thumbs up is gay.

  • DerekPC

    Dear christians,

    Nobody has ever seen god but I’ve seen plenty of homosexuals over the years. Why don’t you believe in them instead?

  • jimmybmetal

    i will never buy listen or respect this band ever again, what a fucking LOSER!! im really sure he is a closeted homo., i thought that christians accept everyone, and some of my favorite bands are christians like becoming the archetype, nodes of ranvier, and if one of these guys said something as ignorant as this fuck, i would cut them out of my life, i think there is enough fucking sin in this world, more then some gays who probably wouldn’t hurt anyone, wanna talk shit about sinners then talk about guys who rape women, men who molest kids, men who beat their wives think about it you asshole. Be kind to everyone!!

  • LunyAlex

    What in the name of F*** happened here?!

    *puts gas mask on*

  • Lifeseclipse

    Hey guys, what’s been happening while I was gon… OHHHhHHHHH

    So now artists are trolling Otep too?

  • Andranimal

    I love how a majority of religious people believe 100% in a book that they’ve likely read about 5% of. Brilliance.

    On a side note, I’d personally butt fuck all of “For Today” just to play a role in them going to “Hell.”

    • WURST

      Yeah, you look like you’d do that.

      • Andranimal

        Awww, thanks Bro!