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All Shall Perish NOT Involved In New Wave Of Anti-Piracy Lawsuits Against BitTorrent Downloaders (Updated)

All Shall Perish and Nuclear Blast have apparently taken a stand against online piracy. A lawsuit was filed in a Miami, FL federal courthouse last week on the groups behalf by World Digital—a Panamanian company that licenses the bands material.

Apparently the suit seeks to unmask the users of around 80-100 IP addresses, which they claim illegally downloaded the bands latest album, “This Is Where It Ends“, via BitTorrent.

The suit alleges that each of the defendants be held “jointly and severally liable for the direct infringement of each other defendant” and seeks statutory damages of $150,000 per offender.

More on the proceedings can be found over at and

Update – April 27th 5:50pm:

The Artery Foundation‘s Ryan Downey, who manages All Shall Perish, has come out saying that the band is not involved in the lawsuit. He stated the following on the matter in a letter directed towards the Miami New Times:

“The headline is factually untrue, the lede is aggressively presumptuous at best and libelous at worst; in fact, by the time it makes it to ‘graph 4, it flat out contradicts the headline and lede.


The blog says, “Omar Ortega, World Digital’s attorney, could not be reached for comment.”

I have no idea who Omar is, or World Digital, nor does anyone in the band, or their attorney. But we all can be reached for comment EASILY. Had the writer made even the simplest attempt to contact the band, the label, or myself, we could have told him IMMEDIATELY we have no idea what this is about…”

All Shall Perish themselves have also released the following statement:

“ALL SHALL PERISH ISN’T SUING ANYONE least of all our fans. No idea what this blog is talking about. WE AREN’T SUING ANYONE. We have no knowledge of any lawsuit. Our management and legal representation know nothing about it. Nobody from this blog contacted us to ask about it, either. We are looking into it and exploring our options.”


  • benpike


  • Aggroculture

    If that’s their bid to become the Metallica of deathcore, they fail, miserably.

  • BloodyBoneKummer

    80-100 people downloaded that album?
    Sounds about right.

  • Vautour

    Everybody who is still using BitTorrent to download music deserves to be punished severely, so I guess this sounds okay to me.

    • G Scotty

      Call me old fashioned, but what is the new-fangled way of doing this? Id like to stay technologically ahead of the curve…although suprisingly i purchased the last few albums i checked out, go figure…

    • Farts

      How do you steal your music, Sir?

      • BlueBalls

        He probably uses a file hosting site like mediafire. People claim it’s a superior method but I don’t buy it.

  • 00LEONIDAS00

    Hmm. Thats strange. I didnt know full-length albums costed $150,000 each these days.

  • Grim

    Proof that they Are not going to!

    Also check Asp Facebook

  • cma3585

    Story on another metal site to be unnamed has statements from ASP’s manager saying they have absolutely nothing to do with this nor were contacted about it in any manner, nor do they support it. 80 people just emptied their bowels in relief.

    • adamonfire

      They should go after the people who posted the story, because this is a major PR hurdle and I wonder how many people will not read the corrected version. There goes their chance to play Download Festival.

  • Njustice4all

    i Believe the band is telling the truth, so you assholes with all the shit coming out of their mouths should put a cork in it. This band works its ass off to make some damn decent deathcore, and have been for 10+ years, show some respect.

    • cma3585

      Meh, they have more technical talent than they do songwriting talent. No real respect coming from me as a person who appreciates a good riff better than a good solo.

      • WURST

        This band sucks. Deathcore sucks. The end.

      • allichs

        WURST still sucks as well.

      • Farts

        Wurst, I disagree. Their past two releases have been great. They are great musicians and they’re great live. All things you claim to love so much, so why the haste my niglet?

        What’s not to like about this:

      • allichs

        Awaken the Dreamers is fucking badass

      • Aggroculture

        I thought ATD was their worst, the new one is a little better. But their first two albums are fucking awesome.