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Flaw To Tour In December

Flaw are mapping out some regional dates for December. It does not appear that the outfit will be touring with original vocalist Chris Volz however; as Andy Paul is being listed as the groups current singer. Initial dates for the trek include:

12/14 Louisville, KY – Diamond Pub And Billiards
12/16 Rockford, IL – Bar3
12/21 Marion, OH – Tink’s Rock House
12/22 Riverview, MI – The Crimson


  • smartassboiler

    Flaw was one of my nu-metal guilty pleasures. I always enjoyed Volz’s voice, although it’s not surprising that he’s not participating. I met them in Louisville because my buddy was friends with Lance, and Lance said Chris was incredibly difficult to work with.

  • AMeN

    Ha now sign me up for a Flaw Ill Nino Taproot tour, transport me back 10 years from now, I’ll show with jeans that are way too baggy, and obscene amounts of product in my hair.

  • irreversiblemess

    what an outrage. decent riffs, but volz’s pipes made this band. i’ll throw in a random onesidezero/sinch/pressure 4-5 reference for good measure and probably 2-4 thumbs up.


    Good god, this band was bad enough in 2001. I mean, come on. By then we already had Coal Chamber and Mudvayne. The style had been done to death and these guys added absolutely nothing to it and faded away appropriately. I feel embarassed for the fools who still wanna see these guys do their thing.


      I wonder how many downvotes I’d get if I also trashed 3rd Strike as well?

      Seriously. I was 17 when this shit came out, and even then I knew it was terrible. We’re all adults here and should know better by now.

  • G Scotty

    Not much nu-metal i can stand, but Flaw’s first disc was incredible. Volz definitely made this band, whether he was a douche or not. Douche’s make good front men! This comment is equally viable for Travis Meeks of Days of the New…


      There’s a big difference between being a wifebeater and just being a straight-up junkie.

      Besides, Meeks actually has a thing called musical talent. Dude’s a master at multiple instruments. Shame he’s let drugs block his path to greatness. The second Days of the New album was genuinely epic.

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