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Glenn Danzig Attempts To Confront Photographer At “Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival”

Glenn Danzig interrupted his Danzig Legacy set at this weekends “Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival” to confront a photographer violating the the no filming, etc. rules. You can find footage of his attempted confrontation below, while the photographers publication,, provided the following:

“As a personal rule, I tend to speak unfavorably about Bonnaroo bands who don’t allow media into the press pit. After all, it is the press pit. But hey, sometimes, for whatever reason, your services are not needed. For Danzig Legacy, we let that slide, considering they at least let us in the sweet spot. The muscle-bound godfather of horror-core strictly forbade celluloid of any sort. No photo, no video, and some would-be photogs seen snapping a shot were sometimes squirted with water guns by security.

In fact, Glenn himself took issue with one photog in particular. The shutterbug in question our own Michael W. Bunch, who was photographing some people in the crowd dancing. Mid-song, Danzig ran to the side the of the stage pointing and screaming before approaching security and then proceeded to run all the way past the side stage, almost into the crowd to “walk among us.” As you can see from the exclusive footage above, security soon slowed his roll, and Danzig returned to stage after a matter of minutes. (More on the performance in Lance’s post.) Bunch told us that he was certain “Danzig was going to kick [his] ass.” Awesome.”


  • Donnie Narco

    …ok…. what am i missing here? who’s filming the first video? Danny Marianino?

  • nothingness.

    Danzig is comedy gold! (And a twat).

    • BlueBalls

      Twat was also the first word that came to mind when I watched this. Then I realized that the blogger kept referring to photographers as “photogs,” and now I’m not sure who the bigger twat is.

  • ocillotist

    oh Glenn… you silly, silly goose – glad to hear Bunch was unharmed, I am sure he had quite the scare! I wish ‘Ole Zig would react in that fashion when he spots a Misfits t-shirt on a common poser…

    • WURST

      A “common poser”? I wasn’t aware there was a rule in which you had to look like a walking piece of shit to sport a Misfits shirt.

      • ocillotist

        good one…

  • veil your eyes

    what a fag

  • skizem

    Glad to see Danzig keeping his Amish roots strong….

  • wearesorta138

    God-damn it Danzig. Seriously?


    Musically, I’ll always be a HUGE fan of Danzig. But as far as Glenn himself, he’s nothing more than an old, bitter-towards-everything has-been. Why anyone is intimidated by that fuck is beyond me. Shouting and being loud isn’t threatening, sir, your jiggly, fat arms are.

  • the HAVEN conspiracy

    I see everyone around filming and photographing, even flashes… am i missing something?

  • southpawchew

    i would not be suprised if glen pulls a chris benoit at some point….

    • adamonfire

      Benoit was actually on his way up when he Benoit’d his family.

      • WURST


      • jayofdajungle


  • coryfish

    Shout out to John Judkins from Rwake for the second video showing even more footage of our fearless hero being a total douche bucket.

  • jampola

    How does some dude taking a photo from 50+ ft away constitute fucking shit up? Dudes got more roid rage than Greg Puciato!

  • Pank On Da Inside

    Where’s Madea when you need her? I wish a nigga would act up when Madea around!

    • DRobishow

      Alright, who brought this guy? The invitations clearly said “Invite Only”, yes?
      Geez, guys. Geez. Frig.

      • redvinesrule

        I thought the same thing

    • WURST

      Park, get your homie Carter to whoop his ass with that hot ass mac and cheese.

  • Fred Burst

    I respect this dudes past, Er a, “Legacy” as he likes to put it, But between getting knocked out by that wet noodle of a punch a few years ago, The whole French Onion Soup incident and now this, I think we can all agree, Danzig is a little bitch…Or at the very least, A crotchety old man.

    Pack it in, Gramps.

    • WURST

      He’s packing it in, trust me. That belt and those spanx are working overtime for that him.

      • Fred Burst

        Lol. YOU RIGHT! YOU RIGHT!

      • WURST

        “that him”? nice predictive text.

  • whatisyourforte

    Is it just me or does Glenn look like an overweight lesbian these days? He would be more at home at Lilith Fair ’12 than Bonnaroo.

    • WURST

      Take him and show him the ropes, bro. Maybe he can buy the extra ticket you have since your boyfriend dumped you.

      • whatisyourforte

        you killed it. again.

  • jayofdajungle

    I was never really into the Misfits, Samhain, or Danzig’s solo stuff (though I did love Mother, who didn’t right?) but could understand and respect his contributions and influence to bands that I like, but this dude is a joke.

  • kingeryck

    Ironic that it was caught on film and he didn’t notice.

  • dmoe

    Dude better chill out before he gets chin-checked again.

  • TheMediaProphet

    Is this guy ever going to grow the fuck up? The only headlines involving him are about his acting like Naomi Campbell. It’s 2012, it’s Bonaroo, who gives a shit if someone was taking pictures. Dude should be glad someone still gives a shit enough to waste of few MB of memory card space on his prima donna ass.

  • roadhouse54

    So glad I chose Mogwai over the Danzig set, what a turd.

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