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Trivium’s Matt Heafy Streaming New Music

Trivium frontman/guitarist Matt Heafy has released a new piece of music he’s been working on titled “Future Blues” below. The song was posted on his own personal Kiichi Chaos website.


  • nickmongonijr

    Wow. That was… abstract.

  • RhiNo

    What a pile of shit… That is what I do when trying out a new pedal (in-between turning knobs and what not) and he calls it a piece?!

  • cma3585

    Love Trivium and Heafy’s work…but yeah, this is odd and worthless to say the least.

    • Farts

      Trivium is odd and worthless. Well, not necessarily odd, but definitely worthless.

  • Darkdevout

    Trivium was worthless when in waves came out, it was a steaming pile of crap compared to shogun and ascendancy.


    “Dude, bro, like that was soooo deep and abstract.”

  • chtimixeur

    Holy shit, it’s a new low, even for Trivium.

    • RhiNo

      If he comes out saying he was drunk and this was a joke between friends, I would almost understand….

  • BlueBalls

    How the fuck did Heafy get his hands on the recordings I made with my Squier Strat in 96? I might sue.

  • xenophonic

    Wow, that was quite possibly.. the best dubstep song I’ve ever heard!

  • Brian McKnight

    It wasn’t even bluesy.

  • RTReaper

    Love the guy’s regular work and i love new ideas and open to all genres…….but i could have made better shitty ideas crapping in a box and recording it than this atrocious noise….damn, and i thought my practice recordings are shit, but if the label backed letting him release this, then it goes to show that it doesn’t matter what the fuck you put out now and i’ll just start throwing all kinds of shit out…. or maybe it just represents the new ownership at Roadrunner and where the label is headed.

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