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Philip H. Anselmo/Warbeast – War Of The Gargantuas

Housecore Records 2013
Philip H. Anselmo/Warbeast - War Of The Gargantuas

Given the tamer nature of his recent output and the damage he’s weathered over the years; it would have been easy to count out Phil Anselmo. His legacy already cemented through success and sorrow; he could have contentedly sat back and focused solely on the (relatively) calmer pastures of Down.

Perhaps that’s why it’s so shocking to hear the venomous ferocity instilled in his voice on this split. Checking in with two tracks intended for his long-awaited solo album; Anselmo (and his backing band The Illegals) absolutely devastate. It’s a level of savagery and hostility not seen from ‘the kid’ since Pantera‘s 90′s output bashed in the metal communities collective skull.

Truly a commanding turn, Anselmo barks and screeches with alarming conviction; scraping down his blunt lyrical content right to the bone. Thusly the thrashy metallic onslaught behind him is unsurprisingly light on showmanship. For its sludgy malevolence is far more fitting than virtuosic riffs.

This is admittedly the perfect battlefield for Anselmo to wage his war and indulge in a near-murderous sense of primality. So powerful is the onslaught he leads that there remains little recourse for the listener but to be crushed by his drastic return to fighting form.

Led by Bruce Corbitt of Rigor Mortis fame; Warbeast on the other hand lean on the tried and true appeal of the Bay Area’s quick and dirty brand of thrash. Delivering two scuzzy rippers that excel at speed, the groups aural blitzkrieg is impressively effective—if not a touch workmanlike. Following such an unexpectedly bruising turn from Anselmo is no easy feat to be sure. But Warbeast seem more than up to the task.

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  • kturl69

    Pretty damm good!

  • Vitamin Doom

    Nice nod to the Pantera Behind the Music with ‘the kid’ reference. Will be checking this out soon.

  • coolguy2424

    DEVASTATION IS HERE! I remember that line from when Dimebag was on Headbanger’s Ball promoting the new Damageplan record back in the day. That is also how I feel about these new tracks from Anselmo.

  • BlueBalls

    I want the full album right fucking now.

  • damn

    Glad to see Phil letting out the rage again.

    • damn

      Yea, this kicks ass. Got that Trendkill sound to it just crunchier. I can’t wait for the full album to come out. When is that supposed to happen?

      • surroundedbydemons

        Sometime in the summer.

    • NoSalvation

      Glad to see Phil letting out the rape again.

  • surroundedbydemons

    There have been a good handful of bands that or rather guitarists that you can actually here Dimes influence and at times even make a comparison. When Pantera broke up for the final time after the RTS album, I along with a number of people probably thought it wasn’t going to be for long but of course we know the outcome. After the initial break up, Phil came out with Superjoint Ritual which was a throwback to early hardcore punk with thrash mixed in which wasn’t all that bad…it wasn’t Pantera but it was what I thought would be the closet thing to them except in 04 when Damageplan came out and that seemed almost like a Pantera duplicate minus the melodic songs/singing. Although I enjoyed both groups it just wasn’t Pantera. Along the way of these 2 there were a few bands that you can hear Dimes influence especially one in the late 90′s who’ll remain nameless. It wasn’t until SJR and Damageplan came to a close that there were lots of bands to emerge and even one you can make almost an exact comparison to, well till their last album. When Vinnie Paul decided to make a “supergroup” I thought this could be good and maybe they can get some of that Pantera magic back………but so far it’s been a huge let down. You can have lots and lots of comparisons to Pantera but after listening to the two songs from here with Phil and company, I can honestly say this is the absolute closest we’ll ever get a any sort of that old Pantera feeling. I’m not sure where or when he said this but Phil was quoted as saying this about Marzi – “If Ozzy Osbourne had his Tony Iommi and then found his Randy Rhoads when he went to do his solo stuff, I have found my Randy Rhoads.”

    That right there should give an indication of just how much he truly believes in Marzi and I can tell you that this is just a very small example of what you will be getting a little later on this year. Be ready because it’s going to annihilate anything in it’s path of suspicions to show just about all those so called bands that call themselves metal what true brutality really is and give any notion that anything he’s done with Down leave you to believe that Phil has lost any his passion from days past is not just untrue but irrelevant. The album itself is I believe isn’t just a message, it’s a story that involves every ounce of anger that’s been built up for years. I’m stoked and can’t wait for Phil to reclaim his rightful place in metal.

  • Gadupahn Madiq

    Great review! Can’t wait to hear it.

    Who is the Jabroni that came in and gave every comment a Thumbs Down? Fess up, Negative Nancy!

  • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

    Exciting, I’m hearing Superjoint drug through molasses.

    Anyone care to share their ‘year end’ lists? I could use a few suggestions for my graveyard shifts.
    If you haven’t heard her by now, scope out jazz bassist/singer Esperanza Spalding. Also, track “Wicked Games” by The Weeknd is a terrific listen for eating scallops outta your girl’s butt.

    • Surly

      Is it that time again already? Wow….

      • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

        Yessir, lickety split.
        What were a few held dear to your prostate?
        I’d fancy new books for ideas, too.

    • Surly

      A bit of a mix – Tame Impala – Lonerism | Deftones – Koi No Yokan | Converge – All We Love We Leave Behind | Frank Ocean – Channel Orange | Purity Ring – Shrines | Between the Buried and Me – The Parallax II | I’m half tempted to put down Meshuggah – Koloss, but I just haven’t listened to it very much tbh.

      Your good self?

      • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

        “Noctourniquet” and “Parallax II” are my 2012 victors. Trioscapes, Slightly Stoopid, Pig Destroyer.. all so gratifying.

        A few of those Purity Ring tracks are pure bliss, particularly “Lofticries.”
        The comments I read under the Frank Ocean youtube vids confirms reasons why intelligent life in space don’t contact us.
        Is Frank related to the great.. ?
        Thanks for the audio ideas (:

      • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

        Also, might be worth mentioning that, while the CD came out in 1993, I just heard it recently and it’s especially delectable.
        Check out “Skip Hop & Wobble” by Jerry Douglas, Russ Barenberg, and Edgar Meyer.

      • Surly

        ‘Loftcries’ is my favorite song. Great minds….

        ‘Empty Vessels Make the Loudest Sound’ was impressive.

        Listen to ‘Pyramid’ by FO. Second half of the track..another planet.

  • JaysonJaws
  • HornsandClaws

    Hey Phillip H. Anselmo, Put out more of this. Thank you kindly!

  • wearesorta138

    God-damn that is fucking ferocious. The Warbeast stuff wasn’t half bad either.

  • dmoe

    Pretty much frothing at the mouth here for the whole Anselmo album now.