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Rage Against The Machine To Celebrate 20th Anniversary Of Debut With “XX” Box Set

Rage Against The Machine are pulling out the stops for their coming 20th anniversary release of their 1992 self-titled debut album. The group are preparing a jam packed deluxe box set that will be titled “XX” in celebration of the milestone.

Along with unreleased footage of early concerts and the bands full 2010 Finsbury Park Victory Cocnerts, the set will feature a remastered version of the album itself along with various demos and videos. A 40 page booklet and 2-sided poster will also be featured in the box.

Here’s the full list of content:

CD 1 – “Rage Against The Machine” (remastered):

01 – “Bombtrack
02 – “Killing In The Name
03 – “Take The Power Back
04 – “Settle For Nothing
05 – “Bullet In The Head
06 – “Know Your Enemy
07 – “Wake Up
08 – “Fistful Of Steel
09 – “Township Rebellion
10 – “Freedom
11 – “Bombtrack” (live) (originally released on “Bombtrack” single)
12 – “Bullet In The Head” (live) (originally released on “Bullet In The Head” single)
13 – “ Take The Power Back” (live) (originally released on “Freedom” single)

CD 2 – “The Original Demos“:

01 – “Bombtrack
02 – “Take The Power Back
03 – “Bullet In The Head
04 – “Darkness Of Greed
05 – “Clear The Lane
06 – “Township Rebellion
07 – “Know Your Enemy
08 – “Mindset’s A Threat
09 – “Killing In The Name
10 – “Auto Logic
11 – “The Narrows
12 – “Freedom

DVD 1 – “The Battle Of Britain” (Live at Finsbury Park, London, England, June 06th, 2010):

01 – “Testify
02 – “Bombtrack
03 – “People Of The Sun
04 – “Know Your Enemy
05 – “Bulls On Parade
06 – “Township Rebellion
07 – “Bullet In The Head
08 – “White Riot” (The Clash cover)
09 – “Guerrilla Radio
10 – “Sleep Now In The Fire
11 – “Freedom
12 – “Killing In The Name

Music Videos:

Killing In the Name
Bullet In The Head
Bulls On Parade
People Of The Sun
No Shelter
Guerilla Radio
Sleep Now In The Fire
Renegades Of Funk” (Afrika Bambaataa & the Soulsonic Force cover)
How I Could Just Kill A Man” (Cypress Hill cover) (previously unreleased)

Rage Against The Machine” Live DVD (originally released in 1997):

The Ghost Of Tom Joad” (Bruce Springsteen cover)
People Of The Sun
Bulls On Parade
Bullet In The Head
Zapata’s Blood
Know Your Enemy
Tire Me
Killing In The Name

DVD 2 – Unreleased Content:

First live show at Cal Stage in North Ridge, CA (October 23rd, 1991):

01 – “Killing In The Name
02 – “Take The Power Back
03 – “Autologic
04 – “Bullet In The Head
05 – “Hit The Deck
06 – “Township Rebellion
07 – “Darkness Of Greed
08 – “Clear The Lane
09 – “Clampdown
10 – “Know Your Enemy
11 – “Freedom

Live footage:

Freedom” (live at Pink Pop 1994)
Take The Power Back” (live at Vic Theatre 1993)
Fistful Of Steel” (live at JC Dobbs 1993)
Bombtrack” (soundstage performance 1992)
Wake Up” (Halfway House 1992)
Settle For Nothing” (Castaic 1992)
Clear The Lane” (San Luis Obispo 1992)
Untitled” (CWNN 1992)
Darkness Of Greed” (Zed’s Records 1992)
Wake Up” (Nomads 1992)

Sony‘s Legacy Recordings will release the set on November 22nd with Amazon currently selling it for $136.07 USD. You can check out a picture of its contents below.

Rage Against The Machine - XX


  • THERileyBrewer

    I. Want.

  • AMeN

    With all these goodies I can’t help but wonder how much it will set you back.

    • Stimulus

      If only the price were listed at the very bottom of the article…

      • AMeN

        touche fair prince


    Honestly, this album does NOT need to be remastered. On a good home stereo or car system this album sounds fucking amazing and thick – like my cock. What’s there to remaster? I’ll still be buying this though.

  • Beardsly McHavenone

    Agreed that this one doesn’t really need the remaster, but other bands/labels need to take a look at this, and see how to remaster/rerelease an album. Instead of remastering it, sticking it in a slipcase (oooohhhh), and charging $10 more than need be, why not pull out all the stops, as the article says, and make it a truly worthy collectible.

  • Fred Fred Burger (Darkdevout)

    I thought this was already remastered, Sony lost the original recording and said they could only remaster it and redistribute it.

  • ManicHispanic

    fuck yes

  • adamonfire

    Pulling out the stops = nationwide tour

  • kturl69

    Is there really that many Rage fans on this site?

    • Revive04


    • Mr Snrub

      I’m pretty sure you’ll find Rage fans on most rock/metal websites; me being (a big) one of them.

  • dmoe

    Only if the remaster is done by GGGarth.


    Something awesome I’ll never be able to justify buying for myself.

  • Rothiseph

    The price has come down from the stated $136.07 to a more realistic(?) $103.44, and it’s only around $6 to ship to the UK. Decent! My order has been placed mainly for the full Finsbury Park show. I never expected that to be an extra, awesome news.

  • superduper

    its kind of funny that a band that’s so against commercialism would put out something like this. cash grab communists. hahah what a joke