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HELLYEAH Premiere “Drink Drank Drunk” Music Video

HELLYEAH have premiered the below music video for their song “Drink Drank Drunk” through


  • allichs

    Chad! Whut r u doin’? Chad!? Stahp!

  • MyDarkPassenger

    Anyone else just fucking desperate for these guys to go away? Dimebag would never have let this happen.

  • nothingness.

    Maybe it’s just me but i’ve always picked up little awkward bits and pieces of Chad trying to do Phil-isms. It always sorta comes off as awkward and weird. It isn’t anything super obvious like stickin his bottom lip out while going off for 15 minutes about metal magazines but still enough to give me the no likeys.


    I can’t believe these are some of the same dudes who created albums like “Far Beyond Driven” “L.D.50″ and “Violence”. Is this REALLY the best they can do these days?

    • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

      My exact lament.
      Plus, I just gave up all drinking after watching this so I can never have half an inclanation to make a drink drank drunk type of song.
      Hilarious avatar btw

  • ShizKiT

    I swear, fans of this band must be deaf.

  • carlosfranco

    When Rob Zombie fucks LMFMAO and gets pregnant, this is the abortion. So much talent is being pissed away. I want my fucking Nothingface back! Fuck you and your bikini wearing slut fans.

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    Even the Butcher Babies is better than this fucking pile of human manure known as Hell Yeah.

  • b_kh405

    I was too afraid to click. It’s not really a cover of an Anti-Flag song is it?

  • coolguy2424

    Somewhere Tickle from Moonshiners is smiling.

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