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HELLYEAH Detail New Album “Band Of Brothers”

HELLYEAH have detailed their forthcoming new album “Band Of Brothers“. The effort will land in stores on July 17th with pre-orders available here, while the track listing and cover art can be found below:

01 – “War In Me
02 – “Band Of Brothers
03 – “Rage/Burn
04 – “Drink Drank Drunk
05 – “Bigger God
06 – “Between You And Nowhere
07 – “Call It
08 – “Why Does It Always
09 – “WM Free
10 – “Dig Myself A Hole
11 – “What It Takes To Be Me

HELLYEAH - Band Of Brothers


  • Metalinfect


  • LexTron6K


    • Surly

      No, you are!

  • adamonfire

    What’s the best way to have GWAR not make fun of you? To not have that as your album cover.

  • RxInfection

    I think “Circle-Jerk” would have been a more appropriate album title.

  • Fred Burst

    Cowboy Hats.

  • damn (your mom’s balls)

    Drink Drank Derp

  • Farts

    Band of Brothers? Man, at least it’s not just their music that isn’t original.

  • Rev.J_Blumpkin

    “drink,drank,drunk”, obviously a tribute to Rex Brown, how touching…

    • RxInfection


  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    Vinny thinks this shit is better than reforming Pantera? Dimebag would be pissed.

  • southpawchew

    Will any of us buy this? HELL NO!

  • CongestedThoughts

    You know I was at their very first show in B-more and I was one of the many who were expecting this would be a great band. I mean Greg is a bad ass from Mudvayne and Maxwell has his own resume with Nothingface. The main reason I got into this band was cause I’ve always been a NF supporter and of course grew up listening to Pantera like a lot of the average metal heads were so I kept an open mind. I also talked to Maxwell just about every time I saw whatever band he was in. You’d expect with the talent of Greg and Maxwell with Vinnie they’d be one of the best and stand apart from the majority of shit out there but I must confess though after that first album, it was very disappointing listening and trying to sit through the entire follow up. But even so they could’ve been made the first one sooo much better it’s like the entire sound was wrapped around what Vinnie wanted which is fine if you like to hear repetitive bs. Just about every song from the second album sounded just like the first one. There were no stand out songs, atleast on the first one, you can hear what they were trying to do but regardless of what I or a lot of people think, people are still buying and going to the shows. If you listen to any MV or NF album, you can hear the creativity from both, with the different change ups and just overall musicianship. Sure not every sing MV band is going to be good but it was still a lot better than anything HY has done thus far. After the first HY album, Maxwell got together with some friends and created Knives Ouy!. I just happened to be at their very first show and they were just devastating, it was refreshing to hear Maxwell do what I and alot of NF fans knows what he’s capable of. In the process though I believe he was also working on the second HY album. As mentioned, even though they aren’t the breaking any barriers, people are stil going to the shows and buying their stuff and what I’ve came to a conclusion on why this is… because people are want to see Vinnie because of the success he had with Pantera. They are also probably having a good time just making music and money at the same time. Something that I know Maxwell was struggling on doing for years with NF. Even so though, it seems that the money and even fame may have gone to his head, along with the rest of the band and therefore they don’t push themselves like I and every one knows they should. It took 2 years for the Knives Out! album to come out and it’s atleast 5x better than both HY albums, granted the first single from this new BOB has that Pantera sound, it’s still only one song and from the looks of the titles for each of the others, they sound just like the previous two albums but I’m going to keep an open mind for now and see if any of the sound from both MV and NF creeps into any of the songs from this album. I might be asking for to much but is it to much to ask for some fucking better songs? Quit revolving your sound around Vinnie’s direction and stop jerking around the fans. Fuck all those little chicken headed sluts that want to be in your videos and make some fucking music that doesn’t sound like shit.