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Sunflower Dead (Ex-Droid, In This Moment, Etc.) To Release Debut Album In August

Alumni of Droid, Buckethead, In This Moment and more have united in Sunflower Dead. The group are set to release their self-titled full-length debut on August 21st through Bloody Bat Records LLC. The effort was tracked with former Fear Factory bassist Christian Olde Wolbers at the helm with co-production and mixing handled by Jeremy Blair (Guns N’ Roses).

A music video for the bands track “Make Me Drown” is in the works, while you can check out the song itself on the bands Reverbnation profile. Additionally, an EPK for the group can be found below, while their lineup consists of:

Vocals – Michael Del Pizzo
Guitars – Jamie Teissere (ex-Droid)
Guitars – Jaboo (ex-Two Hit Creeper)
Bass – Luis Gascon (Buckethead touring member)
Drums – Jimmy Shultz (ex-In This Moment touring member)


  • Stenny

    Bad, David Silveria’s new band bad. These vocal melodies couldn’t inspire the 11 year old boy who rocks out to Shinedown and Nickleback.

    Howie Mandel > David Draimen > this guy…..

  • ilistentorealmetal

    this shit is fucking dumb. just what we need, another shitty ass band

    • kjbox76

      I love how your profile indicates ‘ilistentorealmetal’ as if you need to qualify your expertise…

  • Fred Burst

    How does shit like this even still exist? I remember back in Ozzfest days, Bands like this were a dime a dozen. Here one summer, Gone the next. Gimmick Rock.

  • nothingness.

    I like pie a lot, but I do not like this band at all.

  • Curtis E Flush

    Going after the one accordion-playing, The Police/nu-metal fan out there?

  • Rev.J_Blumpkin

    suckdom> exhibit A: draiman-envy.

  • doomrider13

    Hey guy, I really like your spike jacket. It’s so stupid it almost takes my mind off of how terrible this song is.

  • skyburial

    So Disturbed wears corpse paint now?

  • lame

    thank god there are bands out that can still sing.

  • boots

    I don’t get the references to Disturbed, because he has a shaved head? I like these guys, they have a cool sound, and he can actually sing. I also love when a band puts thought into their look, it makes for a more interesting live show and videos.

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