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Crazy Town’s Shifty Shellshock Sentenced On Battery And Drug Possession Charges

Crazy Town train wreck Seth “Shifty Shellshock” Binzer has been sentenced in relation to his violent incident with his then girlfriend this past February. Not only was Binzer arrested and charged for battery in the domestic disturbance; he was also found to be in possession of rock cocaine during the altercation.

Binzer has now had his day in court and pled no contest to the drug possession and battery charges. According to, he has been sentenced to three years drug probation; along with being barred from having contact with his ex for three years. He has also been ordered to attend 52 weeks of domestic violence counselling.


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    • mertdiggie     August 1, 2012 at 8:15 pm

      really?????this dudes only band claim to fame was ripping off the instrimental from the all mighty red hot chili peppers’ mothers milk album. besides that, hes been on every exploitive half celebrity drug rehab type thing. if he was in massachusetts and did what he did alone on tv, he would be locked up for at least 5 years. the ‘celebrity jail system they call california is fucking ludicris( im sure thats the wrong spelling but either way).why is he even news?again they havent even put out one fucking song in over ten years.unbelievable

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