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Limp Bizkit’s Wes Borland On DJ Lethal: “We Started Without Him And We’ll End Without Him”

It doesn’t look like Limp Bizkit will be welcoming back ousted bandmate DJ Lethal anytime soon. Band guitarist Wes Borland recently had a discussion with a Twitter user regarding Lethal and this petition to have him reinstated in the band.

Borland had some rather pointed words for the fan, including:

“Sorry. No. Not going to happen. Thanks for your support, but that’s a wrap. We started without him and we’ll end without him.”

When the fan alleged that Bizkit should give Lethal a second chance, Borland responded:

“Dude. Just fucking be glad the four of us are together and don’t trouble yourself with the inner workings of the band.”

The fan went onto allege that Borland himself wasn’t a founding member of the band—presumably to counter Borland‘s “we started the band without him…” comment. Things got a bit muddled after that, but the conversation eventually ended with Borland stating:

“We’ve given Lee 1000 chances. Stop. Just stop. You don’t have a clue about anything. Please just stop. Because I am right now.”

He then finished:

“as I said. I’m done. My last reply to this topic. Lethal is out.”


  • Tom

    give wes something to break

    • Indie

      Limp Bizkit is a Rocket with no fuel without Lethal. pack it in guys. your done like dinner..

  • chtimixeur

    And yet in 2005, he said to John Otto he didn’t want to see him ever again because he made him feel sick (it’s in the trailer of the “Poop” documentary the band has been promising to release for ages).

    Limp Bizkit is NOT Limp Bizkit without all of its 5 members. Period.

    • Ed Raket

      No, yes, no, yes, no, yes.. I can’t decide how to reply.

    • Fred Fred Burger (Darkdevout)

      That pretty much applies to any band unless your a solo project.

    • jayofdajungle

      Yeah because a DJ, in Limp Bizkit, is irreplaceable. With that logic the Deftones aren’t the Deftones, Tool isn’t Tool, etc. Basically any band you name has went through line-up changes, and continued to be “themselves”, with a few exceptions. Limp Bizkit lost someone that goes “wika wika”, something tells me they’ll be fine, at least as fine as Limp Bizkit can be.

      • TheMediaProphet

        Hmm… I’ve never seen that spelled out. Would not have know how to. wika wika. Works for me.

    • G Scotty

      Agreeing with Jay here, are you trying to state that if a member leaves a band the band must either change their name at that point or not be that band because it doesn’t contain all the original members? Most bands get started with people that can’t do it full time and as a band grows they get replaced with people that can do it full time. My own band has gone through several line up changes. Shit Metallica isn’t Metallica without Ron McGovney on bass than in that logic. I suggest you rethink your logic on this one, maybe you are just some LB/Lethal fan boy that wants the whole to be one again, which is fine…but they can still be LB without him…oh my god PRP, i have officially sunk to commenting on an LB thread, DAMN YOU!!!!

      • chtimixeur

        All I meant is the five of them have a unique chemistry. Results May Vary sucked because Wes wasn’t there. TUTP2 didn’t sound like LB because Otto wasn’t there. And from what I’ve heard on live videos, Limp Bizkit doesn’t sound as good as they usually do without Lethal. He had a huge input in their earlier albums, and even though he’s “just a DJ”, he’s not easy to replace.

        Limp Bizkit is turning into the Fred & Wes project, and even though I really anticipated everyone of their releases up until Gold Cobra, I can’t say I care much about his band since they fired Lethal. It was just poorly handled, and with these recent tweets, Wes shows us he’s still as much as a dick as he was in 2005 when he talked shit about Otto.


    “Just fucking be glad the four of us are together…”

    Hahaha wow, as if they’re giving us the ultimate reward in life by reuniting. Get over yourself, dude. The band sucks and stop making it out to be like this is as big as the original Guns N’ Roses reuniting. If you guys were still any good you wouldnt have had to sign to Cash Money, a rap label.

    • dmoe

      haha yeah that was a good laugh.

    • Lern2Swim

      Considering the context of the conversation, I think you’ve got your head up your ass if that’s how you took the comment. Or, you know, you can continue to misconstrue whatever you want so that your reality falls in line with whatever bullshit your weak mind needs to get by.

      • WURST

        You must feel like a man for getting that off your chest. Congrats.

  • mad_hiddy

    the fact that people still like or even listen to Limp Bizkit still is one of the most insulting and pathetic things I could ever fathom. I despise Fred Durst, and I’m now officially convinced that Wes Borland is nothing but a money grubbing cum guzzler. I’m done. Done dude. Done.