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Deftones Cover Joe Jackson’s “Steppin’ Out” In Hollywood, CA (Updated)

Fan-filmed live footage of the Deftones covering Joe Jackson‘s 1982 hitSteppin’ Out” during their set last night (November 21st) in Hollywood, CA can be found below:


  • TheMediaProphet

    Deftones being my favorite band, I will be the first to admit that Chino sounds off here. But I hope they do a B-Sides and Rarities Pt. 2 and put this on it, I bet it will be amazing. Loved this song growing up, too.

  • AJP

    Slow “news” day.

  • SenorSuarez

    bad cruise ship karaoke… still awesome though

  • Jas

    Yeah so this was my vid I posted on YouTube. This vid gives an idea of the performance but it was more intended for the LA concert attendants to relive this awesome rare cover. It was bad ass in person when Abe started the drum beat and the keyboardist(wasn’t Frank) started the melody. As soon as Chino was singing the verse I was entranced with a huge smile on my face.