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Whitechapel Premiere “Possibilities Of An Impossible Existence” Music Video, Debut Album To Be Reissued

Whitechapel have premiered a music video for their track “Possibilities Of An Impossible Existence” via Footage for the clip was captured by director Strati Hovartos during the bands summer touring on this years “Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival“.

In other interesting news, Metal Blade are planning a spring reissue of their independent 2007 full-length debut, “The Somatic Defilement“.


  • LunyAlex

    Sigh, Performance Video. Thanks 2012!
    Oh well. Cool song. Cool album.

    • Tele2012

      I like the vocal work of their previous albums, I just can’t seem to get in to them as much as other people. I’ve heard the new album is a little different — better or worse, in your opinion?

  • stantheclam

    Live videos are always just meh. Pretty good song but they are clearly saving the gems on this album for those who purchase it (…err…download it lets be real)

    Section 8 is one of the best written metal songs in the last couple of years as far as layering of riffs and quality of every instrument. Brutally heavy/awesome song.

  • Mikabass

    I hope they re Master or even re Record some of that record to match the Quality of their Past 3 released records Sonically because that record even though muddy as Fuck is very technically Dominating!

    • Vautour

      I sure hope they don’t remaster anything. Remastering doesn’t change anything about the “muddy” sound, it usually only means they turn the volume up. Remixing it would be cool, but in the end, I’ve grown to love its sound. It’s a great, raw first album – no need to change anything. That being sad, some bonus material (outtakes, maybe a live disc?) would be awesome.

      • allichs

        yup, The Somatic Defilement is as badass as it gets the way it is.

      • Mikabass

        Yeah Sorry Mis spoke re mix it. The Tools that are avail now compaired to back then are way better and everything can cut through alot better and be more clear for the guitars, drums and vocals to Shine through the madness this is my Fav off the album