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Kataklysm’s Maurizio Iacono Talks Piracy, Roadrunner Runners Records Cuts

Kataklysm frontman Maurizio Iacono has spoken out against internet piracy and the recent shuttering of much of Roadrunner Records‘ international offices. The following two posts were recently made via his Facebook:

“This is just the beginning .. Not buying albums is affecting the labels who in return invest in the bands , tour support , recording .. its destroying all new comer bands and its making middle class musicians poor ,

your not hurting the labels by illegal downloading , your killing the bands .. starting a band these days is a suicide mission .. If music becomes a hobby for musicians , then no more tours , no more good music ..dark times ahead .. well wait we have Holograms now , don’t need REAL people on bad ..”

“PART 2 of my rant in response to others who say labels should die : its not true that bands don’t need labels.. ask a 16 year old kid who just started a band what to do?.. the power of record labels to fly journalists, to MARKET , to Distribute is SUPER important , with time you get the knowledge to do a lot of things but to run a business ( yes running band is business) + touring world wide to please fans that want to see you nearly impossible , you need labels even if they become more of a management thing in the future , you need them ..right now with record sales getting lower and people buying less and less product ..labels are saying sure, well buy your flights , well promote the band , well give you tour support to buy evan or rent..

BUT give us your merch , after you do that.. you STARVE to death .. Again its not about me , I had a great 20 years , if it ends tomorrow i can keep my head help up high for what I’ve done.. but what about the new comers..and the future of music.. NOT good , its not you the fans fault , don’t get me wrong its the system that let it happen , governments etc could of stopped it..they didn’t .. now it sup to us the fans to help out, buy a shirt , cd, vinyls, download on iTunes, amazon.. the songs you like .. DO SOMETHING ! hehe..

I love you all and always remember.. you guys have all the power to build or destroy , we are only messengers of your voice .. get on the M.A.P. Musicians Against Piracy Tommy Jones documentary should happen to shed light on what is really happening on the streets”


  • Vautour

    It’s kind of funny that everyone is blaming this on piracy instead of simple business decisions by some executive assholes. Why would Warner want to keep Roadrunner’s employees if they can make just as much money without them? This is not on piracy, this is on Warner and also on Roadrunner-founder Cees Wessels for not giving a fuck about his employees.

  • coolguy2424

    This dude makes many a valid point even if he is a bit inebriated. I know I have been there as well. Short story, I have been lurking on this site since around 2003. The vast amounts of music discussed here is staggering. Learned a lot about different bands because of this place. Bands and music are dying now. Papa John’s Pizza does not sell pies for free and if they did the cheese, sauce, and dough companies would cut them off. Record labels are cutting off bands because records/cds/tapes are being given away for free. No more gas/ hotel/ food money. Sell some shirts and everything will be fine. Moral of the story, if you liked an album after you downloaded it for free, return the favor to the band and buy it in whatever format your heart desires. Stop wasting money on fast food, buy some fucking music. Peace.

    • Brian

      Amen, brother. I could not have said it better myself!

    • Jarvicious

      Well put. I have a dozen or two CDs/Vinyls on my shelves that never got opened, because so far there’s been no need. No set of speakers I own is good enough to discern between 320kb VBR and vinyl/CD quality so it’s just a case of doing my infinitesimal part in supporting the group in what way I can, seeing as how it’s easier to download a record than it is to rip it from CD.

  • monkeywithagun

    Is he saying touring worldwide is nearly impossible without a record label? hmmm…funny that several bands who are not on a label was able to tour worldwide in the last year.

  • revstevo

    whether it be inebriation or the fact that he’s Canadian this dude’s grammar sucks worse than Dez’s

    • robishow

      Ahhhahahaha… HEY, eh?!

  • RhiNo

    In the end, all he is saying is to support local and national music. Help a band and buy something if you like it. Especially the local seen. Not only are bands hurting, but local venues are closing.

  • Metalinfect

    Fuck that! If your business is failing in the age of the internet, then good riddance!
    Why can’t people understand that the internet is not going away and unless you want to have your government enforce online censorship like the fucking Chinese and soon to be the UK, then you had best adapt to technology and find new ways of making sure your business flourish instead of bitching and moaning about how people are ripping you off. Piracy is not the problem, it’s stupid fucking business assholes that sink their company to the ground.