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letlive. Frontman Wears Trash Can Onstage, Footage Available

A video of a characteristically chaotic letlive. show featuring a trash can has been circulating online this month. You can watch that below:


  • jampola

    Fuck yes. ll really take it up a notch. Fuckin’ hurry up and release a new album already!

  • adamonfire

    This guys are fucking incredible. I just want them to play in my backyard every evening.

    • WURST

      Fuck yeah, man!


    Jason Butler is one crazy dude on stage. I love this fucking band.

  • allichs

    the fatfuck on the left ruins the video

    • jampola

      His name was Robert Paulson.

  • BloodyBoneKummer

    When did this band become so trashy? Hey-O!

  • Bitter Old Man

    You’re not cool unless you wear tight shorts and can sing with a trash can on your head (and pee your pants).

    • WURST

      If wearing a trash can is cool, consider me Jason Butler.

  • kturl69

    How do these faggots keep getting into locked high school auditoriums? Someone needs to get that chick in front a miracle suit.

  • adamonfire

    So Dustin Kensrue goes to letlive. shows on his time off?


  • Brian McKnight

    Post-Tashcore at it’s finest.

  • Brian McKnight

    Post-Trashcore at it’s finest.