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Lawsuit Against Illegal All Shall Perish Downloaders Moves Ahead

All Shall Perish‘s legal woes look set to continue as a lawsuit has been given permission to obtain the identities of 80 alleged BitTorrent users who pirated the bands latest album, “This Is Where It Ends“.

The band themselves, along with their manager Ryan Downey have adamantly claimed that they are not involved with the proceedings and have apparently requested numerous times that the suit be dropped.

The lawsuit was filed on their behalf by World Digital Rights, an apparent copyright licensing company who Nuclear Blast Records are said to have signed over the bands rights to. According to a new article at, Downey and the band are continuing in their attempts to have the suit dropped. Some words from Downey on the matter can be found at the aforementioned link.


  • robishow

    I’m interested in seeing how this plays out.

    • Brell

      Yeah, this is very strange. I give the band credit for not being involved in the lawsuit. Hopefully Nuke Blast stops doing business in the future with World Digital Rights.

  • MyDarkPassenger

    Glad I wouldn’t even take this shot for free.

    • MyDarkPassenger

      Shit* but i kinda like the way shot worked as well

  • G Scotty

    if this case were to see the light, it seems to me this would be a landmark “oh shit” moment for music fans everywhere, in and out of the metal community. I’ll be honest, i didn’t even download this album but it makes me think twice about my BitTorrent activity…ok, gotta go download the new episode of Game of Thrones, peace!

    • goop

      There seems to be alot at stake here: does a band have any say what happens to their music after they sell the rights? Will the decision reshape the model of income that the recording “business” has lost over the years?

      • warofallwars

        No. you sell the rights, its no longer yours. You have no say.

  • CrazyChris576

    This is why I feel that all bands should retain some clause in all of their label contracts allowing them to veto decisions on the sale of their music rights after the fact by the label. But that’s unlikely to ever happen. How else would it be that Michael Jackson’s estate would own all rights to the music of The Beatles? Crazy….