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Primal Rock Rebellion Premiere “No Friendly Neighbour” Music Video

Primal Rock Rebellion (Iron Maiden, SikTh) have premiered their “No Friendly Neighbour” music video below:


  • SilentTherapy

    I think they missed the nu-metal wave

  • coolguy2424

    Before I played the vid, I thought that James ‘Munky’ Shaffer was in the band.

  • goop

    I like the guitar riff and the video looks like it was edited by a child but I laughed out loud of the woman shooting sparks from her crotch at about 3:30. That’s good stuff.

  • goop

    I mean 3:19.

  • wyldweasil


  • DRobishow

    I refuse to watch/listen to this based on the still frame. I believe that it sucks. I am judging the book by its proverbial cover.

    That’s my self-righteous, judgmental moment of the week.