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  • cma3585

    $37 hat. AWESOME BRO.


      FREE HAT!

  • ExOblivione

    He only had 4 hats made?

    • cma3585

      lol, click on it and it says “only 5 available” and there’s ONLY 4 LEFT!!! Good stuff.

      • booze

        Frankie Palmeri bought the first one.

      • BloodyBoneKummer

        It wasn’t Frankie, I think it was that Allichs guy that posts on here..he loves some Frankie and Emmure

    • jayofdajungle

      Only two left now!! Better hop on it, at this rate they’ll be sold out by Halloween!

  • southpawchew

    I was going to buy something but I want something more flashy to REALLY let people know of how big of a racist biggot cold souled mass murder I am.

    • Pank On Da Inside

      All the good shit sold out! That’s why there’s only hats left. No one would open a store with only 5 of the same item, that’s cray cray ;)

  • dagger666

    I’m a poser – new era or bust

    • southpawchew

      thanks for supporting my local economy!

  • scorpions

    Its just a fucking hat? Or did my phone not load everything? Or is it just a fucking hat?! Holy shit. That just dawned on me…

    • star_AD

      I should not have read this while drinking my shake hahaha

  • ethos

    You have to wonder who actually bought one of those hats for 37 dollars. Its just a hat with a logo on it. If you bought all 4 of the remaining hats, you’d pay 148 dollars plus tax and still not have enough hats to cycle through a week.

    • ethos

      Hell, I just bought a beanie that was cooler than that at walmart for 2 bucks. 74 mediocre beanies or 4 shitty flatbrims? Fucking budgeting, how does that work?

      • monkeywithagun

        Man I got a Warped tour hat for free, and it’s better then that shit Fankie is trying to sell.

  • WorsnopLoverXEX

    He literally took 5 blank hats and had them embroidered at the kiosk at the mall for $5 a piece and sold them for $37. I hope he sells a “Drug Dealer Friend” hat.


    Frankie is a total douche.

  • veil your eyes

    this website is really starting to go down the shitter.

  • ethos

    Howdafuck are these collectibles? A short lived financial failure selling the most basic apparel possible for 8 times their likely worth?

  • coolguy2424

    ” According to Palmeri, all pieces are now limited edition collectibles. ” So certain that the Cold Soul ski-mask will fetch thousands on an Antiques Roadshow episode in the coming years, I purchased two of them just to be safe.

    • southpawchew

      wow ski-masks? now u can be the most fashionable rapist on the block!

    • southpawchew

      btw thats not directed at u just anyone who would actually buy them…

    • kturl69

      Thanks for the early Christmas present coolguy2424 but I think I’ll be returning it for a store credit. I’m waiting for the beer koozie’s to be re-stocked.

  • zomgpapi

    Cold Soul, a racist clothing line for bigots founded by Frankie Palmeri in the armpit of NYC is most known for what?

    ..What is “I suck dick” Alex…

    Alex Trebek: That is correct..

  • Dred Furst

    Everytime I see this fuckbag in the news it makes me want to kick him in the throat more and more.

  • lateraleye789

    At least he managed to keep the lettering to 1 font this time. Now if only he could figure out what “collectible” means.

  • stantheclam

    The only shirt I’d buy is one that said
    “I hope Frankie Palmeri dies soon”

    • Bulletshock

      Get 10 made up and I bet you’ll sell out quicker than Frankie’s merch.

      • stantheclam

        Well said my friend…well said. On frankies death I’d even write the eulogy and keep it Frankie style….lots of rambling and contraticting myself with every single point I made.

    • BlueBalls

      I don’t think I would wish death upon him, but I would definitely wear a shirt that said “I hope Frankie spends 20 years in a Czech prison,” or “I hope Frankie’s trailer burns down,” or better yet, “I wanna watch Frankie gets hepatitis by snorting a line of meth of a homeless man’s dick.

      • BlueBalls

        “I hope Frankie’s trailer burns down and the fire spreads so fast that he is unable to save his Transformers, his GHB or his nunchucks.”

  • The Shark™

    I take comfort in knowing that the rest of the dildos in Emmure would jump at the chance of signing on to become the next band behind R. Kelly, Michael Bolton or some shit like that.

    Then Frankie could release some new Cold Soul merch and solo material with catchy phrases on like, “I want to watch you suck R. Kelly’s dick”

    Welcome to the next phase in Frankie’s epic journey to fucking nowhere.