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Marilyn Manson: “It Takes A Lot To Humble Yourself And Admit That You’re Making A Comeback”

Marilyn Manson was quite humble in his interview for the latest issue of Metal Hammer. When asked about his somewhat lackluster past few albums, he offered:

“I think the last two records were a period that had to happen, even if I didn’t want them to. If you sit and read what everyone says about you, there can come a time where you let it get to you and start to second guess who you are. I was on a roll and satisfied with my music and my shows and it just seemed to go wayward after that.”

Speaking on his newly-released album “Born Villain” being a comeback, he stated:

“It takes a lot to humble yourself and admit that you’re making a comeback, but that’s what it has to be described as when you’ve gone through a period where you’ve not been everything you’ve supposed to be. Not ‘I’m not what I’m supposed to be’, because I don’t want to retrace the past, more ‘I’m not what I need to be’.”


  • Aggroculture

    The main problem on the new album is the terrible guitar playing. Jeordie White cannot play guitar for shit. Stupid not to get a decent guitar player. And stupid not to put a band together and make a kick-ass album instead of doing everything on the cheap.

    Marilyn Manson is supposed to be larger than life, not two dudes making do.

  • MPLSshutdown

    I agree with that, but I think it’s also worth saying that it’s a lot harder to shock nowadays…especially using the formula he’s been consistently using. He has a fantastic presence on stage that used to translate to his albums…the ferocity, but now it almost seems like he has forgotten what has made him popular and intriguing in the first place. John 5 was amazing, but he wasn’t everything…Manson was. I mean look at Antichrist Superstar. Zim Zum wrote the riff to beautiful people…and who the fuck is Zim Zum? All I’m saying is Manson has been the main reason the band used to rock (Ginger and Madonna WG helped but weren’t necessary).

    • jayofdajungle

      Zim Zum had nothing to do with Antichrist Superstar. He joined the band after completion of the album and toured on the subsequent tour. Twiggy wrote “The Beautiful People”, get your facts straight, he has the sole writing credit, and he had a hand in a majority of the songs that were written when he was in the band! I agree he is better off playing bass, because he’s not a lead guitarist, and Manson isn’t going to go with two guitarists (Manson plays rhythm guitar live when needed), but Twiggy doesn’t suck.

      • Aggroculture

        Writing a riff and playing it are two separate matters. I don’t care if Twiggy is the best writer in the world, his guitar playing sucks live and on record. Have you listened to Born Villain? The guitar playing is pathetic.

      • jayofdajungle

        Dude I agree with you completely about live, but he’s a great writer, and wrote most of the Manson songs we love. He would be a good rhythm guy. They definitely could use someone like John 5 who shreds, or Zim Zum, who played some great lead stuff on Mechanical Animals. A lead guitarist he is not, you won’t get an argument from me. I actually enjoy “Born Villain” but it suffers from a lack of a great lead player.

  • scorpions

    Twiggy writes good hooks, thats about where it ends… they did do things “cheap” on this record probably so manson can keep up w a very expensive vicodin and cocaine habit… shock rock died somewhere around holywood… this is the best we couldve asked for at this point… i like the new record… sleazy rock n roll is the closest thing to shock rock manson can create these days…

  • tentonwolf

    After giving his latest a fair shot and seeing him absolutely kill it last night I retract my previous shots, not saying this is anywhere close to his best but to say comeback would be fair.

  • goop

    I don’t like to bring it up, but it seems to me Manson also drew beneficial publicity because of his association with those dumbass Columbine murderers. He was touring at the time and I remember a backlash and big concert protests from religious-family-values type. I’m not saying they Manson exploited the situation, but his refusal to back down, in light of everyone trying to figure out why these kids went nuts, was in the news for months and pretty much made him a household name.

    • cma3585

      Columbine absolutely destroyed Manson. You couldn’t be more wrong. He basically went into hiding following the wake of that whole situation. He didn’t play the scheduled show in Colorado out of respect for the incident, finished the rest of his tour, and literally has not been the same since. You can hear Daisy gripe about it on Metal Evolution. He wanted him to embrace it and Manson just couldn’t bring himself to do it and he’s been a shell of his former self since. He loved publicity up until that point but after all of that, he wanted none of it.

      • scorpions

        @ mr cma- daisy was LONG GONE by the time all of that happened…

    • scorpions

      The last 3 weeks of ‘the last tour on earth’ were cancelled due to what happened at columbine… Don’t really get wtf you’re talking about, homeboy…

  • HoodooOperator

    When Portrait came out in 1994 Clinton was in office, people had money and there was no war. So, when a generation has no hardships or anything to rebel against it’s forced to either turn inward, on its self, or rebel against authority. Very fertile ground for an artist like Manson.
    Fast forward 18 years and there’s severe poverty, war and the families that destroys and a weird obsession with sex offenders and teen bullying, SO! since Manson’s original messages that he was trying to convey to us in is early releases have all come to fruition, in just as abhorrent and vicious a fashion as he said they would, he no longer intrigue people into listening because the world is a far more frightening place then any song off of any album since Mechanical Animals.
    With that being said, saw them in 94′ in a very small club when I was 17. One of my top 5 shows, easily.

  • robishow

    Love it.