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Ex-Sworn Enemy Guitarist Lorenzo Antonucci Calls Out Falling In Reverse Frontman

Ex-Sworn Enemy guitarist Lorenzo Antonucci has publically called out Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke for his recent behavior in the below video:


  • ethos

    Oh my god this is golden. Please for the love of god keep this guy in the gym and away from instruments so he can do what he was put on this earth for: kicking radke’s ass

  • Snapcase78

    didn’t know stephen baldwin was into bodybuilding

  • BloodyBoneKummer

    Never been a Sworn Enemy fan..but this video was awesome.
    I seriously hope someone does fuck up this lil Hot Topic wanna be thug.
    And it’s funny in this video that Radke calls that kid a ‘faggot’..but if memory serves correct..Ronnie aren’t you the one that was taking cock in the ass for 2 years in prison just not too long ago.
    So..who’s the real faggot Ronald.

  • Relentless_Beating

    I don’t remember Lorenzo being this fucking hulk when I saw Sworn Enemy live years back. If I was Radke, I’d be a little worried this guy was coming to visit me.

  • booze

    I thought this was a WWE promo at first.

    • coolguy2424

      Word. I was waiting for a bloodied Ric Flair to come running out and unleashing a mighty WOOOOOOOO! Those scene sluts at the end are fucking priceless. If I was a kid today and only had these shitty bands to get into, suicide would definately be high on my priority list.

    • southpawchew


  • adamonfire

    That weird looking bald guy at 6:26 was the one wearing the tour shirt pleading with security that I wrote about in a previous post. I’ll be heading back down there in a little over an hour to see The Sword, I’m expecting a much different crowd. I also had to bat down a microphone Ronnie threw into the crowd at Dirt Fest over the summer, dude loves throwing shit.

  • damn (your mom’s balls)

    You wanna talk shit about me and my family? Disrespect my kind? I’ll pound your fuckin face out, Sworn Enemy style….. Queens, New Yawk. Muthafucka!

    • cheechorama

      Thank-you for that. Just made my day.

  • kturl69

    “Bing, bang, boom. Ronnie you’re done.” Pure awesomeness. I hope he follows thru on the ass whoopin.

    • G Scotty


  • schuler

    Jesus fucking christ.

  • Rev.J_Blumpkin

    well thank god he didnt perpetuate any italian-american stereotypes in this video…

  • universalawakening

    God bless you Lorenzo Antonucci

  • WorsnopLoverXEX

    So when Lorenzo Antonucci shows up at a Falling In Reverse show and Ronnie tries sending his guards after him I imagine it laying out a lot like the movie Cape Fear when the lawyer sends 4 thugs after Deniro and Deniro betas them all to withing an inch of their lives.

    That bald dude was way too old to be at a FIR show.

    I’ve never had to deal with any prima donna bullshit like that at any show. The worst was the BDM/Nile/SKeletonwitch/Misery Index show when BDM called out security guards for being extremely rough douchebags with the 15 year olds crowd surfing and stage diving.

  • monkeywithagun

    You see how MR. Radke is throwing those Mic stands? If MR. Antonucci gets a hold of MR. Radke, well I see MR. Radke flying like one of those mic stands into his own bus head first. Then MR. Antonucci will whistle for a cab, and go on to enjoy the rest of his day.

  • SpinSwimScream

    I love this! People like Radke ruin everything for the rest. Someone with a voice definitely needed to come forward and give Radke a little bit of self-realization. Good job, Lorenzo.

    Side note: This really gave me that Hulk Hogan pre-wrestling speech vibe. “Say your prayers, brother!”

  • DickScream

    L O L

  • kturl69

    So I’m almost 100% sure most of you wouldn’t mind this. Pre Cain Velasquez loss. Brock Lesnar vs Mir @ UFC 100. Replace Mir with Radke and throw Lorenzo in as Lesnar. The sweet pounding of Radke’s face into the mat. I wouldn’t mind seeing that again.

  • doomrider13

    Did Andrew Dice Clay help him with his speaking parts? Seriously though, it’s awesome this douchebag is being spoken out against. I’m not one to wish harm upon people, but this Radke can’t get the shit beat out of him fast enough. Judging from what I saw of this guy, he needs put in his place (and I’d say from the look of him it wouldn’t be too hard to do).

  • wearesorta138

    That was hilarious. At first it looked like a bad Law Office commercial.
    “If yous or someones yous knows has been hurt or injured by a douche-bag singer, then pick up the phone and call the Law Offices of Lorenzo & Antonucci. The “&” is for “I’m gonnas win your case & kick the defendents ass.” It’sah fuckin guarantee. You’ll know, YOU WILL KNOW, that shit is about to go down when I take off my hair band and tell the jury THAT THEYS NEEDS TO FUCKING SAY GUILTY ONS THAT ASSHOLE!!! If I dont’ win your fucking case then you’ll get a membership to Golds Gym for a year, on me. You gonna tell me that’s a bad deal? Getoutta here.”

  • wtf

    He does look like one of the Baldwin brothers! Spooky!

  • insanemusically


  • Crowbar233

    This might be one of the best things I’ve ever seen on this website. Fuck Ronnie.

  • IAmSancho

    Whutcha gonna do brother, when Antonuccimania runs wild on you?!

  • Afghanistam

    @4:34 perfect

  • Vautour

    Lorenzo is in a band with Chris Storey (ex-All Shall Perish) now:

    • PeAcE MiNuS 0Ne

      Thank you… Thank you… And thank you again.. I just bought the album, “As Hard as Life” from Google Play and I am now jamming the F-out at work. This band slays.

  • Relentless_Beating

    Smashface is a sick fucking band. Everyone I knew thought it would just be straight hardcore, but it’s got tons of different elements to it.


    I have no idea who this guy is, but he would make much more money in the WWE.

    • monkeywithagun

      Yeah this dude could put out a hell of a promo. I could see him fueding, or teaming with CM Punk. yes I’m a wrestling nerd.

  • southpawchew

    i wouldnt say i am a great looking guy or anything but holy f#$k what an ugly crowd.

  • cj13owe

    I can stop watching this, it’s so funny.

    Bing, Bang, Boom, Ronnie ya done.

    Get this man a talk show.

    • Lifeseclipse

      Judge Lorenzo.

  • zaodriver

    I hope the young Yutes of America can learn something from this video.

  • Lifeseclipse

    Fucking American Gladiators, cancelled 18 years too early.

  • Bleedsfromthesky

    Awful music, awful scene. Hope Lorenzo does kick his ass.

  • THERileyBrewer

    He needs to have a youtube channel of his own. Some weekly webisode ripping shit like this.

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