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Footage Of (hed)p.e. Frontman Jared Gomes’ 1980′s Band The Clue Available

Footage of (hed)p.e. vocalist Jared “Jahred” Gomes performing in 1988 with his band The Clue can be seen below (thanks


  • vigilantecat28

    dudes got some sweet moves @ 4:20

  • 37Tentacles

    At least it’s better than Hed(pe)…

    • 8 bit ninja

      I actually listened to the song all the way through, something I could never do nowadays with any new Hed song…and as a matter of fact, I kinda liked it.

  • Fender

    What’s more embarassing, this or or the last 5 Hed albums?

    • EyeOfEveryScorn

      That onesie is pretty adorable that he’s wearing.

      • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence
      • WURST

        That was ’85, idiot. You’d dress like that in the mid-80′s too so don’t talk shit.

      • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

        ’88 was no different.
        I still dress like that, brotatoes.. thank Buddha I have a frequent buyers card for my mousse and eyeliner.


      I would be more embarassed of having actually listened to the last 5 (hed) PE albums.

  • ethos

    I, like, don’t have a raging clue for this.

    • southpawchew

      come on that chick that’s singing is sort of hot for being in the 80′s.

  • jayofdajungle

    How did they keep this under wraps for so long?

    • jayofdajungle

      Silly me, nobody cared.

  • SiX50SiD

    either your a fan or not. comment on M.C.U.D himself, not (hed) p.e. playtime is over.

    • SiX50SiD

      which is quite hilarious imo. can’t believe my girl and I smoked up with the current “version” of Jahred recently…wow

      • Rev.J_Blumpkin

        this is like the 2nd or 3rd time this week ive read you mention your girl and weed. I think its time to grow up and do an adult drug, like cocaine…

  • monkeywithagun

    It’s the Black Richard Simmons!

  • star_AD

    Wait a minute, you mean to tell me this is the same guy that sang “Bartender”? Holy shit. Sweet find! Even better than NIN’s lip synced performance on Soul Train or whatever the fuck. I need this single on my playlist ASAP.

  • star_AD

    Fucking technology :/

  • defhydro

    That’s a hell of a mature looking 14 year old!

    • booze

      I was thinking the same thing. Dude was born in 1974 according to wikipedia. Though he could have lied about his age in an interview. DJ Ashba got called out for doing that back in the day.

      • Rev.J_Blumpkin

        ive always said that jared edits his own bios to make himself seem younger. whatever makes him feel better about still trying to fuck 16 yr olds!


    This news will have little impact on Hed PE’s audience. Based on the ones I see on the streets, the Juggalos must be an accepting and forgiving people.

  • Fred Burst

    Sounds like Head Automatica.

  • SteveTango

    That dude loved him some Prince and The Time back in the day…


      Had the exact same thought, especially with the name being The Clue (very similar to The Time).

      Jerome, bring me my hat.

  • 9 Ounce Prime

    Aww hell no! HAHA!

    1. I bet he WAS fucking when she had her first barbie.. And they were the same age! (based on the physical characteristics of a “14 year old.”)
    2. With moves like that, it’s no wonder he needed a cane at 22 years old.
    3. “Hey Jared, I know you have a net worth of almost 10K, and if you don’t pay me half of that, I will release some very embarrassing footage of your first band.” *Jared* “Please don’t! I need to pay my light bill.”
    4. There are at least two guys in that video that were touching him.
    5. That isn’t him. That’s Stephen Pearcy in 1983.

  • scorpions


  • Bleedsfromthesky

    Oh My Fucking God, this can’t be real. Hahahahaha

  • Relentless_Beating

    Well this has to take some street cred away from Hed…

    • RxInfection

      “Street cred”? Hahaha. You know what takes “street cred” away from Hed PE? Hed PE.

      This video has more balls than their last 5 albums combined.

      • Relentless_Beating

        Haha I wouldn’t even know what their last 5 albums sound like to be honest.

        Someone bought be one of their albums for xmas about 10 years ago maybe, and that was enough for me to never listen to them again. Needless to say, that asshole got a turtle neck the following xmas.

  • BlueMoonRising

    I found one with “Jahred” rocking the hell out of a keytar!!!! Do yourself a favor and skip to 2:15

    • Tele2012

      Even better than the original video, imo!

  • southpawchew

    this is like finding trash can gold, you guys.

  • the HAVEN conspiracy

    like already has been said… not any worst than recent hedpe albums

  • the HAVEN conspiracy

    also remember this were the 80′s.. theres a similar video with trent reznor.

  • SenorSuarez

    This is embarrassing… even for 1988.

  • the HAVEN conspiracy
    • Bleedsfromthesky

      Slam Bamboo is total awesome sauce

  • the HAVEN conspiracy

    senorsuarez thinking better, you might be right! :))

  • adamonfire

    Video games such as Rock Band are the only acceptable use of electronic drums. The only current band I can think that uses this kind of kit is Hollywood Undead, if that gives you any kind of idea as to what they’re good for.

    • Relentless_Beating

      Zao used them a on a few albums (Unfortunately), and those albums are still acceptable. The drummer from Braindrill also used them on the one record he did with them, and it sounds nuts. When used properly, they can actually sound great, but most people fail at them.


    Holy shit hahaha all you people are fucking brain dead. First off, this is in HD. There was no HD in the 80s. Second, Jahred is only like 31 or 32, which means in the mid-80s this dude wasnt even 10 yet. Get a fuckin brain.

    • adamonfire

      360p is HD? Maybe we do need to invest more in military upgrades…

      • WURST

        Hahaha I was a little sloshed last night. In that state, it looked like HD to me.

    • SteveTango

      Way to research that info before you commented, drunkie. Jahred is in his late 40s. He would have been roughly 24 when this video came about. I’ll get a fucking brain once you start using the one you claim to have.

      • WURST

        Haha what a whiny bitch. Get over it, dude. Not everything on here has to be an argument. I refuse to research anything hed(pe), I’ll leave that to people like you.

  • cma3585

    That’s MCUD’s voice and that’s his face. If you untangled all those dreadlocks, I’d make an estimated guess that’s his hair. Same skin complexion. If this isn’t him, this is one of the most masterful Youtube troll jobs we’ve seen in quite some time.

  • snakebyte

    I searched Jahred on Google and this is what I found:

    One website says he’s 48.
    Paulo Sergio Gomes, 29 February 1964, Fort Worth, Texas, USA

    Wikipedia says he’s 38.
    March 4, 1974

    The sidebar on Google says he’s 40.
    February 29, 1972

    If he has to lie about his age so much, I’m going to guess that he’s really 48.

    • WURST

      But look at the video quality. Get on YouTube and find another video from the 80′s with picture quality like this video. I think this is a bullshit vid that was recently made. I can believe the 38 but not the rest.

      • WURST

        However, I really hopes this is legit and that’s really from back in the day. The dude looks like a little bitch.

      • Relentless_Beating

        I think you may be the brain dead one if you believe he’s still in his 30′s at all.

    • WURST

      I’m surprised the dude doesn’t say he’s 12 seeing as how he’s born on February 29th.

  • M3DL1N

    i call bullshit

  • JohnnyWetTowel

    In Reply to Wurst – “There was no HD in the 80s”
    i) You can digitise Beta/VHS to HD. (TCR stands for Time Code Reading. Which would suggest this is an original tape that has been digitised.)

    Also, Musicman (the bass) & Simmons (the electric drumkit) are both companies that were around in the 80′s.

    And the bloke doesn’t have any ink on his arms, which would also suggest that this is pre-Hed.

    That being said, MCUD has a huge dick. This bloke doesn’t. Or, maybe MCUD was full of shit.

  • nigre

    Hes 48. Back on the Tattoo the Earth tour I was on their bus and they were talking about how Jahred is older than Product and Product was born in 69.

  • WorsnopLoverXEX

    1. The bassist/backup keyboardist looked like Doug Stanhope.
    2. The sequenced dance moves should be copied by Asking Alexandria/Attack!!Attack!!!
    3. I you tubed hed P.E. because I never heard of them and instantly recognized Renegade and absolutely nothing else. Although with them being in town 3 times in the last 6 months (co-headlining with Mushroomhead, Soil, Twiztid) I assume they make enough not to work so good for them.
    4. He is an ugly motherucker since the 1988 glory days. God damn those are some tight pants

  • Brell

    This looks like it should be a Key & Peele skit!!

  • lozzdude

    I used to be a massive (hed) p.e. fanboy for some reason (fuck knows why) and that is definitely Jarhed. The guy was around 40 when “Only in Amerika” came out in 2005 so 48 sounds about right. He has always been secretive about his age and personal life.

    I remember many years back on a forum called photos from one of his other 80′s band kept popping up. I think he contacted the admins directly and made them stop the topic from coming up. Especially seeing how this was around the time that he was forever calling out “faggots” and “gay” pop-punk/emo bands for the way they dressed etc. Can’t believe I used to listen to such bigoted dumbfuck nonsense.

  • Oderusalingus

    HA HA HA!!! “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Hed Pe” I guess that answers any question anyone may have had about it’s authenticity. Jared’s sad old saggy ass is 52. I know the band personally and the weak ass video that was posted here is legit. Jared was poser then and is still a poser now.

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