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Petition Launched To Exonerate Animals As Leaders Guitarist In Boston, MA Police Fracas

A petition has been launched to the governor of Massachusetts in a big to exonerate Animals As Leaders guitarist Javier Reyes in his recent altercation with the Boston, MA Police Department. The petition can be found at and as of the time of this posting already had an impressive 18,921 signatures.


  • adamonfire

    How do a bunch of random people on the Internet exonerate someone from an event they were obviously not present at? This is just stupid. Saw them live last night, cool for about 10 minutes then it gets old real quick. Made me realize even more how important a good vocalist is to a group.

    • wyldweasil

      Wow you are such an open minded person!

      • adamonfire

        No need to go into such detail, you should just sum-up your position in the future.

    • lateraleye789

      I agree, 18,000 random jackoffs who weren’t there and don’t know what happened should find a better cause to get behind. This petition is going to do absolutely nothing, the governor is not going to exonerate someone just because a bunch of people electronically signed something.

  • TheMediaProphet

    I don’t pretend that police brutality doesn’t exist, nor that some cops can’t be complete tools, but the “report” that this person posted sounds like over indulged bullshit. They were walking by and the cop just decided to turn around and shove Javier for no reason at all? Just because he felt like being a dick? Then the part abou their friend having an epileptic seizure because she was stressed about what was going on? I’m not an epilepsy expert, but this seems a little far fetched. I’m not saying some over reaction or abuse of power didn’t happen, but this write up seems EXTREMELY one sided and exaggerated, making me not believe that Javier was completely innocent in this situation.