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The Acacia Strain Unveil “Death Is The Only Mortal” Cover Art & Track Listing

Both the track listing and cover art have been revealed for The Acacia Strain‘s forthcoming sixth studio album, “Death Is The Only Mortal“. You can find all the details below with the album on course for an October 09th release date through Rise Records.

01 – “Doomblade
02 – “Our Lady Of Perpetual Sorrow
03 – “Go To Sleep
04 – “Brain Death
05 – “The Mouth Of The River
06 – “Dust And The Helix
07 – “Victims Of The Cave
08 – “Time And Death And God
09 – “The Chambered Nautilus
10 – “House Of Abandon

The Acacia Strain - Death Is The Only Mortal


  • logos

    not bad….. interesting concept

  • sickboy_xl

    I like it too! They’re a real powerhouse live. Although, I have to admit, I find the “sound” of their albums a little over pro-tooled/produced; even though I own most of them. Can’t wait to hear it though, and look forward to the impending tour.

  • ottoriff

    Can’t wait to hear this. Love the album title and the artwork. And I don’t wear a flat brimmed hat.

    • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

      Is your avatar the last Uncanny X-Force series? Nice

  • schuler

    Heavy as fuck, mad as fuck. Sweet. Cover looks like it’s going with the same idea as the Wormwood art.

  • AtavisticGuilt

    I thought “Servant in the Place of Truth” was going to be on here? Oh well Ill just manually add it on in itunes. Bonus track. haha

  • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

    Oh look, it’s the first metal band with a skull on their cover.
    I wonder what the new As I Lay Dying artwork will look like.

    • logos

      I dig this album art, but to compare anything by Jacob Bannon to almost any other artist in the metal scene is to compare Led Zeppelin to AC/DC.

      • schuler


      • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

        I’m talking about how retarted & trite the skull image has become, being on every album cover, shirt, and tattoo.
        Put a fucking spork on your album cover if you can’t think of anything original.
        My comment has nothing to do with Bannon’s talents, pig dick.
        It’s like vampires or assassins with “one last job” in movies.
        Album title sucks, too.

      • logos

        haha, pig dick. Anyway, I think that skulls will always look sweet as long as talented artists still create them. With art, its just as much (or more) about quality than concept. You can’t say that the skull on An Ocean Between Us didn’t look fucking sweet…. it’s up there with Jane Doe, Axe to Fall, and No Heroes when it comes to Bannon’s best work IMO. That said, skulls are overused. Oh, and learn to spell retarded.

      • schuler


      • schuler

        No matter how “retarted” and trite the skull image has become, I will always support it, if for no other reason than the fact that I happen to have one underneath my face skin.

      • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

        Drat! A nice reminder of my Spelling Bee 2nd place medal.
        You must love images of testicles if for no other reason they’re secured behind your wee sack. (:

  • Unparalled Wrath

    The album art looks cool, but the title makes no sense. It is like saying “verb is the only adjective that the verb creates”.

    • WURST

      Yeah, it is a stupid album name. It’s like saying “Ejaculation Is The Only Erection”.

    • Vautour

      Get your grammar right.

    • schuler

      It’s like saying “pigdick is the only pigvagina.” Right? Right, guys?

  • xasafx

    death (noun) is the only mortal (adjective).

    get fucked

    • G Scotty

      in backing up xasafx, death is a noun, it is a thing. The verb associated with death is “die”. for example, you can’t death, but you can die.