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Members Of Slayer, Exodus, Amen & More Team Up For “House Of Shock” Documentary Soundtrack

A new metal supergroup of sorts has united to create a soundtrack for a documentary about Phil Anselmo‘s New Orleans-based haunted house attraction, House Of Shock. The lineup boasts Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo, Exodus guitarist (and current Slayer fill-in) Gary Holt, ex-Queens Of The Stone Age, etc. bassist Nick Oliveri and Amen vocalist Casey Chaos.

Recording sessions have been taking place in recent weeks with producer Ross Robinson (Korn, Slipknot) overseeing the project. An interview with members of the group that suggests that the project could continue on past the aforementioned documentary can be read over at Noisecreep.


  • cma3585

    This lineup could produce great things.

  • NoSalvation

    If Ross gets Casey soundin and lookin like he did in the ol Coma America days, and Oliveri ingests all the drugs from The Feel Good Hit of the Summer days, then this could chainsaw-fuck the head off every motherfucker within about 3-4 feet.

  • SenorSuarez

    Casey Chaos is still alive?