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Baroness Focus On Their Road Crew In Latest European Tour Video

Baroness shine the spotlight on their sound engineer “Loopy” in the latest video update to be posted from their European tour. You can watch that below:



    I gotta plead ignorance on this band; I’ve heard a lot about them but have no idea what they sound like.

    Since I’m too lazy to research it myself and I trust my fellow PRPians, could someone tell me exactly what kind of band Baroness is, what bands they are comparable to, which album to start on, etc. etc?

    • karlgrz

      I described them to my girlfriend as “kinda like Mastodon with more clean vocals”. Not exact, but pretty close I think.

      I really, really like their new double disc “Yellow & Green”. Not a bad place to start. Their last one, The Blue Record, is excellent as well.