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Dope & Twisted Method Members Guest On New Bullet Saints Single, Audio Available

Dope guitarist Virus and Twisted Method vocalist Derrick “Tripp” Tribbett both make guest appearances on the new Bullet Saints single, “Hellbound“. You can stream the track below with the groups debut effort in the works for a release through Bieler Bros. Records.



    So, it’s like an even shittier version of HELLYEAH?

  • Dyno

    um… no.



  • kturl69

    There’s no Dope fans on this site? C’monnn

    • Donnie Narco


      • kturl69

        No but I’m sick. Have it your way. Bang bang bang in your head fucker! Bang bang bang and you’re dead fucker!

  • Bulletshock

    I actually quite like dope. This however, is dogshit.

  • TheMediaProphet

    Guest appearances? Tripp is the singer of the band… or am I lost?