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Otep Reveals Artwork For New Album “Hydra”

Otep has revealed the cover art for her forthcoming new studio album “Hydra” below. Victory Records have a January 22nd release date scheduled for the effort.

Otep - Hydra


  • damn (your mom’s balls)

    Based on the cover art, I think “Period Stain” would have been a more fitting title.


    Looks like Aunt Flo’s in town. Better use the back door…

    • damn (your mom’s balls)

      I wouldn’t take theprp hate personally, Wook. Clearly it is her time of the month.

  • justxmosh

    Careful guys, she might rip your balls off again for promoting her

  • JohnnyWetTowel

    Brings back fond memories of mucking around with MS Paint.

    Also, this is shit.

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    Hydras have multiple heads, not fingers. She didn’t do her research.

    Marteetee’s Hydra in Your Highness is more badass than this cover art.

  • TheMediaProphet

    Reminds me of the handprint turkeys we did in elementary school.

    • star_AD


  • monkeywithagun

    Looks like a cheap DVD cover of a shitty b rate horror movie.


    Shit’s lame.

  • WorsnopLoverXEX

    I thought it was a hand turkey at first

  • Rev.J_Blumpkin

    All this Otep shit reminds me of when ATAVIST came out and gave it a bad review. Otep herself made an account and unleashed the beast calling the site and it’s reviewers a bunch of idiots and heathens. so I went to that old review to post the link:

    and my comment:Once upon a time I bought the ‘jihad’ ep. I didnt listen to it that much, because the more i heard it, the more i felt like i was listening to the ramblings of a damaged ex-girlfriends diary. Otep is talented, she creates art, and puts into her music what she wants, and some people like to oversee the whole creative process. Whether it is beneficial or self centered. But im going to throw myself under the bus for the sake of a laugh and say “im sorry your teenage years became a discographical flipbook of repressed anal intercourse flashbacks”. You have a very small audience Otep, and Jen your review was well written.

    • WorsnopLoverXEX

      Thats pretty sad she actually did that.

    • Lifeseclipse

      Wearing that respirator for the photo, edgy as fuck.

    • dmoe

      Good lord, this bitch is a 15 year old for life.

    • ethos

      Damn, I always liked TNR because the user base there is very friendly, but props to Jen for absolutely crushing Otep.

    • Gadupahn Madiq

      I just read that post. One thing really stuck out: Otep called the reviewer, “…a low grade, under talented writer who thinks using the word “chick” to describe women is in any way still acceptable.” I think she really needs to relax. If she gets worked up because a girl refers to another girl as a “chick” I feel bad for anyone sharing a room with her. There is nothing wrong with being a strong woman, but if you fight stupid BS like “chick” then you’re truly overcompensating or struggling with something. I wonder if she spells women/woman “WOMYN.” That should be the titled of the next album. It could be a concept album about “a WOMYN MYNAGER who takes off work for a day because she has to get a MYNDATORY exam to see if she has early-stage MYNOPAUSE.” Why it’s mandatory I don’t know…that’s just part of the story.

      • Gadupahn Madiq

        To continue: She gets to the doctor’s office and there’s a fireplace. On the MYNTLE there’s a framed picture. It’s the cover of a magazine: Three WOMYN with the caption “The Toughest Chicks in Sports.” The doctor’s wife is one of the girls. So our heroine goes into apoplexy because the word “chick” is used. She channels her inner HYDRA and trashes the waiting room, completely DISMYNTLING the furniture. The album ends with her getting arrested, only to break free…leaving the listening eagerly waiting for the follow up album entitled “PREYING MYNTIS, the great HYDRA’S spawn.”

        Okay, I’m done.

    • changefly

      Tim says:
      April 26th, 2011 at 4:51 pm

      I hate Otep because every time I say Opeth, somebody mistakenly thinks I’m talking about Otep, and then they give me this look that’s probably similar to the looks that most people give Juggalos, and I have to decide whether I care enough to clarify what I’m talking about, or just go on with my day.

  • Lifeseclipse
  • southpawchew

    I don’t know why u guys hate on otep. They are a band that changed the genre. They defined the period. They where a band that people could count on to make great cd after great cd. They influenced every band after them. They are a masterpiece!

    • southpawchew


    • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

      Graduated to punctuation?
      I’ll be able to read your comments now!


      *They defined PMS.


  • Mikabass

    A little insiders tip. OTep is like the paramore of the metal scene structure wise. The record company had it’s sites on Otep and weren’t really interested in the rest of the band so after the Jihad EP that got them noticed they gave Otep Evil J who was paid to right all the songs and had a hired guitar and Drummer. Otep couldn’t give capital what thye wanted so after their second record they dropped everyone but otep kept somehow paying for evil J and the rest of the band split. they also have had other problems with otep’s drug use and her demands being too outrages for someone not being too popular in the metal scene. word also has it that she is a major meth head too and as you can see she has her mood swings which leads too the dumb stuff that does not put her band on the professional level. good luck victory because your gonna need it.

    • ethos

      I’d love to know what you’re talking about, but this was tough to understand. The grammar here is a nightmare

      • Mikabass

        She can’t hold on to band members or record deals because she has issues.

  • Mikabass

    Im a failed musician roadie not a scholar :) but yeah she use to have producers appointed to her by Capital records but she is so drugged out she couldn’t make that work. Somehow she had enough money to keep Evil J; who wrote everything that she sang too. She can not be professional and goes on drug filled rants and mood swings which costs her and her “band” bad press or just people not caring about the music.


      That actually makes a lot of sense. Too bad she isn’t doing more “lovey dovey” drugs, ’cause then she could be like “Hey @theprp, thanks for repping my music that sounded 5 years too late when it came out, and hasn’t evolved at all in the 10 years that I’ve been doing it!”

    • ethos

      Alright, I understand you now. Thanks!

  • THERileyBrewer

    Hey, Otep, can I get a thumbs down?

    • THERileyBrewer

      Oh shit! The album art would be the greatest thing ever if it were a red thumbs down.