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Mushroomhead Offer Fans A Chance To Hang Out With Them For A Price

Casual Mushroomhead fans need not apply to the bands planned early November “3-Day Freakend” in Cleveland, OH. Those that do however will be able to attend waterparks, casinos and have dinner with the band; as well as receive a custom mask, hear songs from their new album and take in a show.

Admission for the series of events starts at a lofty $2500 dollars and ranges up to $4500. An overview of the festivities and ticketing information can be found via the bands Facebook.

You can find the spiel for the event below:

Join us for MUSHROOMHEADS’ “3-DAY FREAKEND” on Nov 2nd, 3rd and 4th!
—-WHAT IS IT?? A personal and intimate weekend to be spent hanging out, partying and literally rubbing elbows (amongst other things) with the band, at a handful of Clevelands most desirable haunts.
—-WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?? Hotel parties, 5-star dining, top shelf drinking, gambling, (more drinking) laughing and generally tearing up the town. PLUS,.. unlimited Q & A at your leisure.
—-THEN WHAT?? A day of whirlpools, waterslides and fast paced fun at one of the biggest and best waterparks in America!!
—-SO?… is that it??.. OH HAIL NO!!! A chef prepared meal fit for KINGS AND QUEENS served at the same tables that the band will be eating at is next up on the agenda… This incredible meal will be followed by musical performances from MUSHROOMHEAD, TENAFLY VIPER, NOTHING and a few more jaw dropping surprises left to be revealed HERE, in Cleveland.
—-WHAT DO I GET OUT OF IT??? ALL party goers will receive a one of a kind, CUSTOM MADE MASK to commemorate this EVENTFUL WEEKEND like none before it!!!! An exclusive screening of a couple/few NEW CUTS off the NEW RECORD will also be on the itinerary for your enjoyment!! IT’S ALL INCLUSIVE!! JUST GET HERE!!”


  • J3553

    mushroomhead died when j-mann left


      Don’t kid yourself; Mushroomhead always sucked.

  • wearesorta138

    Bit like the obligatory ugly girl at the strip club offering bj’s for bottles of Cristal. You’re aiming a bit above your clientele.


    I’d rather have a bag of mushrooms and some trippy music than hang out with these clowns.

  • karlgrz

    Look at all those exclamation points!!!!!!!! Can’t possibly be a bad time!!!!

  • xasafx

    who enjoys them that much to fork over 2500? also, they’ll probably just use that money to go to the water park and dinner later.

  • The Shark™

    1.) Price range per person is $2,500 – $4,500
    2.) It’s in Cleveland
    3.) They’re calling it a “3-DAY FREAKEND”
    4.) “IT’S ALL INCLUSIVE!! JUST GET HERE!!” screams ALL CAPS kind of fun
    5.) It’s Mushroomhead

    Sounds like paying $2,500 – $4,500 for the shittiest 3 days you can endure. Ever.

    • Rev.J_Blumpkin

      not true!, the Gathering of the Juggaloes did NOT, I REPEAT NOT have a waterpark. so I think you owe cleveland an apology, as this makes them only the runner up for “shitties place for a music event/festival”.

      • kturl69

        At least they have the Indians…

      • BloodyBoneKummer

        To be fair tho..The Gathering Of The Juggalos is only 1/10 the price of this and shall I say..way better than this..

      • monkeywithagun

        I like to know who in their right mind would pay that kind of money to hang out with Mushroom head?

        Umm BTW, the Indians suck too. The Royals did better then the Indians this year, and the Royals suck.

    • The Shark™

      Something tells me that a bunch of skiddies hanging with 40+ year old dudes that still dress up in costumes and wear make-up, body accessories, bang on “water drums”(?), etc. just isn’t going to end well. For any and/or all parties involved. If that’s your idea of fun, then maybe you should propose that the event be held in Sandusky, OH instead… too soon?

      Apologize to Cleveland? I will do no such thing. I was actually implying nothing bad about Cleveland in general, aside from being the city responsible for the birth of Mushroomhead.

  • SiX50SiD

    For twenty-five hundred. I’d better be able to play the drums on at least one song to show that they have no idea what talent is.


    Sounds like someone snorted all their money away.

  • BlueBalls

    I want to do all of those things, just not with Mushroomhead and not in Ohio.

  • Jenkem Dealer

    Are water parks even open at this time of year in Ohio? My apartment complex here in Missouri closed their pool a week ago. Seems like it’d be cold as fuck.

    That said, I love water parks, casinos, fine dining, partying and watching shows. I could do all that on my own without Mushroomhead over the course of a weekend for just a few hundred bucks (assuming I don’t go nuts in the casino) and I’d have just as much fun if not more.

  • ExOblivione

    I hope the “rubbing elbows (amongst other things) with the band” doesn’t include mushroomheads.

  • veil your eyes

    i got 5 g’s on it!


      A fool and his money are soon parted.

  • Of_One

    There’s no way a “hardcore” Mushroomhead fan has that much money to blow.

    • PeAcE MiNuS 0Ne

      Living in Cleveland (Not from, but living) it is the sad truth. If anyone does have the money, it’s probably from selling drugs.

    • muGz

      Most accurate thing said in here…

    • MyDarkPassenger

      They dont even have that much money FOR blow.

      I probably could have worked that better but what’re ya gonna do?

  • coolguy2424

    I am not a meteorologist or anything, but isn’t it too cold in November for waterparks? WTF man…..

  • Lifeseclipse

    It sounds to me like they want to have a hotel party, enjoy 5-star dining, drink top shelf liquors, gamble, and hit one of the biggest and best waterparks in America!! They just need fans to pay for it. The only downside is they have to answer our stupid questions.

    • adamonfire

      Did you just admit to being a Mushroomhead fan?

      • Lifeseclipse

        Telling it from within the idea, don’t be stupid. I’d rather read Dave Draiman blogs than listen to these queefs.

  • Brell

    And what exactly do you get for $4,500, that you don’t get for $2,500?

    • ethos

      Significantly more humiliation.

    • Lifeseclipse

      I think that’s where “rubbing more than elbows” makes it’s entry when going over the itinerary.

  • southpawchew

    I am not going to lie, I saw um live once and it was a good time. The one cd was sorta cool. But I wouldn’t even want to bump into these guys at a 5 star restaurant much less take them there and pay! Maybe if this was pink Floyd, the band, or someone who is a legend I’d do this but not for these smucks!

  • schuler

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug.