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More Footage Of Killswitch Engage’s “New England Metal And Hardcore Festival” Show Available

More footage from Killswitch Engage‘s recent return to the stage at the “New England Metal And Hardcore Festival” with frontman Jesse Leach has been posted below:

Vide Infra“:

Fixation On The Darkness“:

Numbered Days“:

My Last Serenade“:


  • SteveTango

    Not that Killswitch has ever been boring live, but they just seem so re-energized with Jesse back in the band and I’m loving it. And this is coming from a hardcore Howard Jones fan.

    • Farts


  • adamonfire

    Oh look, it’s videos of Jesse singing songs written by Jesse.

    • Farts

      Adam, god damnit! Stop hating! Did you not see the earlier post in which he sang some of Howard’s songs? Not that it did him any justice, because the quality was horrible.

      • adamonfire

        Yeah, I posted the video. He already performed with KsE in 2010 on a few dates, so this is nothing new. I want full-length, HQ Howard songs as performed by Jesse.

  • Njustice4all

    got goosebumps. These guys know how to put on a show

  • kturl69

    Adam always ruins the beard bang session with his mutt-chops.

  • adamonfire

    Howard songz!

    - A Bid Farewell
    - Arms of Sorrow (mega Howard impression in the opening)
    - My Curse