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Alice In Chains’ “No Excuses” Covered By Hurt And Smile Empty Soul, Audio Available

Radio rockers Hurt and Smile Empty Soul joined forces for a cover of Alice In Chains‘ “No Excuses” earlier this month in Michigan with producer Matt Dalton. You can stream the end result below at Plans for a charity release of the track are said to be in the works.


  • sansself

    Wow, not bad for what sounds like a semi-impromptu recording session. I love J. Loren’s voice on this track but he doesn’t handle Cantrell’s part very well. Sean Danielson handles the Layne vocal line much better. There are some other change but, overall, this version is pretty sweet. I’m a big-time AIC fan and a critic; I still can dig this. Oh, charity’s nice too. I’ll DL an AIC song for charity.