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Ice Nine Kills Release Lyric Video For New Song, Launch Kickstarter Campaign For Upcoming EP

Ice Nine Kills have released a lyric video for their new track “The Coffin Is Moving” below. The group are currently planning to release a new 5-song EP within the next month or two and have launched this Kickstarter campaign to help make it a reality.



    Can’t we kickstart some GOOD music? These clowns should be kickstarted to the curb and kickstart their new career in the fast-food industry,

  • cma3585

    Best part about this terrible band and their terrible name is one of my Facebook friends is really into them so I see their posts he comments on and they make fun of emos and what all the time as if they’re the hardest band around.

  • dmoe

    “We are all just chilkdren of vanity. We make fucking up into life long careers.”

    Master lyricists.