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The Sword’s “Apocryphon” To Arrive On Cassette Tape

The Sword will be issuing a limited number of copies of their new album “Apocryphon” on cassette tape. According to the official press release:

“On October 22nd, The Sword will release their fourth studio album, Apocryphon (Razor & Tie). To celebrate, the band is partnering with independent record stores nationwide for a special promotion: when fans buy the new album Apocryphon (on CD or vinyl), they will receive a free, limited-edition, hand-numbered version of the new Sword album on cassette tape (while supplies last). This promotion is a partnership with Record Store Day’s ongoing collaboration with participating independent retailers. To find the nearest store, please visit: or”

Those curious to see what the release will look like can check it out below:

The Sword's Apocryphon On Cassette


  • icarus216

    Cassette=Metal. This is easily the most purely metal act in recent memory.

    • translation

      What? Tons of metal bands have been releasing cassettes recently.

      • icarus216

        Really? I didn’t think anyone was doing this anymore. Who has recently?

  • star_AD

    Dude no way. How appropriate of them. I WANTS! Although I’ll have no way to actually play it. Any of you PRPians have an old extra cassette Walkman lying around?

  • emvath

    That’s pretty cool. I still have an old car with a tape deck in it. Maybe I should pick this up! I use the cassette adapter to listen to cd’s when I drive it. Wayne’s world!

    • star_AD

      Do it!!!

  • scorpions

    This is actually fuckin sweet…