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Muse Cover The Deftones In Nantes, France, Footage Available

While by no means the first time Muse have covered the Deftones in a live capacity; Today’s (October 22nd) set in Nantes, France saw the group follow up their own track “New Born” with an impromptu rendition of the Deftones‘ “Head Up“. You can watch fan-filmed footage of that below:


  • jayofdajungle

    that was interesting. I wonder if didn’t even know they were playing it. i thought I came up with an awesome vocal melody once for a song, turns out I was biting off of Tool subconsciously.

    • BecomesMyVeryShackles

      I think it was intentional. They covered Rage Against the Machine’s “Microphone Fiend” on the live album, and they covered RATM’s “War Within a Breath” when I saw them. They usually put on one hell of a show, but that new album was a huge disappointment.

      • AJP

        How are you gonna cover a cover?

  • irreversiblemess

    pretty sweet. i’d imagine this is what relative ash’s 2nd album would’ve sounded like.

    • whatisyourforte

      but with a lot more AIDS.

  • Surly

    Nice to see the Muse guys have some taste!

  • AJP

    The Muse camp should be counting their blessings, cause they ain’t nothing but a cover band. Ever seen ‘em live? Half of their set is covers.

  • aporia

    waiting for vocals. how disappoint.

  • jayofdajungle

    Maybe I should read the item fist, when did Muse cover Deftones prior to this wook?

    • ethos

      I youtubed it quickly and saw that there are quite a few videos of Muse covering Deftones.

  • jayofdajungle

    it’s called youtube Jay, Bored and My Own Summer

    • ethos

      I guess I beat you to your own answer.

  • Dixon Cider

    This band belongs in the Special Olympics

  • chacho

    The stage looked pretty cool.

  • massdeath

    These guys are long time huge Deftones fans.