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Guns N’ Roses Reportedly Ban Slash Shirts At UK Tour Stops

NME have an interesting story regarding Guns N’ Roses‘ current UK Tour. Apparently the Guns N’ Roses camp have instructed security on the trek to refuse entry to anyone wearing merchandise by former band guitarist Slash. The publication have some quotes from both security and summarily disrobed concertgoers from last nights (May 31st) show in London, England.


  • cma3585

    Stay classy, Axl.

  • MyDarkPassenger

    Thats a very rare example of pettiness at an absolutely. psychotic and narcissistic level. Hard to believe this actually went from Axl’s damaged brain to an enforced policy. Think of the chain of yes men this has to travel. Jesus.


    I’m pretty sure this sort of thing has been going on for a few years now.

  • Darkdevout

    Let the guy do what ever he wants, he’s just a spoiled brat who just wants everything his way. It’s his problem that he’ll go in the books as the most hated person in Rock n’ Roll.

    • SiX50SiD

      ^ this…very spoiled

  • star_AD

    Axl, please just go home and pass away

  • ocillotist

    actually his policy is not too bad, I actually require one to wear a Buckethead t-shirt in order to use my bathroom facilities… its been going quite smooth with little to no complaints…

  • ballsofmetal

    Guns N Roses? They mean Axl Rose cause I really doubt Bumblefoot sat there and said: “yeah, fuck that guy. we should have to sell his shit cause he ain’t in GnR anymore”.

  • ballsofmetal

    sorry *shouldn’t have to sell lol

  • aenima3473

    Petty bullshit.
    Just another reason i could care less about the new guns n roses

  • adamonfire

    “You know what’ll show Slash? When people come to my show wearing one of his we’re going to make them throw the shirts away, meaning they’ll just have to go home and buy brand new Slash shirts!”

    Sucks if it’s a tour shirt, though.

  • b_kh405

    That situation has to be pretty bad if you’d rather see a shirtless 40 year old Slash fan instead of an image of Slash on a shirt.

  • jayofdajungle

    still one of the greatest frontmen who ever lived

    • WURST



      For a very, very brief window in time. Sadly, that was 20 years ago.

  • TheMediaProphet

    I hope this policy was disclosed at the time of ticket purchase. Otherwise, I’d be pretty pissed about it.