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Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe Makes Bail, More Footage Of Alleged Incident Emerges

Lamb Of God‘s Randy Blythe has managed to make bail in Prague, CZE. Blythe has been in police custody since last Wednesday, July 27th. He was detained on arrival to the Czech Republic last week on suspicion of manslaughter in regards to the death of a 19 year old stagediving fan at a 2010 concert in Prague.

According to, Blythe paid $200,000 U.S. to make bail this morning, July 03rd. Due to certain legalities, including holidays and a pending court decision on whether or not to approve of his bail, he may remain in custody for up to another 20 days.

Meanwhile, according to the aforementioned article, the family of the deceased—who was identified as 19 year old Daniel N.—have apparently been expressing their concerns that Blythe may flee the country and never return if released. The family members involved appear to have expressed disgust that Blythe may be released on bail and are seeking “justice”.

Furthermore, additional footage of the alleged three interactions the deceased concertgoer had on the stage at the concert can be seen below. According to Lamb Of God‘s Twitter, it would appear that the third fall of the fan in the below video clip is the incident in question.


  • PeAcE MiNuS 0Ne

    There’s no need to argue. Parents just don’t understand.

  • The Shark™

    Blythe has one hand on him, the other is visibly holding the microphone. Now if he had the strength that the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man did… But from what I can tell, the Security Guard Had he “thrown” Daniel off of the stage and the he was reluctant to go, there’d have been visible resistance.

    On top of all of that, watch part 3 of this video. Some kook standing at the foot of the stage threw the kid down. Not too sure if that’s Daniel or not, but that kid was visibly not getting up. He was rolling around on the ground looking like he was pretty dazed.

    If that was Daniel… #FreeRandyBlythe

  • southpawchew

    if number 3 is the one in question then i question why they question randy

    • stuckpig

      Yea this is the biggest pile of horse shit I’ve ever seen. Can it get any more ridiculous? Randy had nothing to do with that 3rd part of this video, ha. What a fucked up country they are.

      • Moxy? Oh, Brian

        that’s a good idea. blame an entire country for legal action involving a rock star. we never railroad ANYBODY here.

      • WURST

        like you never once said fuck Afghanistan for the 9/11 attacks.

      • Moxy? Oh, Brian

        a.) way to equate a rock star having legal troubles to an international terrorist attack.

        b.) no. i have perspective, and i don’t jump to ‘fuck a country’ because of something a small group of people do…must be a white guy thing?

    • wearesorta138

      Not trained in anything remotely close to international law but, yeah, after seeing this video, does look like the Randy wasn’t apart of it. That last flip looked like a header. Sucks the dude died. Bad shit all around.

  • lurkcity

    see who gives a fuck

  • SFilthy

    Let’s just all wait for Wurst to give us his expert opinion since he knows everything about everything.

    • WURST

      At least you recognize.

  • southpawchew

    u know there is a huge gap of info between bands security and fans example, at the etid xmas shows its a given that people stage dive and crowd serf this last one the security was going nuts and i seen a s.g. grab someone by the neck slam them down on to the metal on the floor and continue choking him because he was crowd surfing too much if ur a band who allows it try to make sure the venue knows its gonna happen if ur not for it let ur fans know be like tool (i think they stopped shows for mosh pits) but lets keep the lines of communications open and keep these shows safe R.I.P. metal dude trying to enjoy a metal show oh yeah i also seen a s.g. kick a nacked streaker in the back into the front rail at a clutch show because he didnt want to touch him and if the kid snapped his neck the dude coulda been in hella trouble do ur job the right way!

    • nymets71087

      punc·tu·a·tion (noun)

      the practice or system of using certain conventional marks or characters in writing or printing in order to separate elements and make the meaning clear, as in ending a sentence or separating clauses.

    • pathos


    • WURST

      holy shit that one looong run-on sentence.

      • Justanotherpassenger

        Really short run-on sentences should be no less embarrassing.

    • southpawchew

      It’s the prp I don’t exactly care about spelling or adding all the correct grammatical pieces. I don’t think my English teachers going to revoke my A because of these posts

      • WURST

        An “A” in Michigan schools is apparently a “D” everywhere else.

      • scorpions

        I like checking out almost everyone’s comments on the site, dude. Yours are just a fucking headache to read…

      • WURST

        Mission accomplished.

      • adamonfire

        He’s from Buffalo. “F” in geography.

      • WURST

        Oh yeah, wrong dude. You’re the one from Michigan, right?

      • scorpions

        My last comment was directed @southpaw. Your rant up there is difficult to read, doggie

      • DRobishow


      • WURST


      • Vautour

        If you don’t care anyways, why post anything at all?

  • HornsandClaws

    Is Czech Republic broke? They need to pick on our innocent metal dudes?

  • booze

    I sure am glad I czeched this footage out.

  • mertdiggie

    ive said some shit on here already b ut after even reviewing this new footage. its ridiculous, for one, u can clearly see the kid fell through the crowd the first time and on the second time, the guy in the hat basically threw the kid into the crowd(randy blythe only had his hand on the kids back, u can tell he didnt even push ) and thirdly is the most damaging part, it shows the kid is already fucked up period, wether it was booze or drugs or his repeated dives into the crowd, who knows but u can tell he was rocked in some way. more so, why didnt these accusations against blythe come right after the dude had been hospitalzed or died, im sure there is more people out there with footage of the whole show, which leads me to think that the government there is trying to make an example of something but even with them doing that, this is a pretty hefty charge.and lastly, i really dont understand the parents of the dude that died, i know it is horrible what happened and i dont even wanna say the guy took his changes strage diving cus thats really insensitive but for his family to really “now push the envelope and say something years later is just bullshit.ive been around the massachusetts hardcore scene for 17 years now and ive seen people hurt bad, including myself(broke my wrist and popped my knee cap , tearing my ACL AND MY MCL, during a shadows fall video shoot at the fat cat in downtown springfield, mass. but i knew what i was getting into, we all take chances but it should never be blamed on any band unless they actually tell a crowd to really fuck someone up. i know this was a long rant but ive been around for a long time and seen a hell of a lot of shit. either way im sure eventually randy will be fine and even get the 200 grand they just basically stole from him for fucking bail money.
    still hardcore,
    bryan martell

    • WURST

      Daaaaaaad! Get off thePRP!

    • mirrorBaLLin

      NE.HC < Scrotum sweat

      • WURST

        This clown never comments but when he does its some stupid shit.

  • hereticjayad

    I’m just waiting for them to reschedule the tour, so I can actually see Gojira and Dethklok. I’m cool with Gojira taking over as a co-headliner.
    Hang out for a couple weeks in Prague, Randy, its ok.

  • highonfire20

    Situation Sux in general….