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Korn Rejoined By Ex-Guitarist Brian “Head” Welch In NC, Footage Available

Korn were rejoined onstage last night (May 05th) by former guitarist Brian “Head” Welch during their set at the “Carolina Rebellion” in Rockingham, NC. Welch took to the stage with the band for a set closing performance of “Blind” with fan-filmed footage available below:


  • carlosfranco

    Wow how is this not bigger news?! The only thing that would make this better would be better audio and video quality and if Head denounced Jesus and came back to the band.

    • Donnie Narco

      followed by a hologram of Moses joining the band in a rendition of Word Up

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    Jesus Fucking Christ.

  • coolguy2424

    I am totally going to dig my Adidas track suit and Pumas out of storage tonight.

  • adamonfire

    The real news is that they didn’t make him stand in place on the rear of the stage.

  • chtimixeur

    Now make it permanent and stop messing with your careers.
    KoRn needs to release good records after 10 years of constant debacle.

  • LunyAlex

    So I’m like, waking up, having breakfast, reading news, sip coffee and suddenly
    *ppfffftt* I spit it allover my monitor.
    I really need to check if my coffee too hot before I start drinking from now on.

    Anyway: Great news. Been waiting for this to happen for a while. Got me a bit nostalgic.

  • Farts

    RETIRE ALREADY! For the love of god, Korn is not, nor have they EVER been that good!! Yes, they provide a slight amount of nostalgia to me as well, but jesus fucking christ people, let’s get real.

    • Aggroculture

      Are you kidding? In 96 Korn was the best thing going.

      • Farts

        Granted, they came out a while after, but I was always(and still am) more of Sevendust fan.

      • WURST

        I still love Sevendust too, one of my favorites bands and one the best live bands ever.

    • Farts

      Many bands had a run of popularity, does that necessarily make them good? I LOVED Korn back in the day, but I was a kid. In retrospect(and considering how much my musical taste has grown) I can almost laugh at myself for enjoying some of the stuff that I enjoyed. Does listening to Korn provide to me a sense of nostalgia and bring me back to an earlier part of my life? Absolutely. But, it still doesn’t mean they are good. I will agree that(and solely for), nostalgia sake, Korn up through Freak on a Leash is fun for an occasional listen.

      You happy now?

      • Aggroculture

        You’re simply wrong. Korn was one of the most innovative and influential bands of the 90s. Just because your tastes have moved on does not change that.

      • damn (your mom’s balls)

        Innovative? Comeon dude. There were other bands around at that time that were doing the same thing as Korn, but just weren’t as marketable. (Candiria, VOD, Biohazard, Earth Crisis, All Out War)…. basically every hardcore band that was around in the 90s.

        Korn was influential, they influenced a whole lot of shitty bands. I like them for the same reason Farts was saying, they have a nostalgic sound. It was cool for a minute to see an aggressive band on TV and hear them on the radio and whatnot, but that by no means makes them great. It was just a welcome change from the normal pop shit. But lets be real, EVERYTHING they have ever made has been average at best. Candiria blows Korn out of the fucking water.

        I’d like to see anyone name a few great bands that have been influenced by Korn. There are none. The great bands were influnced by the ones I just listed.

      • Aggroculture

        None of those niche hardcore bands wrote great pop songs like Korn did. Korn’s early albums were a great synthesis of grunge, hip-hop, jazzy percussion, death metal downtuning, organic production. They didn’t just create a jazzy atonal noise, but made great pop out of it. Candiria don’t have a hummable tune in their entire catalogue.

        As for influencing bands, how’s Linkin Park, Slipknot, System of a Down, Coal Chamber, Limp Bizkit, Static-X, Deadsy, Orgy, Disturbed, Mudvayne, Staind…. Yeah it’s nu-metal: Korn practically invented nu-metal (with a little help from the Deftones). Only the most profitable rock genre of the 90s/00s after grunge. Korn is unfashionable now, like Maiden was 15 years ago. But we’ll be seeing a bunch of Korn-influenced bands coming up over the next decade, just watch.

      • damn (your mom’s balls)

        Fair enough. I don’t disagree with you there. Of the bands you listed I like about 4% of the combined total of music they all have released. But to each his own.

      • WURST

        “a great synthesis of grunge, hip-hop, jazzy percussion, death metal downtuning, organic production”?

        What band are you talking about because that, in no way, describes anything Korn has been a part of. I’m with Farts on this one, Korn were good at the time but they are nothing more than an afterthought, a cum stain on the sheets of the late 90′s. Retire, give it up already and quit beating a dead horse.

      • carlosfranco

        None of those bands you named sound anything like Korn with the exception of an occasional chord by Candiria. Korn merged two musical cultures like no other band before that has effected the direction of music ever since. Most of those bands you listed didn’t even have an album come out till after Korn’s first. So if anything Korn influenced them even though I don’t hear it. You don’t get what was unique about Korn’s sound and content if you think those other bands are of the same ilk. Like previously stated Slipknot, Staind, SOAD, and Mudvayne actually have clear elements that came from Korn. Hell even the Deftones were influenced by them from when Korn was starting out in Cali and Deftones were just forming. Korn took music to a new place in 94′ just like Nirvana did in 89′.

      • damn (your mom’s balls)

        You have no idea what you are talking about man. This is absurdity. We are talking about Korn here, not fucking Black Sabbath. They broke no ground and their sound was not innovative…. at all. They were the bastard child of a hip hop metal sound that already existed, and they came into the world AFTER all the bands i listed, look it up. Every one of those bands were already making music in the mid nineties. Korn fucking opened up for Biohazard in the nineties when Biohazard was already well into their career, so don’t give me that shit.

      • WURST

        Carlosfranco, Korn didnt do shit in ’94 for the music industry, what the hell are you talking about? They didnt really make an impact on the mainstream until late ’96. Also, very few people knew of Nirvana in ’89, and they all lived in the Seattle area. Nirvana didn’t hit it off with the masses until ’92. Get your years right and stop acting like you know what you’re talking about.

        To go along with what Damn said: Korn isn’t timeless, stop giving them the credit they don’t deserve. Nu-metal is shit and a joke, like rap-rock. Sabbath is timeless and deserves cred because they were the pioneers of a respectable, unstopppable genre….heavy metal.

      • Aggroculture

        Calling Korn an afterthought is just ignorant. No band has since Korn has radicalized metal in such a way, founding a new genre, crossing over with rock and hip-hop and pop. No metal band since Korn has come close to bringing metal to the the mainstream like Korn did.

        Yes Korn are a kind of joke today, but Sabbath were also a joke in the 80s, as were Maiden and Metallica in the 90s.

        Sevendust? A dumbed-down Faith No More at best, putting out the same album over and over. At least Korn has tried different things, risking (and also finding) failure instead of sticking to the same old. I will grant you that Sevendust put on a great live show, but nobody cares about Sevendust today apart from their core fanbase.

      • carlosfranco

        My facts are straight. Biohazard did exist before Korn but there is no connection. And trust me I looked up all those bands before I posted anything. Some of them did not make an album until after Korn’s first album. So you should get your facts straight. And if anyone wants to say oh Korn was the first to mix hip hop and rock/metal then they are an idiot. When Korn got famous not started but got famous everyone said oh they are doing rap rock like Limp Bizkit but they weren’t they did no rap on the first album. They did one song on the second album but Chino rapped on that not Jonathan Davis. There are three rap rock songs on Follow the Leader and JD only rapped on one. The sound that they did that was ground breaking was centered around tempo, tuning, bass and content. So if you think I mean mixing rap and rock then you are one of many people who never even understood Korn from the beginning who put labels on them that didn’t belong. None of the bands who were influenced by them ever even used hip hop in their songs, outside maybe one song by Slipknot. Trust me I know what I’m talking about I was listening to Korn before they ever even got a note played on the radio. And plenty of people were listening to Nirvana in 89 because that’s when the movement started, yes there is an album before Nevermind. That’s how bands influence a scene, from the roots not after the main stream finds out. Stop thinking mainstream matters, in many cases that is the point when most bands start their decline. Korn and shortly after Deftones, made the scene in Cali that eventually became nu-metal and the ill named rap rock.

      • WURST

        Aggro….stop calling Korn “metal”. They arent and never will be.

        Carlosfranco….again, get your facts straight. Biohazard was around before Korn. Even if I dont count their first album, they still released “Urban Discipline” in 1992. Where was Korn in 1992? Oh yeah, that’s right, there was no Korn in 1992. Dafuckouttahere!

      • damn (your mom’s balls)

        Every band I listed was around before Korn. That isn’t debatable, dude. The fact that you needed to look that up just proves you don’t know much about the genre of music you are on here arguing about. So I’m done discussing this with you.

        Secondly, I have no idea what your point is from reading your whole post. Its all over the goddamn place.

        How bout we all just agree that nu-metal was an embarassment in the history of heavy music, and leave it at that? Besides Korn doesn’t even play metal anymore, they turned techno. That’s what sells nowadays.

      • tenwestchaser

        So let me get this straight…

        You Korn supporters are saying that they are on the same level of relevance as the likes of Black Sabbath, Faith No More, Iron Maiden and Nirvana? If that’s really what you’re saying then you’re delusional.

      • Aggroculture

        Korn are metal. They come from the alternative metal scene, which was the biggest metal scene in the 90s. This includes such bands as: Faith No More, Prong, Primus, early Soundgarden, Helmet, RATM, Ministry, Godflesh, Fudge Tunnel, Mindfunk, White Zombie, Kyuss, I’d even throw Sepultura’s Chaos AD and Roots and Pantera’s Far Beyond Driven in there too.

        Being ignorant on the internet is fine. Spouting your own ignorant opinion as fact, not so much.
        Korn are totally up there with those bands, yes. If you had any sense of history, or maybe were a little older, you’d know people laughed at Sabbath and Maiden like this in the 90s, before it became the norm to revere them again: Sabbath had a bunch of other singers, not Ozzy, and were looked at as adult oriented rock has-beens; at one point only Iommi, of the original four, was in the band; Maiden also had another singer, and were considered out of date and embarassing. Just like Korn are today.

      • carlosfranco

        First of all thank you Aggro and secondly Wurst if you had one ounce of reading comprehension skills you would see that I said Biohazard was around before Korn but like I keep saying I don’t know why you keep bringing them up there is nothing similar between them and Korn, nothing. So it simply doesn’t matter when the fuck they were around. And (your mom’s balls) the reason I looked the bands up was because I didn’t know a couple of them and I wanted to make sure I was getting facts right before speaking which is what you should do. Candiria’s first album came out in 95′, so after Korn. VOD’s debut album was in 96′, so after Korn. Earth Crisis first full length album was 95′, so after Korn. All out War first album was in 97′, so three years after Korn. Like I said Biohazard was the only one you mentioned the was around be Korn but that’s like saying Metallica was around before Korn because Biohazard has nothing similar with Korn other than their old lead singer like Jonathan Davis both married porn stars. So you wanna talk about facts and keep telling me I’m wrong you should actually stop pulling your “facts” from your ass and start actually using a credible source.

      • damn (your mom’s balls)

        I’m not talking about when they released their first full length albums. I’m talking about when they began making music. Every one of those bands were playing before Korn.

      • damn (your mom’s balls)

        ….point being, that Korn never created a new form of music. They just took one that already existed and made it more popular…. before selling out.

      • carlosfranco

        In that case you would be wrong again, because the music part of Korn got together and started making “music” in 89 and that doesn’t apply to all the bands you listed. Except again Biohazard. So do you want now to say, “Oh well blah blah blah started learning guitar in 85′ so that beats someone in Korn. Facts are facts. So in every way you can think of Korn has was making music before all of those bands except Biohazard which again has no place in this conversation. So seriously look things up before you speak it doesn’t make you dumb it actually does the opposite.

      • damn (your mom’s balls)

        Dude, Korn had to have come from somewhere. Its not like they were listening to Nirvana and Run DMC and all the sudden this new sound just popped up out of thin air. They were definitely influenced by Biohazard, Sick of it All, Rage Against the Machine, and hip hop as well. But hip hop and metal/hardcore had already started coming together before Korn ever stepped on to the scene.

        And on top of that, Korn as a band defintely was not making music in the 80s bro. That is just stupid. I’m sure the individual members of the band were playing their instruments at that time maybe even together, but Korn as an entity didn’t form until 1993 at the fuckin earliest.

      • damn (your mom’s balls)

        The only thing Korn invented was nu-metal. And that is no accomplishment.

      • Aggroculture

        LAPD, the band that spawned Korn, formed in 1989. Can’t you people even check wikipedia before mouthing off? LAPD were more influenced by FNM and RHCP…

        I highly doubt Biohazard was much of an influence on Korn. And Biohazard suck hard, that’s why they never made it that big.

        And bands have been mixing hip hop and rock since Aerosmith and RUN DMC’s Walk This Way in 86, what’s your point? There’s a lot more to Korn than rock+rap.

        Stop letting your hatred of nu-metal blind you to its importance. After grunge, it has been the biggest selling rock genre since the 90s. Probably sold more than grunge at this point. No genre since nu-metal has even come close having such an impact on the mainstream.

      • carlosfranco

        Thanks again Aggro. That was exactly my point. People hate nu-metal just because it’s popular to hate it, even though nearly all modern rock/metal has been influenced by it except those new shitty bands that are influenced by the 80′s hair metal. This guy must be in Biohazard given how much he is up their ass.
        And to say Korn had to come from somewhere means, nothing. Every band that has ever existed was influenced by another. Korn is one that took their influences and formed a new sound which then in turn influenced their current music scene and future scenes in many ways. The bands that do that are the ones that deserve respect, like Nirvana and Black Sabbath. Not comparing Korn to them, I’m just saying these bands changed the scene in their time and after.
        And why do you insist on mentioning hip hop in relation to Korn. They have 4 rap/rock songs out of hundreds. In that case Lil Wayne is a rap/rock artist way more than they are. Just because you have bass highlighted in your music doesn’t mean that hip hop defined your music. In that case Primus must be a rap/rock band too.
        One of the biggest aspects of Korn that people seem to keep over looking is Jonathan Davis lyrical and singing style. Very few if any other singer before him had raw intensity of expression that he had. Listen to the song Daddy and you will see the difference is glaring from many other artists. That raw emotional expression definitely had an influence on many of the singers that followed in modern bands.

      • WURST

        Are you girls still arguing about this shit. Over it.

      • damn (your mom’s balls)

        Yea this is stupid. Lets just say Korn sucks balls and leave it at that.

      • WURST

        Korn sucks balls.

  • autodramatic

    I was there and let me just say, I have not been a fan of Korn at all since maybe Untouchables when IMO they really began a downward spiral musically… really nothing ever as good as the first 3 albums… and last night they were just epic. I try to call it like I see it with bands like Korn that try and try and just become more of a joke, but last night they really restored my respect for them as live musicians. The lighting and visuals choreography was fantastic, the lively more energetic drumming was an absolute must, they even updated most of the old songs from little rhythmic parts to major chorus changes to make them more metal and, frankly, more interesting sounding. Opening with “Divine” and playing self-titled/Life Is Peachy stuff for the first 15 mins was an interesting choice. Good move.

    Head’s introduction was pretty awesome, though not all that unexpected since he played with Red earlier in the day and anyone could guess it was no coincidence that he’d more than likely join for a Korn song. They definitely appear to be on good terms, Jon Davis was even telling everyone to check out Head’s new album at the end of the show, which I thought was kinda unexpected.

    • adamonfire

      I looked at the website and the set times and it looks like you could see every act if you wanted to. I know the same people put on Rock on the Range but they feature two side stages that always match set times, it’s just stupid. I wish they would’ve cut some of the bottom-tier acts and just kept the two stages as there can only be one main stage.

  • Relentless_Beating

    Cue the announcement that he rejoins Korn in about a month, then cue the “we are going back to our roots” statement for their next album.

    • jayofdajungle

      I thought the 3rd crack at the “back to our roots” album would happen after another “dub-step” influenced album, but the return of Head would surely expedite that attempt.

  • SenorSuarez

    Time for a crystal meth relapse!

  • SenorSuarez

    Scott Vogel would not approve.

  • hutdog

    OK, so what the hell is the point in Head coming out to play blind in the first place if he isn’t going to do the intro back and forth with Munky? That’s just plain wrong.

  • Legion

    In other words, Head decided that his solo career amounted to less than nothing and he likes money more than his god and his sobriety. Remeber kids, it’s cool to preach gospel and talk down about your friends choice of lifestyle/beliefs. That is until you have no money and no one gives a rat’s ass that you’re still around.

  • southpawchew

    korn was definilty influentual, yeah they picked up a lot from f.n.m. and a few others but they definitely had there own style. i think u guys know the trueth and just want to be pricks about it but what ever. besides that i would like to catch um live again sense i havent seen them in probably 6-8 years, and also nice drum stick tosses!

  • monkeywithagun

    where all the Korn supporters come from? Yes i used to like korn as well, but I liked the Deftones more. Deftones were way more Innovative then anything korn did also Deftones inspired better bands. Oh, btw whose still making good albums almost 20 years later? Sure as hell is not korn with or without Head. damn I feel old.

  • Fred Burst

    What’s up with only the drummers crash symbol being like 12 feet in the air?

    • WURST

      thats called a china cymbal, home skillet.