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Avenged Sevenfold Post Official Footage Of Their “Call Of Duty: Black Ops II” In Game Appearance

An official video of Avenged Sevenfold‘s cameo in the newly-released video game “Call Of Duty: Black Ops II” has now been released below. The group perform their track “Carry On” in the game after a credit roll:


  • Surly

    This made my LOL for the day.

  • cma3585

    I wasn’t sure how this band would handle songwriting with The Rev gone but admittedly Not Ready To Die and this song are quite solid. Nothing groundbreaking but still efficiently good.

  • G Scotty

    When will video games finally figure out how to successfully incorporate guitar straps? Im no game designer, but based on everything i”ve seen in video games, it doesnt really seem that complex?

    Song was pretty good, although i especially enjoyed the senator looking lady in the pant-suit air drumming, and the guy dropping the X-Pac “Suck It” in the crowd