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Deftones Perform “Swerve City” Live For The First Time, Footage Posted

Fan-filmed live footage of what is thought to be the Deftones‘ first public performance of their new track “Swerve City” has been uploaded below. The footage was recorded during the bands November 14th set at The Palladium Ballroom in Dallas, Texas. The song appears on the groups newest release, “Koi No Yokan“.


  • BlueBalls

    So good.

  • Lifeseclipse

    They’ve gotten so much better live since the 97-98 era. Might also be that, this is a great song.

    • Lifeseclipse

      So someone thinks either this song sucks, or they are getting worse? I guess there’s some people out there I don’t even wanna know.

  • deftoolsys07

    I was there. I’ll confirm that it is the first time they played it. I put a video up a few days ago myself but it’s not as good as this. Great show!

    • Donnie Narco

      you confirmed nothing.

      • WURST


  • AMeN

    On the cover of my copy of Koi No Yokan they sort of indicate that this will be the next single, amazing song definitely one of my favourites.

    • deftoolsys07

      Swerve City was actually supposed to be the first single but the record label switched it to Tempest at the last minute.

  • THERileyBrewer

    This show was soooo sick. All the new tracks they played sounded really good that night. Poltergeist especially sounded amazing. This show, by far, is the best I’ve seen The deftones.

  • Relentless_Beating

    This was sick. I just wish Chino hadn’t been playing guitar for it so he could have been active. This song is a vibe setter, so I would have been even more pumped.

    • jayofdajungle

      You do realize there are more than one guitar parts in the song right? The verses and the solo especially would sound pretty empty without Chino playing.

      • Relentless_Beating

        Yes, I get this fact. I’m just stating it would be alot better if he didn’t have those parts.

        An active Chino, is a awesome Chino.

      • jayofdajungle


  • Stenny

    Saw them in Chicago 3(?) weeks ago…. couldnt agree more. They sounded the best the four times I’ve seen them (first being the white pony tour with Glassjaw), and Chino and Sergio looked pretty pleased too.

    • 8 bit ninja

      Yes, absolutely fantastic show but best tour ? Not sure, the Metro show for Adrenaline was a raw and young band going apeshit, the Riv show for White Pony was almost somber and reflective. Right around Christmas time, all the lights went off except a string of Chrismas ones and Chino just sat down and sang a couple songs with no band…powerful shit. This tour is leagues above their last few though and last years was pretty good…Fun fact, my Xbox live name is Swerve City, lol.

    • jayofdajungle

      Glassjaw tour, those were the days

  • changefly

    They have been hit and miss live when I’ve seen them. mostly due to sound board/mixing issues. I think their sound translates best to the 2-3k venues they’ve been playing, as opposed to filling an arena with muddy low/mids, or blasting you out of the room in a smaller venue. Saw them with glassjaw at the Riv, one of my favorite concerts ever. Left with some primal cosmic energy for days.

  • massdeath

    I’ve seen them 5 times in the NY/NJ area. Stone Pony ’97 with Limp Bizkit opening for them (mind blowing experience), with Quicksand at Roseland (two amazing bands but weak sound quality), at Bowery ballroom for self titled (fantastic), Taste of Chaos with Thrice (rather subdued honestly), and most recently with AIC at MSG (one of the best concerts ever). The memories I have of the Stone Pony show in ’97 will always place that one on top for me. They were raw, right in front of us, and Chino was drunk/stoned out of his head…but still performed incredibly. The most recent time I saw them with AIC was incredible too but in a big arena rock kind of way. It was cool to see them take over MSG the way they did (in fact I’ll argue that they should have been co-headliners with AIC because the entire audience was so into both). So where am I going with this? I’m honestly not sure, but those are my Deftones live experiences and what they mean to me. I’ll also agree that a more active Chino is a better one. He was extremely active in my top two favorite shows. (I’ll probably get 37 thumbs down for not having a clear point and just reminiscing, lol).