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Bullet For My Valentine, Cancer Bats, Etc. Members Join Forces In AxeWound, Audio Available

Bullet For My Valentine frontman/guitarist Matt Tuck, Cancer Bats vocalist Liam Cormier, ex-Rise To Remain bassist Joe Copcutt and more have teamed up in a new group dubbed AxeWound. A new track from the group titled “Post Apocalyptic Party” can be streamed below:


  • Farts

    I think this might be their final countdown.

    But seriously, I rather enjoyed this.

  • BlueBalls

    Sounds pretty badass.

    That picture makes me want to high-five Liam with one hand and slap Matt in an emasculating fashion with the other.

  • cma3585

    I was 100% digging this until that massive pointless breakdown with one minute left. It adds absolutely nothing to the song. A piece of me has died…

    • Farts

      Agreed, I was definitely let down by that too. I was hoping it’d break out in some fast-paced, thrashy riff with an insane solo or something…

  • adamonfire

    I dig it, looking forward to hearing more. Glad it was all Liam, too.

  • Surly

    Good times! I didn’t mind the breakdown- hey, everyone has one or two musical guilty pleasures.

  • D. Ron Hubbard

    The breakdown made me a little impotent, but the worst part is the fact they contain a member from Bullet For my stupid ass Valentine.

  • Relentless_Beating

    LOL Oh man this name is fucking epic. I just wanna tell girls my favorite band is Axe Wound.

  • Rhinoron

    The first band I formed… at the age of 14, was called aXe-wound. I was 14. I realised it was a crap name by 15… maybe that realisation hasn’t hit these kids yet…

    • WURST

      Wait, how old were you? I didnt catch that part.

      • kturl69

        …and now you’re 15 1/2 years old and still haven’t learned how to spell. Thumbs up for public schools.

    • Farts

      Was the “X” big because you were “straight-edge” and afraid to touch your girlfriend under her pants?

  • nickmongonijr



    Liam and only Liam makes this cool. Rise to Remain should wack it to Iron Maiden & just stop, and BFMV & A7X should have already hung themselves in a just world.

    • Farts

      Mariachi, you son of a bitch, what part of NC are you from?

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