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Bring Me The Horizon To Release “Shadow Moses” Digital Single Next Week

Bring Me The Horizon will be releasing their new single “Shadow Moses” next week. According to the band:

“It’s official! Shadow Moses gets released as a single worldwide next week and Dan P Carter will be playing it for the first time ANYWHERE on his BBC Radio 1 show on Fri between 1-4pm. Tune in..”

As mentioned above, the song will get an initial airing on the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show this Friday, January 04th. The digital single should follow on Monday, January 07th. The band will be releasing their new album “Sempiternal” in the coming months with an exact release date pending.


  • Donnie Narco

    Watch out for the Hind D.

  • Fred Fred Burger (Darkdevout)

    Probably going to be flamed for this but Bring me the Horizon is one of those bands that got better with every release, Count your blessings was a pretty shitty album and so was half of suicide season, but when they released their 3rd album I was all over it. Even Robb Halford said in an interview that it was a great metal record, hopefully they keep it up.