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Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe Explains Why He Quit Twitter

Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe has further elaborated on why he deactivated his Twitter account. Video footage of him explaining his decision during a recent press conference in India can be viewed below:


  • damn (your mom’s balls)

    He failed to mention that he was making a jackass out of himself and giving his band a terrible name. I think LOG should write a follow up to their track, “In Defense of our Good Name” and title it something like, “In Defense of Randy’s Idiotic Twitter Rants”… it could be all instrumental.

    • damn (your mom’s balls)

      As the Palaces Burn really is a fuckin bad ass album though.

      • damn (your mom’s balls)

        The production is on par with St. Anger though. They desperately need to remaster that shit.

      • Brell

        @damn (your mom’s balls): Are you sure you aren’t referring to “New American Gospel”? You couldn’t hear anything but the kick drum on that album.

        IMO, “As The Palaces Burn” is their best sounding album. Much better than “NAG”, and the production on “Ashes” was too sterile for my tastes.

      • Farts

        Ashes of the Wake is my fav.

        Damn, how is it that you find a way to mention Metallica in the majority of your posts, yet you supposedly “hate” them so much? Fucking annoying.

      • sickboy_xl

        Devin Townsend produced it…WTF! Sounds awesome.

      • damn (your mom’s balls)

        Hey Farts,

        Metallica held a very special place in my heart for many years. They were the first band I ever saw live, and without them I would have never listened to metal at all. I’ve explained why I think they’re shit now, and frankly I don’t need to go into it again. If you think Metallica are a legitimate force in the metal community after all the bullshit they’ve slung, I can’t help you.

        Secondly, the most talked about issue on theprp as of late is shitty Limp Bizkit and how much everybody loves to hates them. They’re terrible musicians, performers, people etc…… well Metallica fucking brought LB out on tour with them right around the time they pulled that napster shit, and released the worst albums of their career. I’m getting too into this…. I’m done.

      • damn (your mom’s balls)

        And about Palaces’ production… I don’t know what to say. I love D Townsend, but never really liked the sound of the record. Something weird about the way it sounds to me. I’m with Farts, I remember when Ashes of the Wake came out and listening to it multiple times in a row. Love the way that one sounds.

  • Darkdevout

    I don’t get whats the big deal, we all have opinions that seem retarded to other people and this is a free country it’s wook who keeps on making news reports on it. People who actually use twitter know not to take his rants to seriously.

    • adamonfire

      The difference is we don’t broadcast the stupid ideas that come across our minds on a daily basis like David Randall Blythe did – and on a more frequent basis.

    • BlueBalls

      All opinions are not equal.

      Anyways, I think most of his rants contained genuine emotion. Now that he has taken a step back and realized how irrational most of it was, he wants to convince people he was just fucking around.


      This isn’t a free country; this is the internet.

    • Moxy? Oh, Brian

      guy strikes me as another jackass who thinks because people wanna hear him scream they likewise wanna hear him Talk. simply isn’t the case. dude wants to be Phil Anselmo so bad he’s gunning to ruin his band.

  • kturl69

    Whatever happened to Randall’s presidential campaign? He still into that whole thing?

    • DRobishow

      *deep breath* Whoooooooooo gives a shit?!

  • sickboy_xl – Metal, Hardcore and Rock
    not… – Gossip, Twittering and Limp Bizkit Breaking News

    Keep this in mind too: Randy is a self-admitted alcoholic and has been sober from drugs and alcohol for less than a year. C’mon!…that’s gotta have some effect on your mood and ability to keep your thoughts clear and rational at all times, I’m sure.

    • mad_hiddy

      the stuff you mention at the beginning about theprp…that’s not just this site, that’s just what METAL has come to. A bunch of sissies crying about not making enough money, and bitching about shit nobody cares about.

      • sickboy_xl

        No…actually it’s what loads at the the top of my explorer page, everytime it loads.

  • Lifeseclipse

    Ya know wudda mean?

  • Fred Burst

    Good. His Twitter was single handedly making me not like his band.

    Part of me thinks he’ll be back just because he’s such an attention-monger.

    • EyeOfEveryScorn

      I literally hate this band now because of that rant he went on. I can’t listen to anything after “As the Palace Burns”.

      I give them much credit for coming out of the post nu-metal funk era and injecting some balls back into festivals and what not but there shit is weak now. AND then I read that rant by him and I’m just like fuck this prima donna.

      He can have his stupid ass confederate tour for all I care.

      You’re right about the attention mongering. It’s somehow making me post for way to long :P

      • kturl69

        So u dislike LOG’s music now because of comments on twitter? Makes a lot of sense…moron.

      • WURST

        Oh, you only like their early material? You must keep it real.

      • WURST

        As The PalaceS Burn, you dope.

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