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Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Confirms The Bands Free Agent Status, Talks Obama, Lasers & More

Megadeth frontman/guitarist Dave Mustaine has confirmed that the band have completed their contract with Roadrunner Records and are presently weighing their options. Speaking with, Mustaine stated:

“I’m excited about the music that we’re gonna be writing. We just changed agencies; we’re with the prestigious CAA agency in Beverly Hills. We’re gonna be going to sign a new contract for our recording career. Our contract with Roadrunner’s up.

We haven’t really notified anybody what our decision is; we’re still kind of deciding. But for the most part, we’re getting ready to record this next record and I’m sure it’s gonna be chock-full of all kinds of subject matter that our Class Of 2008 has given us.”

In the same interview, which can also be found below, Mustaine went off on various tangents regarding his political viewpoints. Including disputing U.S. President Barack Obama’s birthplace, the TSA and the Picosecond Programmable Laser and much more.



    One of the reasons why I’ve always like Mustaine. The dude has always been on top of what’s really going on and what the government has up their sleeve. The dude knows his shit and isn’t some loudmouth quack.

    • BlueBalls

      The tinfoil hat suits you well.

      • WURST

        That’s cool, dude. Just sit back and not question a thing, take everything fed to you at face value and continue to believe your government is acting in the common man’s best interest.

      • BlueBalls

        I question everything, which is why I don’t subscribe to ridiculous conspiracy theories. I realize that the government doesn’t always act in our best interest but that hardly means we’ll all soon be slaves of the New World Order either. All of this windbags bullshit can be debunked with just a bit of research.

      • WURST

        Just curious where you got that idea I, personally, subscribed to every bit of information Dave Mustaine or Alex Jones spews out of their mouths. Being in the military, you get a shitload of insight as to what the government is up to and their hidden agendas in foreign and domestic matters, more so than your average citizen. We can go back and forth all day but it’s all a matter of opinion and perspective.

      • BlueBalls

        Well you just praised Mustaine for always being on top of his shit and he just spewed a bunch of nonsense on Jones’ show…so.

      • WURST

        Nonsense to you, but then again that’s your opinion. There are a couple oddballs things he’s said but, again, they may not be far from the truth.

        Like I said, I’m not interested in going back and forth about our opinions and perspectives, it’s childish. The wall has been hit and will no go nowhere.

      • adamonfire

        When’s your episode of Doomsday Preppers airing?

      • WURST

        There is no fucking doomsday haha. Look, I will admit I have a lot of, what some people would call, wild opinions. But nothing as ridiculous as this doomsday horseshit or this Mayan crap.

      • BlueBalls

        It would be childish to go back on forth arguing opinions and perspectives. This isn’t about opinions and perspectives, it’s about facts.

        Obama is from Kenya. Obama is a member of the Chicago Mafia. Obama is just like Mao Tse-Tung. The TSA can arrest him as a terrorist if he shakes hands with his pyrotechnics guys. America has had our Bill of RIghts and Constitution taken away by the “global government.” Megadeth won’t be able to tour anymore because of Obama’s taxes. They’re trying to take his guns away and they’ll kill us if we don’t surrender our guns. Blah, blah, blah.

        They even claimed the Aurora shooting was staged to get enough votes to ratify the UN Arms Treaty for fucks sake (a treaty that would in no way restrict gun ownership in the US btw). No facts. No evidence. No sources. No research. Just a heaping helping of lies and fear-mongering.

      • WURST

        Your point?

      • BlueBalls

        My point is that Alex Jones is a fraud and Dave Mustaine is a real life version of Dale Gribble.

      • My Farts Linger

        “Doomsday” may very well happen. But, it won’t be due to some Mayan prophecy (this has been debunked over and over again) or the “wrath of god.” However, natural phenomena such as coronal mass ejection could very well lead to the earths demise. A massive solar flare could send us back 100 years in an instant.

        Make fun of preppers all you want (we are all preppers of some sort in our own way – see RETIREMENT), if the shit hits the fan you’d better hope you’ve got a prepper or two in your neighborhood!

      • WURST

        True, at some point the Earth will meet it’s demise but you can’t live in fear, it’s just pointless.

    • My Farts Linger bahahahahaha!!

      Nice news source, Mustaine!

      This dude is so fucking full of conspiracy theories it isn’t even funny. Not to mention that he believes in an invisible white man that lives in the sky and answers his “prayers.”

      Fucking homophobe. Eat shit and die.

  • AMeN

    Lets get some sharks with lasers on them, that way they bite and shoot people! By the way I am so sun burnt, had to share that with someone.

  • TheNewPlague

    Dave Mustaine is a fucking toolbag. “Signs in Kenya that say ‘birthplace of Obama’”. Dave…seriously? Snopes much? That shit is more fake than my wife’s last orgasm. Maybe Dave is just trying to get a desk job at Faux News.

  • Crowbar233

    Get a load of this guy.

  • Dixon Cider

    Too bad Megadeth has sucked since Countdown, or i might give two shits.

    • WURST

      I would say somewhere in between sucking and being decent. That last two albums weren’t too shabby.

  • coolguy2424

    Gingers have souls except for Dave Mustaine. No wonder Metallica kicked him out of the band.

  • Fred Fred Burger (Darkdevout)

    Dave did an interview a month ago apologizing for his weird accusations sounding like a humble guy and know I see this.. WTF!? I have feeling were all being punked.

  • Lifeseclipse

    I like the parts where he says, “Everyone wants to know what I think”, and “young fans look up to me as a big brother or father figure.” And especially where he responds to the internet badmouthing with, “People say I’m not very good at guitar, or they make fun of my name”.

    His kids posting comments on YouTube most likely.

  • Pank On Da Inside

    wuh do you mean I don’t support my child? I buy pampers an formula when I have to.

    • Fred Fred Burger (Darkdevout)

      haha nice.

  • llyod christmas

    It’s pretty obvious what Obama’s agenda is but by no means is Romney the answer…the lesser of two evils maybe. If you want the government making your life decisions and socialism vote for Obama. Vote for Romney if you want to help the rich protect their wallets and foreign interests. I hope to see the day Americans don’t just realize a two party system doesn’t work but actually do something about it….oh and finally legalize the reefer federally

    • My Farts Linger

      What do you even know about socialism? Besides of course that “Obama’s a socialist” and that “socialism is bad.”

      Also, marijuana will not be LEGALIZED. If anything, marijuana will be decriminalized.

      • llyod christmas

        Tell me what’s so hard to understand about socialism? Lets put a cap on your income so someone who doesn’t have the drive you do can live just as well. Forget about anyone trying to work hard to succeed in life. It may sound great on paper but it doesn’t work.

        You know why the economy went to shit and the housing market crashed? Giving bad loans out to ppl who couldn’t afford to live in the homes they got approved for. How did they get the loans? They got them because democrats thought everybody should be able to live the same. Now go try to get a construction loan today to build homes that would create jobs…you can’t cuz those same democrats have put in all kinds of regulations to prevent what they caused.

      • Metalinfect

        “Also, marijuana will not be LEGALIZED. If anything, marijuana will be decriminalized.”

        Thank you!!! Why the hell is it so hard for people to understand the difference between the two!

      • My Farts Linger

        I know exactly what lead to the market crash. Predatory lending and the deregulation of big banks. Deregulations that took place during a Republican candidacy so that the big boys on top could get even richer.

        Banks were making millions upon millions of dollars off of these predatory loans and then investing in this “fake” money to boot.

        The democratic ideology that “everyone should live the same” had nothing to do with this.

        Where the fuck do you get your news?

      • adamonfire

        Are you upset that Obama wants to take an extra cut on your >$250,000 income? Saying that there is a cap in earning in our market is just about as stupid of a political/economic comment you can make. If you actually knew what socialism was, you’d know that janitors would make in the same ballpark as heart surgeons and engineers.

      • BlueBalls

        Socialism isn’t a dirty word. Many industries should be socialized. The postal service, the military, public lands, infrastructure, police, fire, medical, schools, etc. The key is finding a proper balance between the public and private sectors. No democrat, not even that Kenyan Commie Obama, feels that we should abandon capitalism for a purely socialistic system. There are things we as a society require for our general welfare that the free market fails to adequately provide. That’s it.

        And Farts is 100% correct about the housing crisis. The right loves to blame the left and Fannie and Freddie but in reality, 85% of the subprime mortgages signed during the bubble were underwritten by the major banks. Predatory lending and bubbles are exactly what occurs when a market is not properly regulated and the efficient market hypothesis is applied to assets rather than goods.

        Don’t tell a republican this stuff though. They flip out when the word socialism is used in a positive sense or when any flaw is pointed out in the almighty free market.

      • My Farts Linger

        Well said, Balls.

    • WURST

      There will never be anything other than a two-party system. Honestly, at this point it doesnt matter who you vote for or who is running this country. Corruption is upon us and in full throttle, nothing you can do about it at this point.

      • llyod christmas

        Exactly, and nobody especially the younger generation even care as long as they have their reality tv and pop radio

      • My Farts Linger

        It’s because America is still a bunch of Jesus Freaks looking for a “messiah” to come into the White House and fix everything.


        Lloyd, I agree with you. All the younger generations care about is instant gratification. Not to mention the fact that the majority of Americans would rather watch something like The Bachelorette than Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman. No one thirsts for knowledge anymore.

        You guys should check out Neil deGrasse Tyson’s video mini-series entitled “We Stopped Dreaming.”

        The inherent American idea that “we are better than everyone else no matter what” and that “because we are American, this country is going to fix itself” is exactly what is going to fuck us.

      • llyod christmas

        And I agree with everything you just said Farts. I feel for the younger kids cuz it’s a rough out in the real world to make it but they also got to care more about what’s going on in the world as a whole. Really seems like a large percent think they’ll invent the next facebook or become the next Kardashian. We idolize people who accomplish nothing now.

        American and the world need to wake up and realize religion is a sham and only causes problems. There is no God and if there was he sure wouldn’t come to save us after what we’ve become.

        I don’t side with either party and I never said Capitalism was great. Should have never been unregulated. Both the left and the right are to blame for the mess we are in and so are we for letting it get this out of control. It’s unfortunate because I really believe it’s too late in the game to change it.

  • goop

    If your going to run the political opinions of musicians during election season, you may want a bigger server wook.

    • adamonfire

      These posts = hits = monies for wook, that greedy capitalist pig.

  • Fred Fred Burger (Darkdevout)

    Randy Blythe for Prez!

  • Fred Fred Burger (Darkdevout)

    ahh the PRP where people use “Metal news” as an excuse to talk about politics and the meaning of life.

    • My Farts Linger

      You’ll understand someday when you’re a big boy.

      • wearesorta138

        The meaning of life is 42 and politics is about who yells the loudest on the moral majority bandwagon. Done. So, new deftones…stoked for that shit.

      • Fred Fred Burger (Darkdevout)

        “politics is about who yells the loudest…” So Randy wins?

      • Fred Fred Burger (Darkdevout)

        and I’m seeing Deftones and SOAD in 2 days at the Verizon Center which is probably the biggest venue SOAD and Deftones ever played on a solo tour excluding festivals.

      • jayofdajungle

        System played the Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, in 2006. It’s where the Sixers and Flyers play, so we’re talking 20,000 people. It’s the same place Pearl Jam, Coldplay and fucking Billy Joel play when they are in town. I think you’re underestimating how big they are. Just saw that show the other night. Deftones played for like 45 minutes which kind of sucked. System killed it, played like 24 songs. A word of advice Deftones and SOAD are the only two bands playing, the ticket said 8:00 pm and the Deftones were pretty much on stage at 8-8:15, so unless you don’t care much for the Deftones keep the tailgating to a minimum and get inside.


    My Farts Linger….I am a fan. I not only agree with everything youve said on the above commentary, but your name and avatar are amusing too…well done sir. As far as Mustaine in concerned…he is a born-again fundamentalist crack-pot….bring back Friedman and Menza goddamnit.

  • verticalmargin

    Years ago I said Dave Mustaine should have ran for president. If that could have ever been possible, we’d be in a much better place now.

    • WURST

      We’d all have orange hair.

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