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Whitechapel’s Alex Wade: “We Have No Interest In Regressing And Writing Music That We Did 5 Years ago”

Whitechapel guitarist Alex Wade launched a pre-emptive strike against any detractors of the bands newly-released track “Hate Creation“. He had the following to say via his Twitter:

“Check out our new song “Hate Creation” at and tell me what you think! And if you want another Somatic Defilement there are plenty of shitty bands trying to jock that sound so listen to them. We however, have no interest in regressing and writing music that we did 5 years ago. Thanks.”

The bands new self-titled album is on course for a June 19th release date through Metal Blade.


  • benpike

    All 3 of their albums sound the same to me… Which is good, if you’re into deathcore…

    But this new track on the other hand has piqued my interest enough to want to check out the whole album this summer.

  • Njustice4all

    new era of corruption was definitely a step forward in writing for them, making them stand out from the usual deathcore sound. I respect them for striving to mature musically and not giving a damn what anyone else says. should be a cool record

  • riderofpl4gues

    “We however, have no interest in regressing” – really? Because at first I thought that slipknot never sounded so good!

    • Moxy? Oh, Brian

      y’know that Section 8 or whatever song even ended with the bad Corey Taylor nu-metal breathing…i laugh every time i hear it. and apparently yeah, not regressing means sounding more like Dry Kill Logic in 2004.

  • damn (your mom’s balls)

    Yea, there are plenty of bands trying to the jock the sound that WE jocked when we made that album. How bout we all just skip the middle men and listen to Napalm Death. Its grind minus the Korn inspiration.

    The Red Chord + Korn = White Chapel

    Why do people listen to this shit?