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Suicide Silence To Play Special Benefit Show For Mitch Lucker’s Daughter Next Month

Members of Suicide Silence took to the stage to pay tribute to their fallen frontman Mitch Lucker this weekend. The group took to the stage at the “California Metalfest VI” (see below) to comment on Lucker‘s passing and to announce an upcoming special benefit show for his daughter.

It will take place at the Fox Theater in Pomona, CA on December 21st and feature a rotating roster of special guest vocalists. All proceeds from the event will go towards Kenadee Lucker’s Education Fund.


  • bad_taco

    I’ve known Mitch for almost a decade now, and can say that he was a very upstanding guy and friend. It will be interesting to see how the tributing guest vocalists will put their own spin on the SS songs for that benefit show.

    • Sam Eagle

      Sorry to say this, but Mitch wasn’t an “upstanding guy”…

      No upstanding human being would ignore the pleas of their WIFE and go out riding their motorcycle while DRUNK.

      • WURST

        I completely get what you’re saying. But you, someone who didnt personally know the guy, can’t take one event in Lucker’s entire life and pass judgement on whether or not he was a standup guy or not. For that, you’re a piece of shit prick. Humans make mistakes all the time, even the good ones.

      • Relentless_Beating

        This is probably the only time I will ever agree with WURST. Pull your head out of your ass, and stop judging the man on this mistake. We ALL make mistakes, unfortunately this one mistake of his ended his life, and left his daughter without a dad who seemed to love her very much.

  • Vautour

    I’d actually like it if they would film this and release it as a DVD. Maybe including some older live material with Mitch, some percentage could be donated to his daughter’s education fund as well.